Damn, Democrats elect some really stupid cunts
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Tate Gerard
2021-02-25 10:38:05 UTC
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Like most Democrats, she fails to understand the very distinct roles the House and
the Senate play in the impeachment process. The impeachment inquiry is like a
grand jury. They determine if there is sufficient evidence to charge the President
with impeachable crimes. The House did that and appointed a team of managers who
are the prosecutors in the case. The Senate is the JURY. It is not the jury's job
to investigate the crime. It is the job of the jury to weigh the evidence
presented to them by both the prosecution and the defense and reach a verdict.
Imagine if a prosecutor came to trial and told the jury, we think the accused is
guilty of committing a crime but we weren't able to come up with compelling
evidence of that so we would like you to do that for us. The judge would throw
the case out, probably laughing his ass off as he did it. the prosecutors would
be humiliated. That is what this ditzy congresswoman is asking the Senate to do.
She is effectively saying, "Our case against the President is so weak that we
need you, the senators, to find the evidence that we couldn't.". If the House's
case against Trump is so strong, why do they need the Senate of find more?
Liberal Democrats are generally ignorant and do not read laws,
or do while deliberately misinterpreting them.

The role of the senate is to check the house.

Nancy Pelosi is a lunatic. She should be in a mental asylum.
2021-03-19 04:34:49 UTC

Among the many posts being unearthed amid renewed scrutiny of Marjorie Taylor
Greene’s social media history is one in which the new congresswoman
“Rothschild Inc” in connection with a deadly forest fire that, she wrote, was
started using laser beams from space.

Greene has expressed overt and more subtle antisemitic theories over time.
In 2018 she shared a video, also on Facebook, that lambasted “Zionist
supremacists” and advanced the “great replacement” theory, which falsely
alleges that Jews are conspiring to undermine white-majority countries by
bringing in non-white immigrants.