How is it the JOB of Mozilla or TWITTER to censor my political information.... for me?
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2021-01-09 19:31:22 UTC

How is it the JOB of Mozilla or TWITTER to censor my political

Are they going to also sponsor BOOK BURNING on the weekends for our
children? Who are these SPEECH NAZI'S? Who put them in charge of CONTENT?

I don't think I want to use any software that presumes I'm NOT smart
enough to use it without it being crippled, I don't use
CRIPPLED-software. It either does what I need or it's useless to me.

TWITTER was never very useful and apparently Mozilla will soon be made
useless by the POLITICAL aspirations of the people at the top of the

It seems that the internet social experiment is over and it has failed
due to Democrats lack of self control. The Democrats gravitate to their
NATURAL political urges of FASCISM. They want to force people to be
what they want them to be...
That's Karma

Liberalism and Fascism fails, because Liberal-Fascists presume to know
who I am, better than I know who I am.
2021-01-10 15:33:12 UTC
You mean like trying to force twitter and facebook their first
amendment rights to control their property themselves?
Maybe you should try that again.
Maybe you should learn to respect private property. You only have
such access to Twitter's servers as they grant you.
They don't have any PRIVATE PROPERTY right to the #230 law that protects
them from law suits. WE THE PEOPLE gave that to them as an agreement
that they would NOT censor and edit and act as a publisher who dictates
what is allowed, as long as they keep to that agreement then they are

The problem is they want to be free of responsibility for what they do
and they want to also manage what content is posted, but they have no
power to decide what is or isn't posted if it's "LEGAL" since they
agreed to law 230 that protects them from the law suits about content.

The thing you over look is that they have no RIGHT to be legally
indemnified by GOVERNMENT and then to ignore the fact the law requires
they are NOT a PUBLISHER or an EDITOR because those industries are
liable for their content.
List the newspapers and modern equivalents that have been
silenced by anyone. Name names.
Oh, so you did not know about this?
Nonresponsive. Since you cannot support your conjecture, the
conjecture can be regarded as false.


That was easy I'm surprised you couldn't do that for yourself, my nine
year old nephew can do that without missing a keystroke, what's wrong
with you?
That's Karma

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mean they're Islamophobic?
2021-01-12 06:07:39 UTC
Then name another service to use instead of Twitter.
Some years ago a couple of us saw market vacant of a particular
affordable software product. So we started a five person company.
Get off your butt and start your own service. Buy a computer and
network access. You can start dirt cheap for maybe a thousand or
two. Sell advertising, subscriptions, or both. Attract the
interest of banks and investors. The market rewards risk takers
who tap an unmet demand.
If you say Parler, then you may not be aware that Google and Apple
have removed access to it, and Amazon kicked them out of AWS. These
supposedly independant companies all acted in a coordinated effort
all at the same time.
Unless you can prove anti-trust, tough shit. Parler can buy its
own servers and its own internet provider. Absent anti-trust
torts, business are free to choose their partners without
explanation outside their owners.
The fact that so many on the left approve of this blatant attempt at
censorship is really disturbing.
Anyone who expected more from the Democrats was doomed from the
That's Karma

ROBERT BYRD who Hillary calls her mentor.