Alex Jones and the Escape of the Enemy Neocons for 911 - Again, Alex Jones leaves every American to die victim to his NWO, before he will acknowledge TRUE evil in our World
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Give Free to Banker Man, Loan Back Maybe? - Paleeze
2009-02-20 15:45:11 UTC
Bushite Alex Jones "Obama is so much worst than Bush was"

So, don't arrest him for treason that murdered Americans?
Remember, Alex in eight years did everything he could to
not allow any to discuss BUSH'S crimes spree. Doctoring
the NIE?, prior plan from Condi? Or stealing 50 billion?
I could easily go on for paragraphs on DOCUMENTED CRIMINAL
ACTS - acts that Alex would not allow YOU to know need
defense to save the lives of innocent Americans.

60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Told Iraq Had

Dumfuk Grunt "Duh, why are we here to kill
good people needlessly so the bushmob back home can
further rob our undefended families bro? Bro?"

What's The Point Alex?

Hey! Alex Jones said today Bush isn't guilty,
but boy, Obama is bad he'll tell you never mentioning
the FACT Bush LIED US into the Iraq war as a war crime. 1441.
Won't allow it. Why? He is a bushwhore, a believer in Bush,
the Antichrist enemy of Humanity who told US if we tried to
form our own conclusion, we would all be terrorists. NO JOKE.
Bush, the most evil man of all History, Alex claims is
guilty of nothing. Example: Bush, is his first days,
STOLE 50 billion dollars. How can Bush (the banker family
tied to Hitler) be above all the laws of the Universe
someone ask Alex. You know, Alex will hang up on any man
or woman who states in question, as he did with Peggy,
a once loyal listener, why he refuses to acknowledge the
evidence of Ron Paul being cheated through a fixed
election. Attempting as a demon, to demonize whomever
phones with such truths - like Ahamd, or Condi's 911 plan
for Enron. Alex Jones is openly a bigot, and a man who
has OPENLY confessed the willingness to murder INNOCENT
Americans - before allowing Justice to rule for the
defense of every American. I want open debate, he wants
censorship, so he can continue to masturbate to the
continuing deaths of innocent Americans. Laughing with
DEMON George Noory who claims Laden did 911, Hamas broke
the truce, and Iran is a holocaust denier. Enron. Has
Alex even ever mentioned it as motive for invasion of
Afghanistan? Never. Has Alex ever stated the Taliban
were simply asking for evidence to form anyone's
conclusion on who was PERSONALLY responsible for 911?
NEVER. THINK here. Even after me sending him email
after email for years. Alex states all who criticize him,
are delusional, because he warns people of poisons fed
the masses. So therefore, every last word I state about
Alex Jones undermining our wanting for real Justice is
correct without argument - As according to ALEX, he is
delusional. Wow eh? Alex is a stupid bigot as a matter
of fact. He'll tell you we gotta get past the left right
thing, (trying to steal my thunder - where i give to all
freely) yet, near next breath, or the one before, he'll
tell you what all Liberals think. Or all socialists,
or... blahblah Someone should ask him what Christians
think about letting the mass murdering LIAR Bush escape
Public trial for high treason by conning teen grunts who
are now dead. Bush PERSONALLY closed 911 investigations
immediately after all. Again, NEVER mentioned by Alex
as important to our struggle to arrest, try, and execute
those responsible for mass murder in Johnny's America.
An America were every Human life is worthy our protections.
Where Alex Jones is NO GREATER than anyone of US. He is in
a popularity contest, while I couldn't give a rats ass
what rupuglicon, or demoncrates think about my wise words
on God and Justice. Great entertainers I am not blindly
enamored with, nor do I believe FALSELY, demon Bush, the
Antichrist, is above and beyond all laws of our Humanity.
If 99.9 percent of godless Americans disagree with me on
God's will to have all neocons with the Bush Administration
arrested immediately for public trial for high treasons,
to hell with them all as they lose their rights rightly.
For, they are not our friends who willingly murder OUR
Humanity for stolen private Banker gains. Alex, a bushwhore,
a censor, wrongly believes Bush is guilty of nothing. A
bushwhore of the antiChrist he is. I mean come on, he
claims all those folks who followed truth mentioned in
the Bible were murdered. How stupid is that????? From
what I recall there was a suicide, and well, that's about
it. How many American "Christians" actually believe a man
of God actually walks this world? How many? Being Gay
is okay with me. I'm not Gay, but still to each his or
her own, as long as your not infringing on the rights of
another to do what ever they choose. I love all children
too much. Real Freedom. GCN advertised HATE for Gay folks,
then at the website, murder - and the station sees still,
no problem with dividing our innocent masses on desperate
attempts to escape the neocons from Justice. That's the REAL
reason Alex states a derision for Liberals. Note: "Liberals"
in Canada are a right wing party that disbanded the RCMP
corporate crime division as perfect example, and! sent a
Soldier to prison for refusing criminal orders. Never
allowed by Alex, for his gold dealing boss has a son killing
innocent Peoples for Neoconned cash in Iraq today. ALEX WANTS
but not our shared suffering reality. By the way, has Alex
ever written for Justice? and why not?, considering he is
so greater than all others who haven't been invited on his
show he stupidly said two or three days ago, me, and
everybody else here globally? Truly delusional he is for
not being truthful. Be a man Alex and face me in open
debate to defend YOUR idiocy, he won't because HE KNOWS,
Americans would win, and he would look the fool as loser.
Too cowardly to defend America he is, because he doesn't
have the virtue for it, and refuses to hold respect for
men like me hugely wiser than himself he works to keep
all down for death. Alex claimed the will to gun down kids
who steal copper. Not only a man unqualified to "lead
the Truth", but not qualified to even carry a gun. He told
US when hearing the bullets going into the backs of two
innocent men in an act of pre-meditated murder, it was
'the sound of Liberty'. That is evil to all my friends,
evil to US all. He has called himself "the white devil"
while mimicking another he refused to allow speak for
himself after all.. And no, a debate between US and Alex
will not be done where he gets the cut off switch to
deny all others under the sun who speak for real Justice.
Real freedom.

Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression.

Patriotic American Navy Vet is tortured by bushite nazi grunts

Again, Reagan warrants death to all who torture, and
a deep hatred for all ungodly in America who support it.
Why? Because the vast American public (especially FoxNews
treasonous LYING enemies of The People) DO NOT have the
intellectual skill to understand what freedom is.
Justice. Look at me! they can't seem to talk for
Christ's interests, that smart ass know it all, where he
thinks he's so ingenious where no one on Earth can find
fault with his indisputable simple logic we share EQUALLY.
(Bankers don't cover our loans for example) Kill my kids,
my spouse, myself, before allowing John to speak openly
in the public on Coast to Coast for open debate, all of
Americans say in silence censored. Why does America continue
to die this way? Because bushites are truly as they claim,
stupidly ignorant as treasonous cowards, or as
prosecutable criminals, evil people who only want in this
world to rob or murder People indiscriminately as enemies
to Justice, enemies to GOD, a Criminal. NOT A JEW you fuks!
George Noory will tell you freely all about his hatred for
our Humanity, he does it near everyday, though People don't
have the ears to hear, or the care. Too scummy. That
remember! get American GIs murdered by the score with NO
REASON AS FOR. Example: why bomb more than a million
innocent souls indiscriminately in Iraq, if you have
complete unrestricted access to go where ever you will?
And, that Bush, Cheney, Condi and such, knew from day one,
Saddam had all the WMD destroyed as documented fully, as
did I. Documents that BUSH personally stole if you recall
not listening to Alex Jones, Foxnews, CNN, or the CBC.
err. maybe it was Bolton - s-t-o-l-e-n -.
Likely, as a likewise deeply ignorant person, you know
little of Life as principled for individual freedom, and
couldn't care less what this boundless Universe offers
all in reflection, instead, it all about what's in it
for you as a lying cheating thief to this mystery right?
Wanna be a lawless mercenary to murder innocent people
dreaming of becoming a private investment banker, who
never earns a dollar in their entire careers, taking
trillions undefended from Humanity just to see US
suffer to deaths for our continued silence. All you have
to do is raise your phone to demand justice in our times.
All Neocons must be arrested for public trial, along
with near every last member of the Bush Administration.
PUBLIC TRIAL. And Soldiers must learn quick a commander
who doesn't support getting those responsible by following
the crimes scene leads, is a commander deserving of an
immediate firing. Otherwise, what use is the grunt
good for eh?

Again, Ron Paul like near all Libertarians, does not
acknowledge the wanting of Justice for the high crimes
of Banker fraud, Iraq, or 911! He took the "Truther"
money, but refused to support the arrest of Bush for
treasons times 50. Social Security he wants to gut
like Health Care as a sadist who knows near nothing
on how such systems currently operate. Again, he
does not speak of recouping the STOLEN 1000s of
billions from America, or the lives. STOLEN. What
is it that you can't figure here? Fuk ego, FACTS.
We are all effected by suggestion, this is why,
since the dawn of time, evidence has been the
prerequisite to convince ourselves of anything.
Alex's cartoon storyboard, is truly, as measured,
Alex masturbating with our precious times. Think:
Alex doesn't ask Americans why they don't support
the arrest of Bush for high treason because a world
where all are treated equitably is beyond his
understanding as a bigot. He could change, but he
is 'light years ahead of the Public'.. but of what?
All you need do, is every time Alex says "they",
ask yourself, WHO? - then know: the bartender at
"Bilderberg", isn't as FOR SURE guilty of crimes as
Condi from "Builderberg" is. The 911 plan came from
her very desk according to MSNBC, never mentioned by
Alex Jones. Why? You have to be near genius like
me to explain it COMPLETELY without even seeing it.
NOT MAGIC, more like meditation through understanding
our universe is ruled by good ideas. Alex is a man,
a Good man mostly, with some fears countered with
an irrational aggression (not thought through) that
found him blindly supporting the murder of two
innocent men. Not freedom. while I, am of God. An
actual god. The Son of Man as a matter of fact.
I want to tell you how great Life could be, but i
see so very little of words present to survive the
lawless corporate state. I AGAIN, will ask YOU to
forward this post to two People, but will YOU??
Torture is outlawed by warranting Death under Reagan,
and.. it's like the best way to resolve a FoxNews
'excuse' given to illiterate nazi grunts to abuse
ourselves as innocent others. Tell me I'm wrong. .
KBR rapes American women, or murders them, and needs
to be hunted down by All American military forces
for it, as trialled to death. Including all commanders
of the Air Forces responsible for bombing our families
without causes. And lastly, any that discourage our
grunts from not supporting the arrests of those that
actually did US wrong. Get to it.


/ / Again, as bushite fascist nazi vermin, they let those
responsible for destroying America through the bushmob
war crimes, still sit in the, for sale freedom captain's
chair, high-jacked from US true Loyalists, attempting to
get away the bushmob is doing from 9/11, by going real
fast .. nowhere. \ \

True you Fool


/ / OH THE HORROR.... To those who say I lied about what
Tenent FREELY confesses (60Minutes-Tenet-2.wmv) LISTEN
in horror at what America is truly led blindly into
hell with STILL.. \ \ crooksandliars pulled the recording!
It it Tenant tells of the bushmob knowing in July 2001 bin
Laden was going to get blamed for a strike big in America
from a cave in Afghanistan! Then later, (not mentioned) in
AUGUST! Powell went over there himself personally, and gave
the Taliban 43 million dollars as an award. Swear to God true.
NOT HIDDEN. Look it up. I mean it made almost all the major
dailies. See? This is what Alex fears, that wise men, actual
wise men, like myself, can put this stuff together in seconds
by freely communicating for open challenge on error, of what
would take others committed to dying through censorship for
blind fear, never in a lifetime spared. Who cares right?

Johnny Law for Coast to Coast radio host!


9/11 - strange facts

Alex Jones on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory P2

"I'm light-years ahead of the general Public in knowledge"

/ / Yet, doesn't know a thing about Education,
Health Care, Social Security, Banking, or evidence
to form our guilty or innocent verdicts on which
war to fight for. And.. can't figure Bush guilty for
treason? Apparently yes, that dumb. \ \

A Den of Thieves - why give to private bankers
who don't cover loans you godless nazi savages?


/ / the firm for which the spouse of the
House Republican whip works has scarfed
up a couple of hundred million bucks in
the banking bailout. Really. (I can
understand why you might wonder,
considering Rep. Cantor's role model
seems to be the disgraced Tom DeLay.) \ \

You know God, I'm beginning to think
these Amerikans don't like US much eh?

Private Banking Made Simple


Israeli Bombs inflict more pain on Gaza hospital


/ / Late last week, a federal court ruled that
there was no link between childhood vaccines
and Autism. But the legal conclusion is not
enough to erase many parents' concerns and
the debate continues. \ \ Mercury causes brain
damage as a neural-toxic heavy metal. Love God
why don't you? Alex near always calls his
critics jealous, so, are you jealous? Would
you rather see every American child murdered,
or suffer toxic poisoning, before acknowledging
we are without challenge, the greatest minds of
our time? Hurt you does it? Can't find a single
argument against my demand for Justice, but dying
instead, claim my call for freedom practiced
is to good is to be true in your dying dummy world
censored? It IS George Noory that denies you the
respect a person who craves Justice for all 911
victims. Cartoonish Alex Jones, the bigot, sucks.

The New World Order Alex Fears

This Specifically:

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected
demon enemy of God he means?

He tries to divide the freedom movement
away from Justice for ourselves.

Question for Alex Jones NWOers, wouldn't
God, if we existed, wouldn't God, push for
a one world government where all are treated
fairly through Justice practiced? Yes or no?

America! I am King Johnny.. I am from the Planet
Earth, I've come to share the knowledge of Justice
in our times on behalf of this, Our Future Great
Triumph over Evil.

/ / At 8:51, the flight [175] deviated from its
assigned altitude [31,000 feet - therefore cell
phones impossible], and a minute later New York
air traffic controllers began repeatedly and
unsuccessfully trying to contact it."

And one minute later at 8.52, Lee Hanson
receives a call from his son Peter. \ \

Couldn't have happened, as is why, these phony
"FBI" bushmobsters stole the recordings and
don't want the still dying victims to know
the truth of the Neocon traitors to God and
Justice. Cell phones are not capable of
paralaxing above likely a couple thousand.
Someone on Earth would likely know the near
exact scientifically measured distance as nothing
greater than a couple thousand, for why the
need to put towers all over our fair cities
then? 31,000 feet is a distance of miles!
Hint: 5,280 feet in a mile. 5.871212 miles
in fact. Drive out 5 miles from your nearest
cell phone tower, oh yeah, and don't forget
to bring a elevator like aluminum box to stand
in, moving 500 miles an hour, then ask yourself,
how dumb does a Repuglicon or Obamanaut take US
for as silenced to the tyranny of mass murder
in my America?


/ / Ted supposedly told CNN that she called him
collect. However; once a credit card is swiped,
you can begin using the phone to make calls.
So, no collect call would have been made. \ \
The allegation also has been debunked by
reported to be, Airline officials who stated
no public phones were even available on 177.
That seems near too far fetched, BUT!, GTE
Airphone reports DO SAY - zero call assists
were made on flight 177. ZERO. So, how then
does she make a collect call then, and why
if as claimed, Ted and Barbara were madly
in love, would she not know her hubby's
personal number?

Remember, Ted was the coke pusher's lawyer in
the Contra case, of which Ted, was also
assistant secretary to the Solicitor under
Reagan. The Contra group if you recall were/are
pushing crack cocaine into major cities for
plans to undermine the American government for
illegal wars against peaceful civilized life
as stolen profit. YOURS.


The Olson story would make for good horror
if it just wasn't so horrific. EVEN I'M
SPOOKED. Olson tells of a elaborate drama
where he learns, she without her pursed
cell-phone, has to call through the phone
records of the Justice Department. How did
he forget that fact when first pronouncing
of how she had phoned him from a cell-phone,
or, then from an airliner that didn't have
phones in the cheap seats, nor tear-gassed
upper-classes? The trouble here is that
a small cadre of bushmobsters keep hiding
the evidence on CNN, FoxNews and George Noory
implicating themselves at the crime scene,
as illegitimate "intelligent officers" -
we WANT to know our media voices the voices
of those who support defending ourselves from
the 911 war mongering terrorist enemies.
Evidence is the prerequisite.

King Johnny Speaks Coast to Coast! Answers Everything!

Largest US Church says Bush behind 9/11


Beverly Eckert - victim to mysterious plane crash

/ / By suing, I've forfeited the "$1.8 million average
award" for a death claim I could have collected under the fund.
Nor do I have any illusions about winning money in my
suit. What I do know is I owe it to my husband, whose
death I believe could have been avoided, to see that
all of those responsible are held accountable \ \

Americans Want Torture Inquiry, Obama Doesn’t

(who spoke to Obama just several days ago about bringing
Justice for America - Beverly, a anti-torture campaigner
also, likely spoke to Obama on the interest for EVERY
American Christian to hunt for prosecutions of bushite
enemies who lawlessly torture innocent children to death
with General Miller - what's Obama's response outside
of more false arrests of Americans, torture, and bombings
while giving banksters more billions to disappear out the door
never to be accounted for either? not much to care, for
Alex Jones is running his cover, along with the bushmobster

It's too bad Alex Jones, and his demon 'buddy',
George Norry forbids Americans to know of General
Ahmad, Bush closing FBI investigations, and iron
flowing from the towers as more important than a
passing fact he might have mentioned three or
four years ago - Alex I mean - George's direct
policy as so told to Alex, is NO INFORMATION on
who was personally responsible for mass murder will
be ever allowed spoken, while he demonizes millions
on hopes for more indiscriminate mass murders killing
mindless teen grunts to profit Zionism's war against
Truth and or God.

Stephen Harper copies John Howard WORD FOR WORD


Solution: refinance near zero interest, (as low as we can go),
and concentrate on returning all defrauded assets - working to
put money in the hands of our criminally stolen from Low Income
Grand Parents, who are robbed routinely in Casinos, and fraudulent
mortgages schemes, where the intent is never succeeding
but for the scammers playing US for suckers. Then, lower the
taxes on all essentials including, expenses of harmful Pharma,
clean up the food and the water with tight regulations - 'tight'
because it's well thought out scientifically,. (sodium Fluoride
is a poison) .All the while, gearing up for the Trial of Trials
- US vs George Walker Bush and Co..

This is FDR's idea that worked "refinance near zero interest"
So, a working plan could be to create a near no private profit
plan, but a public plan that profit's The People Instead of
Banksters stealing our public authority unchallenged by American
corporate culture for personal private interest left undefended.
The Depositors are the Shareholders! Broadcasting Everywhere.

/ / Provisions to impose a penalty on banks that paid hefty bonuses
and to cap pay at $400,000 for all employees at firms applying for
additional government funds did not survive the compromise, sources
said. \ \ Another sacrifice to America's "God" substitute. aka magic
private banker zillioniares, who rule the free thought of TV AmerikCo
giving your life without free thought to question.

Why pay bankers more when they DO NOT cover our loans?
Hate US still for speaking truth dying amerikcan dumfuk?

Widespread Suffering and Death

[CNN pulled this A. Cooper report off youtube - accessory]

Notice no one shoots at the blimp fire bombing the
entire neighborhoods. And if it's phosphorous, that
smoke is already deadly toxic. That is why it warrants
the Death Sentence under International Law when used
against OUR Humanity, as the most evil of Nazi War
Crimes ever.

King Johnny's "Nazi Israel"
(note: History has changed since then)


FBI Believed that Bombs Used on 9/11

/ / Indeed, the FBI told a reporter for
USA Today that FBI agents believed there
were bombs in the Twin Towers. \ \

Awesome. Where is CNN and CBC here? Is
this an issue of life and death or no?
Who are they to judge OUR lives unworthy
of defense? I am King Johnny. Support my
demands for open communications above the
NWO shills who bark Bush and the Neocons
must be allowed to escape our Public

Eyewitness to Shanksville Crash - It Was Not a 757

Fake 9/11 Call From Flight 93 Exposed!

These two "fbi" officers have to be brought in
with Mueller for questioning on Coast to Coast,
CNN, and the CBC. Likely the same two
responsible for following something near
3,000 leads, as so told to the actor, ah..
whatshisname about turban wearing zeros.

responsible for releasing millions of American made land mine
cluster duds that will murder as TERRORISTS do,
indiscriminately for decades. Perez, the DEVIL, along with
corporate news zionists, hold those crimes deserve immediate
executions with targeted strikes against the purveyors of true
EVILNESS. Please I beg, give G-D mercy.


/ / According to U.S. intelligence sources, at the end of
June 2001, the FBI intercepted two phone calls from Grossman
in which he told the called parties to "stay away from
Brewster Jennings . [Plame's TP SCRT Cover to nab REAL
terrorist WMD proliferators by using GOOD policing freedom
skills - with logical arguments, warrants, and everything!] .
. they're the government . . . they're nothing but a
cover." One of the calls was to a Pakistani Inter Services
Intelligence (ISI) top agent in Washington. \ \

So, the ISI was warned by the White House clandestinely, in
June 2001, 'some do gooder cops are on the prowl defending our
interests, looking for REAL terrorists who jeopardize
Freedom's cause, so, you'd better watch out for America's will
power, US might get US, and boy, then we'd be in for one big
hell of a surprise!,. eh?. Are you still with me? Hello?
Is someone else on this line? ... Yyyou'll never catch me.'

Marc "Johnny America" Grossman "Any country that doesn't go
along with US will be paying a very heavy price."

CNN Admits 9-11 Inside Job

Patriot of Great Britain arrested for sending
"7/7 Ripple Effect" to judge and jury members

/ / Anthony John Hill, originally from Sheffield,
was arrested on Carrig Street in Kells this morning
on foot of a warrant issued by the authorities in

It is alleged he sent DVDs entitled "7/7 Ripple
Effect" to the jury, the judge and members of the
victims' families. \ \

All of Great Britain joins US in demanding
the "Judge" to face trial for death sentence.
Peter Powers "did" the 7/7 bombings. Ask
Netanyahoo, he knows.


Report Of “People Planting Bombs” on 9/11

Why isn't Happy George Norry, Our Enemy, covering
this everyday as an important subject to defend
American life he holds truly in contempt?
Again, Alex Jones leaves every American to die
victim to his NWO, before he will acknowledge
TRUE evil in our world. George Noory, the evilest
ACTUAL Enemy of History, Alex claims is a good
guy for never allowing open discussion on 911,
Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on, without selling
his Zionist hate for our Humanity.
allowing the notion that he, and
his likewise cult, might just have something to
learn about evidence being a REQUIREMENT to prove
someone's guilt or innocence. His godless commitment
is to escape Bush, and his zionist media controllers
with excuses that don't hold water in any Court of
Thee. Alex refuses to allow Americans to know why
the Constitutional protections are there to defend
yourself, because if you did, you'd demand the
arrest of Bush for treason, and call Ron Paul a
sell out loser who pocketed the millions conned for
being Alex's loyal fans. Alex doesn't like this Truth
because he's gotta be leading Earth's "Truthers"
at the pinnacle of his spear as a liar, where all
of History, is one badly drawn Alex Jones cartoon.

I must be on crazy pills

/ / Well, why haven't the banks just returned
the money?... \ \

People who know they defeat all "Conservatives"
in seconds with indisputable simple logic, will
eventually rule the Universe, if CNN, CBC, and
Alex Jones allow open communications on what is
understood by all as high acts of treason openly
committed without a defense of smart people
explaining why/how we are being rooked as idiots
on purpose. Crazy man, crazy.

Oh, logic like, "Buying in bulk is cheaper."


Godsmack - I Fucking Hate You

Hey! Johnny's new theme song playing when
I be bagging the bushite zionist whores of
the demon antichrist, Our Mr. Bush Jr. Bush
closed 911 investigations, Bush lied about
Saddam not letting inspectors in, Bush never won an
word fairly in his entire war crime life of
game rigging with naked deceit and betrayal to
the cause of Man, die bushite die. Rock on
my friends, rock on.

"Army deserter deported from Canada, now in U.S. jail"

This is a for real war crime. Why? there was/is
no cause for the Iraq war. Truly. Example: why
bomb if you can go anywhere without delay? To
only murder innocent People INCLUDING SOLDIERS
to thieve from ourselves as war criminals is what
any rational person comes to understand. When you
destroy bushite grunts who war God for rape, torture,
and enslavement of our species, you save the
innocent lives of their next victims. To hunt
the godless bushite enemy, is to love Justice
as our glorious Humanity winning over the lawless
nazi grunts of the Third Infantry - who'll shoot
anybody, blindly as cowards, led by a Saudi, Buford
Blount. Their "leader" who left Iraqi's largest
weapons depot undefended for looting. Qaqaa. Killed
many a bushite nazi grunting lawless coward by his own
treasonous brand. And mumbling bushite nazi grunts have
what to say about American teens made valueless
victims for Neocon bounties? "whore yay" That's
about it..

Private Banking Made Simple

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

VIEWS: 10,100,000

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11



LETTERS NOW RELEASED PROVE-Bush Intervened-To Suppress Torture

This is called ungodly nazi war crimes against
innocent Human beings.

Obama Gets Tough to Shield Bush Torturers

Who does Obama think we are as 'United' together
on pro lawless torture against innocent 'others'?
Wake up people, we are under attack by those
who refuse US Justice to win Freedom for
anyone. "Conservative" retards are completely
lost here, because they do not have the
intellectual skills necessary to understand:
a person accused of a criminal offense without
any evidence is innocent. Or, how about, No one
deserves to be tortured for confessions on
crimes left then unresolved for actual
retribution. [Aegis OPENLY murders innocent
families for more American paying for zionist
monies - P2OG - YOUR Spouse, YOUR Child, YOUR

Following the crime scene leads of 911 to nab
the actual evil doers is beyond the will of the
deaf, dumb and blind? with lawlessness gaining
for monetary loses due America as corporate
cheaters. We are Brilliant, of that much I am
certain. Conservatives are minimally, idiots.

Worst Person in American Broadcast Journalism

This is like, so profound. Gibson's condemnation
is directly aimed at his own ideas of the subject
he has no grasp of. Wow. profound. See though..
this "popular" FoxsNews celeb has zero interest in
helping America succeed to defend freedom through
lawful actions, because he has no sight of a better
world blindly destroying itself. Hey Gibson! why
don't you try and be a good guy for a change! No
joke. Wow. Profound.


Israelis forced mother to choose which of her children would die

/ / the soldiers told her she had to choose five of
her children to “give as a gift to Israel.” As
she screamed in horror they repeated the demand
and told her she could choose or they would choose
for her. Then these soldiers murdered five of her
children in front of her. \ \

Funded by the American tax payers as a gift to
God as our stolen Humanity. Equal rights for all,
especially the Taliban's position in defense of
America, demanding evidence to form our guilty


Obama Accused of Blackmail over Terror Trial Evidence

Again, Obama is taking a position to torture innocent
people here as a traitor to Just cause. Just cause to
live in a free society. Torture warrants the death
penalty under American STANDING Law.

Video: Cop Punches Woman In Face Four Times During Arrest For Riding A

Top Cop Johnny Judge rules: Five years in prison.
Maybe fifteen if the dumfuk grunt, back from the
war against Iraqi children as a traitor to American
values, shows no remorse for his crimes against an
American women either. Absolutely any cop or soldier
who disagrees as true contempt for our freedoms with
punishment against this nazi trash pirating our
police uniform, WILL WARRANT death sentences all
around to ACTUALLY defend liberty in my America.
Any American father who prides in killing innocent
Iraqis for the escape of the neocons for 911 is no
father. And a wife should get the hell away from
a male who enjoys murdering helpless innocent others.
Children in such families should be challenged
by relatives through the Courts to save the lives
of our endangered offspring. Again, without water
or food, Iraqi children are murdered by Neoconner
grunts irrationally everyday with nothing to say,
aka, without reason but as Satanic Bush whores, to
make our God as Humanity suffer further for their
escapes as actually selling freely, lawless zionist

KILLING MORE OF THEM - reporting war crimes to the Police

Again, a bushite has no commitment to defend
America, for it speaks nothing for the arrest of
the neocon traitors. traitors like themselves whom
will murder innocent folks like your Self to steal
our common values. Wouldn't you glory in seeing
these savage grunts who on video, indiscriminately
shoot innocent families, or bomb a city entirely,
executed by Christian Patriot firing squads? or
televised to fry in the electric chair for these
documented war crimes? I sure would. It would make
our world a much safer place to raise a family
secure in knowing, bushite grunts as enemies of
everyone, were hunted to extinction for their
crimes against our Humanity. Hunted by Johnny Law,
the True Spirit of America.

Johnny Law for Coast to Coast radio Host!

yaahhh im a real person! Wow eh? Now,
let US bag some bushite scum for the Gipper.

UK judges accuse Obama Administration of suppressing torture claim

Yeah really. What kinda world does Obama take US
for here? Does he actually believe we hold no
interest in being attacked as ourselves, the
innocent forsaken? A reminder: an American was
executed under Iraqi law without any evidence
brought against the accused, while the grunts
were offered an excuse to seek not the culprits
at the terror scene. The case was lightly reviewed
at democracynow, a year or two ago, and can be
found by searching for a grunt pretending to be
an ambassador to Romania. A case where the Judge's
life was threatened by a "General", where if he
didn't order the death of the innocent American
citizen, the grunt with the General would murder
US all right then and there. The Innocent American
was murdered as forsaken for value shared by
free men.



Hey! this stuff for cats and dogs looks pretty
coool. Check it out if your a pet lover!

Near Impossible to believe!

/ / "similar themes go through all our streams. And it all
comes back as Confucius says, "Do unto others, as you would
have them do unto you." And Christ said that, Hillel said
that, Buddha said that, everybody says that, cause that's all
it is. But bushite, he wants to accuse People of criminal
offenses without any evidence, and indiscriminately slaughter
everybody in countries, for no good reason but to be OUR


AG Holder-- First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers

For actual documented criminal actions against
American interests in defending ourselves from
indiscriminate robberies, tortures, or mass murder.

"Judges Bribed by Private Contractor to Sentence More Kids to Juvie

Christ speaks!! Echem.. This is called a criminal
action to falsely imprison American children for
more stolen money. Will the contractor be arrested,
tried, then executed in America to defend American
children? Unlikely, because it isn't as important
as how fat Oprah is today, or as Alex Jones the
bigot would say, on how daily, the hidden NWO elites
are responsible for every criminal action against
Liberty in America, not war crime dictating LIAR
Bush who told US Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors
in without corporate news correction, Bush, who
closed Police investigations on 911 for Enron, KBR,
and the Kissinger associates. And certainly not
Bremer for personally stealing tens of billions,
no no no, "just puppets" "just puppets" as instead,
the Illuminati in other words not allowed spoken
understood with Alex Jones NWOers. I want a free to
speak arena where 50 percent of what Alex spews is
truly dumber than stupid. Why? because he is controlled
through his personal weakness of bigotry, to actually
believe foolish things as factual. Examples are
truly endless when we discuss Alex Jones'
dumminess, but here is one example. Alex states
911 truthers were attacked in a TV show as NWO mind
control- but, the "truther" he referred to
talked in the drama on there being NO PLANES!
A dis-info bushite stooge if ever was one depicted
with special effects. We suffer with his bullshit
every day, knowing if we tried to phone, would
not be granted a minute because I, in support
of Freedom for America, make all bigots look truly
dumb as fascists lashing out at nothingness to
divide our masses. And apparently, he can't have
America becoming greater for defending ourselves
fairly through Judicial actions. Yet.


which side are YOU on? by REBEL DIAZ

The side where a person accused of a criminal
offense without evidence is innocent, and in the
case of capital accusation, the false accuser
deserves severe punishment as an enemy to my



U.S. partner, not Hamas, firing rockets into Israel

/ / The probe found the Islamic Jihad rockets were
actually fired by Fatah. \ \ Whom Israel in response
to the confessed by all to be true facts, murdered
innocent Christian children in Gaza as war criminals.
Actually claimed it was regardless who shot the tin
can rocket that struck no one harmlessly. Again,
Nazi Israeli responded by murdering innocent Christian
children as war criminals with "disproportionate"
force. War criminals who murder Humanity to steal
our shared values.


Dennis Kucinich "Israel is Killing Children With Your American Tax

Israeli openly admitted that they targeted those
innocent Christian children for MURDER - as -
continuing "disproportionate" force in our names
as enemies of God and Humanity. They are not Jews,
but of the evilest group of lawless nazi savages
pirating the government of Israel away from US Jews.
I demand open debate in America, and Americans refuse
me by not likewise demanding international coverage
on the Coast to Coast radio networks. Let's change
this by communicating.

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

They admit TODAY, as yesterday, and last week, month,
year, decades, that they target completely innocent
people for murder to punish Humanity for believing
in God as Just, or real freedom understood as practiced.
Libertarian couldn't give a shit on a issue such as this,
that they keep everyone ignorant of through hypnosis. Israeli
openly admit to thieving innocent peoples homes, to them
be sent at gun point, to live in a concentration prison
death camp.


/ / ..the Israel Prime Minister’s speech in which he
actually boasted of his power to order the U.S. President
as one would a dog. \ \ and all American men can't for
some god forsaken reasons, can't for their lives, phone
George Norry to be hung down on. George Noory is a "good
guy" for aiming to go ballistic against every American
who refuses criminal orders to destroy themselves.

Americans Are Welcome In Israel

Jesus Christ in Islam


Obama set to allow Bush-era ‘torture flights’

What the fuk eh? Doesn't Obama know this
crime warrants death in America according
to the war crime act? Does he believe America
just will never have a chance to speak for the
interests of US as innocent Human beings he is
planning to torture as an enemy to Life?

Refusing to Defend American Values

Yoo: Bush okayed torture to outwit defense lawyers

This is why it warrants the Death sentence. Remember
corporatist Amerikan citizen, these torture victims
that include children as younger than a hundred, had
not been alleged to have ever committed a crime in
their entire lives. Victims tortured to death for the
pleasures of those Satanic, such as General Geoffry
Miller, who tell US today as confidenced, they do it
because, patsy wasted American soldiers will just refuse
to hunt them down for formal executions. Let's change
this for our Humanity in this future, to look back,
and know, American males were men of the World, who
stood for the principles enshrined within every living
Constitution. A free man shall not be jailed, or
tortured by anyone in our names as Governed, without
the perpetrator tried publicly for execution as our
Love of real Justice. As first degree mass murderers
warranted death sentences under the War Crime Act
ushered by Reagan!, all done in for our protections
of their next innocent victim - ourselves. Or
die a death in corporate tyranny worthy the title,
cowardly traitors to God and Liberty. Blackwater,
CACI, AEGIS, KBR and the like will all be hunted to
extinction for refusing to quit their lawless Rape
and mass murder, murders done for more stolen money
as America's name high-jacked. The Lawless enemies
shall be prosecuted by the honorable Soldiers of
the Good old, Red White, and Blue. Count me at
our words on this, I am,

King Johnny


Ungodly Israeli Nazi LIARS Continue to Murder Children after "Truce"

A truce means nothing to Hamas?, who states
much of no complaints as in support of Israeli
Nazi lies, why? Have you seen where a blimp is
traveling about five miles an hour, fire bombing
thousands, and none have even a pullet gun, never
mind an Iranian rocket launcher to shoot the Satanic
demons down for God as Love? Why doesn't Hamas
at least admit, like an Israeli General has,
to be funded by Zionists for cash gains paid for
by Zionist Amerika? Why? Why is it that Hamas
suffered near no loses, but all the Cops who
voted who knows, died murder victims trying to
defend our family from Texan child rapists?
Along with thousands of others targeted as
innocent Peoples? Targeted. Why? Nazi Israeli
broke the truce!! THINKTHINKTHINK Demand coverage!
Hamas certainly isn't. ..maybe because they're
illiterates on the Cause of God's Will being

Monkey Business


Bushwhoring Enemies of the American Police

What a demon enemy of life these bushwhore enemies
of American Liberty are eh? No concern whatsoever,
for all the teen soldiers conned to die for those
who committed 911 in NYC. The millions of bombing
victims, the tortures, the rapes of American women,
STILL, TO THIS DAY, left undefended by "the law".
Evil enemy of everyone these demon fuks are. How
difficult is it, to understand the facts they feign
complete blindness on? They WANT to con you as the
coward to life they are, willing to kill America to
make their antiChrist lawless enemy Mr. Bush happy.

From years after the fact still demanding Justice now:

Huh? "at last been disarmed..." ? How does he figure?
The equation hasn't changed. Example: The same
unaccounted anthrax, (that was disintegrated into ash),
still is not able to be measured as completely accounted
for, (never could be), but this bushwhoring war crime
apologist, tells US, it was only though the lawless
murder of our good friends and family for countless
generations, that he now attests without reason, or
evidence, to find Iraq in "fact" disarmed of it's still
nowhere to be found, weapons of mass destruction. (An
irrational reason he pronounced previous in corporately
broacasted public support of instigating heinous war
crimes against our humanity under the leadership skills
of the evil lying demon antiChrist, our Mr. bush Jr..)

Ron Paul defeats 5 TV 'experts' in 10 minutes

Ron Paul is a traitor. They stole the cash Ron.
And, the Iraq war is a war crime. But Ron, the
Fascist, doesn't want THESE FACTS uttered. Why?
Because wiser men would prevail, wiser men like
me who understand buying in bulk is cheaper. Those
like Christ who understand, who KNOW, the banker
doesn't cover our loans - so why give them as much
as a taxed red penny?, let alone trillions as
officially unaccounted for? They are stealing the
cash Ron. Ask yourself: Why has Alex Jones
forbidden his bushwhore cult from understanding
Bush doctored the NIE?, or of iron flowing like
water from the towers? Because wiser men would
prevail and he can't have that. He called shooting
innocent men in the back, an act of liberty. I,
an actual god, unlike Alex, lie near never, but
maybe to myself when I'm lonely. Alex yes will
tell you rapists are free to do what they will
in Texas to American children, un-arrested, but
he won't mention it when the police chief is with
him on air, talking about how he'd like to be
exempt from traffic tickets for being so popular.
NO MENTION of the rapists walking away without
arrests made, no mention of Bush's documented
treasons on 911. Where are Alex's priorities?
In selling YOU out so he can be wealthy like a
bankster?, and have special rights over everyone
else that drives drunk, or speeds? a big hero
standing over our dead soldiers yelling, I told
you so, I told you so, I was right, I was right.
Again, understand: It is not by my will to deny
open debate with America, it is Alex, and his
demon buddy George Noory that denies out Humanity
this right. And when people try, like Peggy, or
Black men on Jewry, Alex lies cheats and steals
our wills for further thefts. Ron Paul's family has
millions taken from loyal Alex Jones fans. MILLIONS!
Does Ron do commercials with that money highlighting
the bushmob's plan to invade Afghanistan, dated two
days prior to 911 for Enron? Of course not, wiser men
would prevail to expose him as the charlatan charity
raider he is regarding Health Care, Social Security,
Public Schooling, earmarks.. It is unfair to measure
Ron against corporate nazi zionist whores of MSNBC who
willing, openly, kill American teen soldiers for
criminal neocon gains, as an honorable gentleman's
talk. Half honest People like Ron are extremely ignorant
on the workings of our world. EXTREMELY. I joke here not.
Evil is the deceived disguised - translated - evil
people are always dumb.

Corporate America says no, Charlie Manson was a genius,
but not, that most Americans are prone too easily to
suggestive states where they can be made to believe
anything blindly. Think: what does, "bin Laden did 911"
mean anyway? You should know of what I'm trying
to teach you here. That is how
Alex knowingly or otherwise, steals our rights, by
beating off he knows everything already. And some,
if not most, actually believe him without knowing
squat either. It's sooo easy that way - no study
required!! LIBERTARIAN HELL! Everything is not on
the Internet, where it near should be, but regardless,
a Libertarian can't be bothered to read anyway.

It's YOUR life. It's God's
Gift. Now support our rise for popular international
debates to get these Neoconners behind bars
awaiting Public Trials! "Public"thatsoyu!! Get to
the Phone to call someone to care man.. Johnny
Jesus has arrived! Justice Will Be Done in this,
Our Kingdom to Come.

Justice to the war criminals of
indiscriminate warfare would better serve ourselves
to halt for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Humanity Under Attack by the Zionist Enemy of Life


Not only that but the BBC argued that to show
innocent Human Beings suffering, in CRITICAL
life threatening need of desperate food and
water that Israeli nazi stole, (because they are
unlawful murderous thieves), would have them look
like they were partial to serving Humanity's
interest in compassion for US humans. Over the
Israeli terror Nazi tactics of indiscriminate
slaughter for more Amerikan welfare. Wicked evil
nazi bastards who too, DO NOT THINK IT BEST to
report Peter Powers committed the London bombing.,
Oh yeah, and mercury is neural toxic, anti-psychotics
make us crazy, and sodium fluoride makes us
stoopider while weakening your body for big cash
surgeries - ultimately leading to a profitable
death for dah' winnahs.. So, they, the BBC-NWOers
just needed to avoid the bath or shower,
humidity, Pepsi's purified bottled water product
lines, koolaids, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub,
Sauna, private Whirl Pools, and.. blh blh blh

/ / the FBI says no.. There is not a thread of
fact a zionist offers to form YOUR own mind in
respect for your rights being equal to ours. \ \

Who is the guy who keeps writing such things,, and
shouldn't he be recognized as Promotional to raise
all spirits towards a better future? I'm with him.

The U.S. Is Required To Bring George W Bush & Donald Rumsfeld Before A
Court! U.N. War Crimes

Olbermann | Bush Years: 8 in 8 Minutes

Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression.

The bushmob doctored
the NIE. Conned Congress, and Soldiers. Did 911,
by closing criminal FBI investigations immediately.
Alex and George don't seem to want US to know
these FACTS that demand arrests of the culprits
responsible for high treason against Johnny's
America. Alex wants your money, and EVIL George,
our enemy, wants your soul stolen for Satan.

Turley: Obama 'accessory' to war crimes if no prosecution

Understand, Alex Jones doesn't want Justice
for Americans because he loses out to better
men that usher a greater life. He doesn't want
the evidence of George W. Bush made public to
defend American teen soldier's lives. The true
fascist Alex Jones, who in silence supports the
escape of Bush for treason, will fail our true
voice for Justice in our times. WE DO NOT rule
the truth we share equally committed to defend
ourselves from lawlessness. And you'll never
rule my right to speak freely over your intent
to sell us all out for monetary swindles, just
like Ron Paul did. Understand: Ron Paul doesn't
even acknowledge 911 was an inside job, or, that
Bush gave zero evidence to form Your opinion.

Alex Jones, the Slave, told US today that
he challenged Bush for eight years - Bushite
lying nazi traitor. Not only that, but he
also ridiculed those who wish to blame Bush
now for anything! Again, he doesn't want
Justice where bad guys can't steal from
ourselves unrepresented. Ron Paul is a
multi-millioniare, made rich by charitable
aid conned from Alex Jones' NWOers! Alex
Jones doesn't have a problem with that, we

King Johnny Guest Caller on Free Mind Radio!
(back-up) http://www.mediafire.com/?ptui9mm15pn


Israel to be Judged - Universal Petition

The demon LIAR zionist Israeli is a godless enemy
of Humanity, much like everyone at Foxnews, CNN,
BBC, and the CBC. Our revolution against the godless
bushite shills, will not allow our revolution
through speaking honestly, (to become of ourselves
something greater), a chance to be televised for
our benefits. Bush closed criminal investigations
immediately after 911. According to the FBI and
Senator Daschle. CNN says you have no power, Foxnews
says you have no power, the BBC says you have no
power, the CBC, the same, like Alex Jones NWOers...
but well, don't believe it. YOU Do have the Power.


/ / International attorneys have filed war crime
charges against 15 Israeli political and military
officials including Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and
Ehud Barak. \ \


We must demand open communications to bring back
values WE ALL would agree to through polite debate.
"Conservatives" don't want this Freedom idea
expressed in general terms because, a "conservative"
is universally, minimally. a bigot. Why? Life isn't
like, their way, - then- all other opinion under
the sun on how things actually get done. (Aka
"socialist" traffic light repair men, or "liberals"
who want to treat The People fairly). Or who we are
as equals to our laws fairly practiced. Pay attention
to what I am saying here. Liberals can be Dicks with
a capital D too of course. But a Hannity couldn't
survive 2 minutes with me speaking on his very real
treasonous behavior in OUR public arenas. Behavior
done to escape the 911 culprits from the long arm of
the Law, with his conscious will of criminal deceit
exposed, we all learn to better defend ourselves.
And Shawn Hannity can't have that for ourselves, he
takes too much money from ourselves as talentless by
keeping US in the dark dying needlessly for traitors
never elected publicly.

Who am I you ask? Johnny Law. at your service. Look
me up with usenet to discover, we live in a world of
idiots everywhere pretending to be somebody by lying.
While I want US all to truly improve our condition by
actually understanding how bad off we are by failing
to respect ourselves for correction. Too many, know
it alls, with not enough to know you need evidence to
form a guilty verdict against an accused man or woman.
Not according to CNN, CBC, MSNBC, Foxnews and the like
however. Let's change this by supporting my challenge
for top billing at the Coast to Coast radio show hosting.
Look for me coming soon!!


Unseen Gaza High Quality: Part 1 of 6

Why is it that numerous visits don't change the
view count? What is this business of a=a+1, the
top secret, I'll go rhythm, that is way beyond
our comprehension in it's scientific complexity?
For Americans, okay, but the Human species just
isn't this dumb.

While Zionists OFFICIALLY target Christian school
girls for mass murder, CNN instead reports that
bushite grunts attacked girls in Afghanistan, posing
as Taliban. I WILL every celeb at CNN to be arrested,
tried and executed for the reporting they have done
today without facts. Remember: the Taliban played no
part on escaping those responsible for 911, and opened
schools for girls, and were brought together on the
single purpose to defend women. Death to CNN reporters
to LIE for killing OUR school girls. I HATE zionist
enemies of Humanity and God I am.

The Torture Ban that Doesn't Ban Torture

/ / Obama's Executive Order bans some -- not all -- US
officials from torturing but it does not ban any
of them, himself included, from sponsoring torture
overseas. \ \

Is America a nation of Law to Live freedom?
Because this SPECIFIC deviant action of Obama warrants
the death sentence under Reagan's "War Crimes Act".
SPECIFICALLY. Or, is it you falsely believe Obama
can do no wrong against innocent people here, where
an illiterate nazi grunt, maybe from South Africa,
will kidnap YOUR children, and torture them to
death for sadistic pleasure, with as they did using
power tools caught in Iraq, according to Iraqi
government official(s), and several soldiers from
Oregon, all because Obama has given an ILLEGAL!
"excuse" to NOT support following the crime scene
leads at our REAL murder scenes? Again, death to the
bushite dumfuk enemy of God, death to the enemies
of a freeing Humanity striving for a just society.
Obama needs to be arrested for this under the Law
as it stands I'm sorry to say my friends. Why?
Torture is illegal in all 50 states, (as Reagan
directly planned), no matter where you ship the
innocent victim to, or from! Read the War Crimes
Act, then demand Justice today, otherwise, it's
YOUR funeral. Obama wants to secretly torture
Peoples here, while lying to US ALL that he doesn't!
A TRAITOR! Who also wants to give bankers 100s of
billions of dollars more to disappear, that WE pay
for, out our door, never to be seen as our own



Don't miss this..


Jack Blood interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and

Alive We Say

And Alex Jones gives us the same guy twice
a week that blames the Illuminati, while
encouraging that YOU TOO! can get money
for nothing like the banksters. Just give
the Alex Jones', NWOers, the "truthers" money
money money money. No time for affording the
explanation that the TREASONOUS bushmob
doctored the NIE. That Saddam wasn't in
violation of 1441. That a NEOCON is
identifiable for it's demonic LIES
against God and Man. Never to tell, the
private bankers don't cover OUR loans,
that Bush PERSONALLY worked to close
Police investigations immediately after
911 (obstruction), or that WE have video
of iron flowing like water that PROVES,
without doubt, bin Laden couldn't have
single handedly placed the explosives
in the buildings, or stole the black boxes.
Because someone surely would have spotted
him dragging his dialysis machine what with
all the professionalism of corporate news
media coverage regarding our horribly
suffering worlds. Alex Jones ignores the
treasons of Bush, as a Bushwhore, and
instead, tells US of how Obama is Bush on
steroids. He only wishes. What about
Justice for Americans Alex? Why for do you
forsake ourselves? For money? What about
the lives lost to mass murder, that you
allege to champion OUR TRUTH without saying
much of anything on real Freedom?, on real
Justice like your deviant election rigger,
Ron Paul? Well, no wonder, Alex told US he's
into shooting innocent American People in
the back as a tyrant of evil, a white Devil
if you will. Kids too if you dare look in
his back yard for a copper. See? Now if Alex
doesn't allow US to speak, more and more will
understand to know why. I am a defender of
all that is right and just in this world,
because I don't need to lie like Alex does on
a huge host of issues. I'm more like Jessie
Ventura, in where I don't need/want to lie.
If I end looking foolish, (of which I like
never truly am), it's a benefit, because that
way, I've learned something. Alex knows
everything already, and 'is always right'.
Like I say Retarded. You weren't right by not
understanding that the banker doesn't cover
the loan. One example of easily hundreds. He's
a typical, he knows it all, know nothing dumduk
American. Hear him on health care speak as
Ron Paul does, and know, I defeat them in under
ten seconds. TEN SECONDS. This is why he hasn't
in years, allowed me to speak more than five
or six words. He's rather all America die, than
admit he does NOT rule our 'Ocean of Truth'.
I want the challenge of opposition through debate
to PROVE my skills beyond reproach. Alex,
every time, just hangs up on anyone who tries
to improve our communications by factually
speaking. Why? Because he IS TRULY deeply
ignorant on what freedom or Justice means. Why
we have law. What a consensus is. Allan Watt is
severely disabled in this regard, another Alex
Jones favorite. And this is why, Allan can't
take calls openly either. He has jerked off
with himself too long to quit now learning
super basic precepts, for like Alex, he "knows"
the inner workings of the 'genius' NWO elites.
Not Law 101, not Bush, not Rumsfeld, Not Condi,
not Torturers, not bank robbers, rapists, or
even petty thieves. Allan Watt isn't a bad guy,
he's just a chauvinist pretending he actually
knows something, when his real disability is
directly related to his absence in understanding
understandings. Doubt is a near foreign concept.
A challenge for Allan: can you get your 'genius
mind' around the fact that Peter Powers did the
London bombings, and not the Illuminati of 1463?
and if not, why are we so dumb to our present
plight that way? Don't get me wrong, Allen has
much to offer, it just isn't the issue right
now on saving our dying futures. Maybe I was
too hard on Allen, he is really actually kinda
cool. Alex Jones too has many incredible
moments of ecstatic clarity increasing in all
they joy of seeking enlightenment. .. Ok -
but this is serious business that requires
little dilly dally with what we'll have as
a side dish in Paradise Lost. We are talking
Human Lives have been destroyed by our inaction
to remedy these failures to communicate
effectively. and.. Jeeze, the weight of my
responsibilities, as just plain John, being
a/the Legos Man - for like the Family and
everythings, get's me never forgetting, all
we got are these words left dormant from the
power they truly possess in the minds of the
jack-asses. And.. here I am. I'm a Talker of
Words looking to make a break in the
NewZbiZ. Zzzz... Alive We Say! Alive!

King Johnny, from Earth, has come for talks.


The Zionist enemy, the most evil nazi sons-of-bitches
who openly advocate tyranny and oppression through mass
murder of ourselves as the innocent left targeted
defenseless. Enemies of Jews everywhere, the Zionist
cares not for facts on who's Life it destroys for stolen
gain by lying. That's why they target Jews, for fear the
Light of Truth would expose them as the Nazis they are.

Hamas doesn't have a military though, so,
why not demand the arrests of those who
broke the truce, and murdered innocent people
indiscriminately, on plans more Jews would
die for cash profit? Profit paid for by
zionist amerika? - the false imprisoning
torture and rape center for Neocon

The self-defence defence

/ / This has been a central theme of the war in
Gaza: not that hundreds of innocent people were
killed, not that over 5,000 were horribly injured
and not the sky-high human and monetary cost of
wrecking homes or razing infrastructure. \ \

Court petitioned to arrest Livni upon arrival in Brussels

"We believe there were dozens of IRGC
personnel in the Gaza Strip during the
war," an Israeli source said. "Some were
killed; others went into hiding, and
others escaped."

See? the demon enemy of God speaks no
evidence as a TRAITOR to every Jew. A terrorist
nation that still steals humanitarian aid in
our public realm of left defenselessness. The
false allegation deserves a death sentence
by Jews against the war monger Zionist enemy.
A cause that Iran should champion, if in fact!,
face, unsubstantiated as patently, demonically
false. As typical from any godless Zionist.

Where are the Americans asking for the
formal arrest of Bush for high treason?
Whoring for Alex Jones's contempt for REAL
Justice? The ignorance of all American
talk radio hosts speaks for itself. NO
knowledge on why acts of high treason, are
crimes against every American. The bushmob
doctored the NIE, and Alex doesn't want
Americans to know, because if they did,
they ask, why does Alex do everything he
can to escape those personally responsible
for 911, while then asking for money to
continue his fight against freedom in
America. Again how much money do we have to
pay Ron Paul or Alex Jones before they
will allow the knowledge of the Iraq war
against Human will is criminal? How much?

Obama! feel free to call
on me to help out with a plan for judicial
actions. That offer goes out to everyone in
Palestine, Canada or Britain too. Russia,
let's help out these fools by freely
communicating, what say you? Justice
for all is freedom to be. The Israeli cop
killers must be brought to justice for war
crimes. Those cops, were cops. And I,
am a man.

Alex Jones Rocks!

Now Alex has problems in "my" mind because I am
an ACTUAL genius, and he is generally, an idiot.
Today, he did one of his usual commentaries, however
this time, he was pretty honest with himself, and
his love for Ron Paul. Ron Paul sells incompetence,
and Alex corrected correctly!. that a.. sorry Ron
but these banksters know they're robbing us as
undefended blind men essentially. That's what I'm
talking about!! Look, Ron Paul can be a dumb Ass,
although, he's still not all that bad a guy. A Dumb
guy on things like economics sure, Justice, warfare,
Health Care, Social Security, ect. ect. but still.,
like a child learning of why the sky is funny
blue, isn't all that bad a guy really. He's
certainly not a war criminal, like Bush or
Rumsfeld are. Doing 911 then sanctioning torture.
While Neocons Champion sending illiterate American
teens for death as war criminal. Think about it.
Maybe he is..


“We have all these documents that are now
publicly available that prove that these
methods of interrogation were intentionally
ordered by Rumsfeld,”

Let us understand. These actions "give" a guy
like Willie Brand "the right" to RANDOMLY kidnap
men, women, or children, and torture them to
death for sadistic pleasure with his faggot
Capt, Christopher Beiring. (I think that's
how it's spelt). But anyway, this is the truth.
A bushite is a godless Zionist whore of Nazi
evil, an enemy of America, who wars YOUR Freedom
with criminal "excuses", for refusing to support
the arrest of those responsible for 911. A
TRAITOR, and could be wannabe rapist, robber, or
911 mastermind ringleader. Torture is illegal,
and warrants the death sentence, according to,
Reagan's "War Crimes Act". Some only suggest,
that this was why someone tried to kill him as
honorable. Death to the torturers of our
innocent families, torture they do without
apology as Zionist Military "Judges". Instead
today, where they get salaries paid in the
billions by the zionist giving nation of,
a-mirror-kay, echem, America. Johnny's America.
A nation where Justice will rule for the favors
of all treated equitably with or without you.
Honor me in company my friend. We have no rivals.

"they do not understand, the private banker
never covers the loan. Never does a private
banker reach into it's pocket to borrow US
to begin with - so as a consequence, the
bankers have just pocketed all the 'free'
loot for nothing, TRILLIONS, and are not
saying why should they help anyone else
up with charity?" Then went on to say, it
wasn't any of our business with what they
did with the money. (But for to cover criminal
fraud in the derivatives market, where
the true value of said commodities were
backed by ZERO capital. ZERO DOLLARS. WORTH
NOTHING. So, think about who's truly giving
it always here until Johnny, the man who
came out of nowhere, arrived to explain
everything in five or six minutes.

Support Johnny America for Coast to Coast
Radio Host!


Gaza: 'I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls'

Getting away with murder as 'God's Chosen' chosen
for death by war crimes trial more like. Death to
the criminal zionist enemies of Humanity. Zionists who
falsely accuse without evidence to respect our rights,
like TV corporated Americans who treasonously LIE,
'bin Laden did 911'. Enemies of Freedom for our

[JEWISH!] Arrest warrant: Ehud Barak

/ / For violations of the Rome Statute
& 4th Geneva Convention \ \

They are murdering Cops

2-Bombings target house of Abu Ubaida El Jarah,
Police Director in Sheikh Ridwan area.

3-Airstrike targeting Al Zaytoun police station.

Nazi Israeli are murdering Police Officers,
and the families that live in the areas near
them as once defended from criminals.

It's like saying, every Cop in America deserves
a death sentence by thousand pound radio-active
waste based uranium/plutonium war shells because
Bush stole the election, then committed 911 with
the Neoconned Partners of Public Crimes, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Condi with General Ahmad and Myers. Now,
I ask all Cops, does that make sense to you as
still remaining silent? You can be a man too, why
don't we all just give it a try. To the Telephone
Robin! Israeli are attacking prisoners held
criminally in their own Death Camps!! GET ALEX
JONES ON THIS! and.... the ADL! er.. JDL.. er..
let US join forces for the common good of all,
as so we will benefit everyone. That means
Justice for all, especially the Taliban for
defending American Freedom by demanding evidence
to form a conclusion of capital accusation,
regarding an unsolved case of mass murder.
Taliban blamed it on concern for life draining,
Music, and news about some, who knows war we are
committed to now die you for, for better or worse,
of mass death and suffering against innocent
Peoples all for glorious Neocon tyranny of inter
national private banker IMF enslavement plans!
in some far off distant places. America! I am
King Johnny.. I am from the Planet Earth, I've
come to share the knowledge of Justice in our
times on behalf of this, Our Future Great
Triumph over Evil. We come in Peace with
a sword for War Mongers, and a choice for
'lawless' grunts of ungodly action against
Life as we live it. Targeting school kids
deserves death sentences, don't you think this
value is what every soldier should hold proud
with Johnny in America? In Israel? In

Chief Israeli Nazi Rabbi "All civilians living in
Gaza are collectively guilty for Kassam attacks"

“In spite of rising the blue flag of UNRWA on
our schools, the Israeli army has been targeting
those schools by missiles and tanks shells.”

U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and

[SATANIC ENEMY] Israeli warplanes attack Gaza during Truse

Satanic Enemies of Humanity Kill 8 Yr Old Girl During Fake 'Ceasefire'


/ / Dr. Condi was very smart when she declared
at the outset of the most brutal Israeli war on
Gaza that it was the Palestinian side which
is held responsible for violating the six
-month truce. \ \

She lies, Innocent Christians die.

Nazi argues it's good to get killed Jews by
breaking truces with prison camp.

They shoot Peoples indiscriminately telling US
that's how evil they are to argue it's Your
fault though.

This post was passed to near everyone in our Secret
Service defending Obama. Let US demand Justice for
the Victims of 911, by warranting for the arrest of
every Neocon Nazi Zionist pirate of OUR Jewish faith
for Public trial on LYING for War Crimes against
our dying Humanity. War Crimes against God.


/ / live images of an Israeli helicopter hovering
above the city and dropping its white phosphorous
bombs on the city \ \

Again, the Zionist deserves to die by public trial
today to defend the Jewish faith. Look at usenet.
These demonic enemies go, 'yeah, Hamas broke the
truce', they do it to kill you. To steal the lives
of innocent Peoples to profit off our deaths as

Zionists are Satanic Demon Liars of Satan


/ / Israeli forces demolished the house of the
Sammouni family in Gaza City after ordering
them to remain in it for safety. \ \

Palestinian Children found with bullets lodged in their head

/ / Israeli officials continued to deny on Saturday
that their soldiers had deliberately targeted
civilians, \ \

The Zionist is an
enemy to the God of Love and Justice, of Beauty, and
Children. A zionist LIES with a hatred unmatched in
Satanic hatred for the survival of our species. I
beg you, hunt to bill the zionist war criminal who
charges we will not succeed to see every last war
criminal on this planet hunted down to complete
extinction, by public trial, then Jewish firing
squads. The Zionist has bombed US, The People
indiscriminately with out cause. It was Nazi
Israeli that broke the truce to get killed
Jews for money. They starve Jews in Israel
to attract more charitable aid they can use
elsewhere. They, as Nazis, will continue to
murder Jews for money unless WE DEMAND, their
formal trials and public executions. They have
murdered our families, and they will pay will
their lives for it as the directly responsible,
and in no way, will escape our rages against
them as the enemies of every Human Being
Living for Freedom. Every Human that loves
children. They HAVE ADMITTED to targeting the school
girls for murder with lies they were caught
doing. THEY DON'T GIVE YOU EVIDENCE. And when we
get the facts, it's near always exactly the same
thing: they steal our Homes, they STEAL our
lives. God calls the Zionist Jew Enemy of
the Synagogue to Satan!!

"We also need a massive overhaul in Our news channel
prioritizing, including to add censorship free, open line
public communications. Done to gain value in learning from
the art of conversations. We need still to appreciate the
values of a free society where Justice is above all, the
measure of our success to communicate openly."

The Ungodly Murder of Innocent Men by Israeli Nazis

/ / At noon an Israeli military jeep with four
soldiers entered Tameizi’s land. After 15
minutes the man was thrown, blindfolded and
still handcuffed, into the back of the jeep. \ \

Let us not lose the focus of fact, that these
people of ourselves live in a concentration,
prison death camp, robbed of everything.
in Curfew near anywhere in "peace time". And
still, to this day, do Nazi Israeli CONTINUE
TO THIEVE the Homes of god loving folks in the
region, guilty of no crime but to have been
born into such brutal ungodly oppression
against Civilization. And to see, face no TV
opposition as American tax payers continuing
to fund such war crimes in our absent names,
is a crime on to ourselves if allowed to go
unchallenged. Johnny for Coast to Coast radio
host. Free the Slaves! Free the Slaves!

Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture


The ugly secret of Barak and Livni, the truth about the Gaza rockets


See my Jewish friends, these zionist liars
will never escape our love for Truth in this
our new age. Killing Jews for money is as
evil as found, negligently criminal, agreed?

Gaza: lives in ruins

'Ungodly Enemies of Life is the only way
to describe it from here Tom. They again,
are attacking People indiscriminately for
murder as sadistic Satanic enemies of God'

Someone should ask what King Johnny, The
King of the Jews has to say on this subject
of a Zionist's complete absence of morality,
as inhumanly bereft any common decency among
our brothers and sisters. I mean for Christ's
sake Tom, THEY ADMIT to sadistically
targeting our children for MURDER - as some
kinda Satanic demon whore to Pure Evil - aka.
Wanted War Criminals for Public Trial. Just
as the Nazis were for similar outrages. Let's
hope men of America are least half they were
then, but we are suspecting, they will as of
usual, balk as cowardly slaves to the private
banker man ruling their minds, it's a, no
wonder. Where is there that purpose striving
for a greater future living in a just society?
Where is the Christ in their Christianity?
to financially support the arming of such
unlawful Zionist killings in silence against
Innocent Christians?

Free Radio International Broadcasts Alive!

Johnny Justice for Coast to Coast radio host.

BBC argues with Israeli Spokesman over UN School Bombing

Where is the evidence to form any person's
verdict, if none is offered as in respect
for yourself as worthy the title of free
men? I ask as your self? Or are you as
the cowards of most in the American military
who refuse to speak for the arrest of those
who did US wrong on 911.?

King vs Obama on Gaza - Christian vs Zionist


For the Popular Will?

Alex Thomson shuts-up Israeli spokesman!

Wow. The demon LIAR will also say Hammas broke
the truce, and Israeli started this by stealing
innocent peoples homes, then imprisoning
ourselves, the victims, in a death camp for
indiscriminate slaughter. While they continue
to STEAL OUR CHARITY by breaking truces. What
is it that YOU can't picture?

"The view from the other side, that the Qassams
are a retaliation for the siege that starves the
one and a half million inhabitants of the Gaza
Strip, [a prison death camp,] was not mentioned
at all."

Masada legend galvanises Israel

/ / they committed collective suicide - men killing
their own families, afterwards each other, until
one [evil zionist liar] remained to kill himself. \ \

right. They, as documented criminal, lose
every debate personally since before the dawn of
Civilization because their position is clearly
unsound. They are criminals who murder People
in hate for a freed Humanity. They OFFICIALLY
steal Peoples homes in that country didn't you
know they proudly proclaim it so? And steal
humanitarian aid from starving children.
Targeted to murder children specifically as
publicly confessed, 'it is Hamas WE blame',
not them as demonic child murderers. Hideously
evil as ungodly sadistic savages. Enemies of
YOU, enemies of them, and enemies of me, the
King of Jews Christ fellow from beyond the
grave. They are so evil to God and Man,
they tarnish everyone of US to not win justice
sooner by blaming the actual bad guys. Justice
is Freedom.

/ / Those white phosphorus shells used on the
Gazans are made in the USA according to Jane's
Defense. \ \

Again, these peoples are not Jews. Being
Jewish is a religion. These thieves of God
are Satanic in their LIES to betray the
common trust in our words, that bind all
worlds to victory, called freedom universal.
Even tales of the Devil have him keep his word,
with verses specifically condemning the self
to damnation for targeting the innocent for
death. God's the Word. Every word inside a
fool's paradise. Including the periods. Not as
like, I'm playing a word game, but that it in
wonder, is all strangely here. Example: The
Universe as it has existed always, is not
separate from our 'pauses', or faulty drawn
conclusions. The universe, in one sense, was
as good as anytime, created 6000 years ago.
AS TOO 50 billion. You say, impossible, I
say no, study quantum physics, and know, I
live this.. our existence is not scientifically
separate from the timeless nature of
consciousness, proven as not only theoretical,
but actual. That is a first step at developing
a REAL relationship with the living Universe
if you want to as like an artist does - that
TOO! can be just as thought static in it's
orderly constructions for Atheists. (An
Atheist is still mostly a fool here however.)
Overall, for any, it's sorta simple: Life has
left YOU in charge of YOUR fate. Now, do well
to make something of this being as eternal Life
reaching for balance, as your body does, and
good cops do when bringing the bushmobsters to
Justice. By Israeli calling for more murder
against the innocent of your mind as racists
and bigots they are openly, is still shadows
of YOUR mind, YOUR WORLD.. get it, got it? God
is in genius to set Life as this, as like,
nowhere existing, but for as yourself within.
Will you speak out for the Justice denied
Humanity?, or not you? Atheists can be Just
too!, but generally lose it on not
understanding the intelligence of order is
way beyond what they dream up with
assumptions. All anyone has to do is ask
themselves, who do you mean "God"? Atheists
are ridiculous!, but, to each his or her
own, we are on a path here, believe what
you want to believe. This is not a faith
initiative I'm bringing by keeping this real,

A zionist cabal of criminal pirates who murder
Jews around the world for stolen money is
seriously evil as criminal. What do you think?
Let US have a open line discussion on this
indivisible matter of rights to all as equals
before who ever we proclaim, I AM.

I mean you right? Say it with me... "I" "AM"
we are good to go.


George Galloway "The West has DOUBLE STANDARDS when it comes to

“Main actions: Israel targets hospitals, United
Nations premises, Press offices, theaters and densely
populated buildings in west of Gaza. Additionally,
people are being used as human shields”

A Zionist Nazi Being

See? A zionist Nazi argues it's good to get killed
Jews by breaking truces with a prison death camp,
cause look at all the free American Welfare money
we can steal through kicking-back AIPAC members in


Harper complicit in Israeli war crimes

Canadians! Please war with words for open line
calls on the war crime enemy propagandist,
The Chorus Radio Network. CJOB STEALS millions
from Manitoba each year, and refuses all calls
for honesty in governing. They are actual

Canadians Stand Alone

Harper the proven war criminal
who will be going to prison, is the only person
on Earth that has publicly okayed Israeli Nazi
to target murder Christian school girls. Canada,
join me in demanding Harper's Public trial as a
war criminal. Prison for Harper who took a
honorable soldier who stated he refused to commit
war crimes against innocent civilians, and placed
him without trial in prison. Without warrant for
arrest. Harper, the Nazi Appeaser, is a War
Criminal standing against the Queen.

"Or is this another, popular amerikan past time,
of, who cares for the facts, we are at war with
God and Christ now?" Die bushite die Christ always
says against lawless torturers as mass murdering
thieves of Humanity.

shreveport man gets 15 years for stealing $100.00

Again, Americans need to demand the arrest
of the Judge and prosecutor for being openly
evil demons, as TRUE enemies to freedom in
America. But guess what? Americans will refuse
to even phone Alex Jones, or George Noory
to be hung up on. Just refuse as brain dead
zombies - as known in this circle, McCainiacs.
Did you hear Alex's NWOer yesterday state he
doesn't want anyone to speak as Justice for
Americans because to learn even the most basic
of precepts for Justice, he can't pretend he is
a Freedom Fighter begging US for more money?
Like multi-millionaire Ron Paul, who gave the
fixed election up to take our money and walk
away. How much money in the millions do we have
to pay them at GCN, before they will acknowledge
the Iraq war is a war crime? THEY NEVER WILL,
because the faggot owner has a son who's into
raping American women as lawless enemy of Life.
Americans are indeed, selfish, like all the plane
crash survivors telling US how they couldn't care
less that Israeli nazis are openly targeting our
Christian children for murder with their tax
money, as unimportant, to how long they stood on
a plane wing, now approaching it's third day, of
wall to wall coverage. Telling us again of how
Christ saved your life as a lifeless degenerate.
I, as Christ, am really starting to hate all
Americans in total now. How difficult is it to
pick up their phones? They don't, and I'm beginning
to believe it's because, like GCN, they really
don't care for the future of our Humanity being
left for dead as continuing victims to EVIL liars.

Nazi Israel Broke Ceasefire as Satanic:
The Bush Administration and The New York Times v. Amnesty

UN sites shelled with WPh after GPS coordinates given

Livini was reported to say today that, 'every
innocent person targeted by Israeli, as such
driving in ANY car, or on ANY bike, or walking
down the street as then directly murdered, Hamas
will be blamed for. Heil Hitler' Well, I made
that last part up, but do you have the ears to hear
the screams for mercy given by Humanity?, while
this, the evilest of JEW KILLERS in the known
universe, (targeted, and murdered countless Jews
in Lebanon as one example), believes no man or
woman living can speak directly against her wanting
to MURDER even more as ungodly... 'Until the tin
can rockets stop falling on Jews' standing in their
detention centers, or living at the garbage dump
They will rob and kill US all my INNOCENT friends
as LIAR Satanic if you, YES YOU continue to refuse
to support my/our demands for OPEN COMMUNICATIONS
for Justice ourselves. Johnny Dazzler for Coast
to Coast Radio Host!

'Secretary General outraged at shelling of UN building in Gaza'

"I conveyed my strong protest"

Not good enough. Public War crime charges warranting
Death by Jewish firing squad, is what is demanded of
our Humanity. Death to the zionists liar war criminal
enemies of Humanity, instead of US, who they target
for mass murder.

Google have attacked US again as Evil doers..
They have again destroyed my writing with war
criminal intent to deny these truths as men they
could never face me, because they are not. They
STEAL our voices.

They are jewish criminals, not criminals because they are Jewish.


"End the illegal Human occupation of Jewish land in Gaza!"


These war criminals need to be arrested for Murdering
LIES against the lives of every innocent Christian
and Jew. Godless zionist nazi bastards are as evil
as they are dumb. Get every man who defends freedom
truly to hunt down these satanic demon ENEMIES for
thee True Jewish Cause, to ask it why it lies as an
enemy to HUMANITY, to murder innocent others as
evil doing thief to Freedom. A thief of Jews
everywhere to know truly God as Love and Justice.
Not only will Americans celebrate these neocon criminal's
freedom to call for the murder of innocent Christians,
as he does without arrest, "Americans" too, will as
Satanic refuse to hunt the ungodly enemy of the Jewish
faith down as Nazi hunters. No, Americans, cowardly, are
committed to dying with the Nazi Elite, as such
to escape of the Neocon terrorists who participated
in the mass murder of America for more stolen money
as war criminals.


Israeli soldiers say they have OK to KILL Innocent People

Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans'

They'll murder anyone human to steal our homes.


We battle injustice by demanding the public
arrest, and trial for execution of proven
war criminals. Now, who disagrees?

Israeli using Palestinian Kids as Human Shields

Israeli Soldiers using Palestinians as Human Shields

Why do you as an American, refuse to contribute
to Just cause?

These monster enemies of Hillel are inhuman
to their prisoners, prisoners who had their
homes stolen and are denied freedom for being
born to Nazi tyranny. Demand Justice for
yourself as a Human.

Some Serious Evil Jarg in Dishonest Reporting

Forgetting about the truce given to those in
a concentration prison camp? Where they are denied
food and water? In curfew prior to near half the
days of the year, for years? How could they not
to claim such self righteousness? They don't bother
because they'd rather YOU were made innocent victim,
then them, Zionists who would screw you out of a house
called home. Did you know: they openly steal Peoples
homes in that criminal nazi state labeled godly?
Of whom openly thieve? Officially? Yes, and they try
to thieve the title of Jew from the Messiah too,
but I'm not going to a slave prison death camp
for innocent humans, I'm fighting back to demand
open communications to rule true Justice concerned.
Freedom is paramount. 911 perpetrators will be
brought to Justice by King of Jews Johnny Dazzler.


Israeli Murders Officer to make it look better


/ / And we may assume that he was a non-Jewish
member of the IDF, given [...] \ \

Lawless evil doing for neocon lying criminals
really sucks man. Our friends are dying murder
victims. They are robbing our humanity of common

Neocon Enemies of the Jew do not Care for Truth

ElBaradei says Iran’s nuclear program is legal: report

But Neocon enemies of the Jew do not care for Truth.
They lie as enemies to God, on hopes to murder Jews
like they did in Lebanon with millions of land mines.
What kind of "Human" would commit such crimes against
Life? Cheating Liars for Satan Johnny tells YOU.

When Bush asked about his errors in judgement:

/ / you know, could I have done something
differently, like land Air Force One
either in New Orleans or Baton Rouge. \ \

Would have been better PR he means? Likely.
He walks away looking good, your family is
dead, or dying due to criminal neglect for
cash profit. Did I tell you that the private
bankers don't even cover our loans yet?
Trillions given by Americans, now Obama is
asking for more to disappear. THEY DON'T
even tell US what they've done with the
eight trillion already taken. Desperately,
Life Begs, THINK ABOUT THAT. King Johnny
for Coast to Coast radio host.

/ / So what is Ron Paul saying about Ron Paul?
I'd wager, he doesn't know himself, and fears
like FOXNEWS from open debate \ \

Excellent! if I do say so myself.


The Queen Shall side with The Great Nation

You can not hand over a prisoner for the crime
of refusing to commit a war crime. Otherwise,
YOU'D be a war criminal like now Harper is.
A Zionist appeaser. The government of Canada
already decided on this issue, and the vote was
137 Patriot to 110 neoconned bushite dumfuk.
The Iraq War is a war crime. These be demons
that steal our democratic voices, by denying
freedom from a man who's capital offense, is
that he tried to be fair for all parties. See?
War criminals.

The Queen Shall side with The Great Nation of
Canada Vs. S. Harper on this. Ask her.

God Bless the Queen.


/ / destroying Hamas terror infrastructure \ \

As Satanic, they TARGET TO MURDER Christian
School girls, and claim, none on Earth will demand
their public trials for executions as War Crimes
against God, because to the Satanist LIAR, (and
many "American" "Christians") God doesn't exist
within YOU to demand Justice for our Times.
YOU change that.

Evil on Parade

43,000 FoxNews Zionists in America, sign petition
in YOUR INNOCENT BLOOD calling for censorship of
Gaza conflict across all America


Stressing that Israel was "the first to stand
up against pure evil." [See? A zionist Nazi argues
it's good to get killed Jews by breaking truces
with a prison death camp, cause look at all the
free American Welfare money we can steal through
kicking-back AIPAC members in Congress.]

"I demand that the use of images and headlines
that misrepresent current events to the detriment
of the State of Israel be stopped immediately,"
the petition went on. [and the 'judge' judges
anything detrimental misrepresents the constant
LYING nature of the Nazi Zionist thieving pirates
of the Jewish Faith?]

This is detrimental to Zionist war criminals
because it exposes their TRUE EVIL NATURE..

Israeli Forced to Admit in League with Satan

Israeli forced to admitting, it lied as a demon
enemy of Life about tin can rockets falling
into the head of a good Jew, prior to the
Neocon LIAR's ungodly criminal attack for
senseless war against Humanity in the region.
When Jews die, these Zionists really take
everything like bandits., Peace where smarter
People speak freely for Justice? not so good.

The Other Side of the Story!


I Want My Bailout Money by Michael Adams the Health Ranger

Breakdown Dead Ahead


Simple Common Sense for Mankind

/ / Israel has admitted HAMAS kept the cease
fire; and that Israel broke it, then unleashed a
total starvation blockade on Gaza followed by
flaming death from the sky aimed at schools,
hospitals, ambulances, and children, and you
dare call the people opposed to such barbarity
a "mob?" \ \

Zionists are evil people who pretend they
are honest, when lying directly to everyone.
Blitzer reports Hammas broke the truce, he
is lying to continue the murder of innocent
peoples. Understand: Israeli Nazi state they
will continue to murder our innocent Humanity
until the rockets stop falling on Jews. Yet,
they broke the truce, and murder Jews routinely
with reckless abandon. Jews from the Bible as
of "nigger" Ethiopian, are what the Zionist
hate when warring GOD for apartheid, apartheid
that is Humanity in Gaza. A zionist is a war
criminal who speaks not against the neocon,
but against Innocent Humanity as YOUR enemy.

Livni: Gaza truce would give Hamas legitimacy

As they always do because they are dishonorable
murderous nazi thieves of God as Just cause is.
I am, and YOU are, you just maybe don't know it
yet, or if ever. A zionist serves Satan to escape
the neocon terrorists from their ungodly crimes
on 911.


Ron Paul:
US Will Be Rightly Blamed for Israeli Killings

Not the Nazi Israeli?

The guilty party are those who advocate these
mass murderers of innocent peoples with
deliberate lies, like from Blitzer. Blitzer
will be tried, and executed a war criminal
for stating Hamas broke the truce., Where,
only two minutes earlier, he learned, that
it was his Nazi partners. DEATH SENTENCE.
It was on TV. BUT SEE? Ron Paul, the Libertarian,
ain't going to be honest here. He'll lie cheat
and steal Humanity's voice for Justice - like
he did with OUR money. A typical Libertarian
like Alex Jones who wants to blame "socialists",
"Liberals", aka, all of innocent America.
Blitzer is war criminal, who makes his own
discussions. As is Ron. What an enemy to not
mention the truce. THINK: IT IS THE ISSUE. But
Ron plays the dummy to kill more with contempt
for Freedom. Ron Paul, the bigot, asked,
'should we be doing this'? SEE? it's not first
degree mass murders, no, according to Ron Paul,
it's argumentative that indiscriminate mass
killing is a good thing really. Remember,
Ron Paul does not support arresting those
who committed mass murder on 911 either.
Or those who STOLE TRILLIONS. Or lawless Bush,
the ACTUAL AntiChrist enemy of God. Ron Paul
will watch America die for a stolen dollar.
And Alex Jones will refuse all calls to label
him good guy like himself warring order
to our universe for it.

Israel is [NOT?] responsible for these childrens death

Ron Paul "When we pick sides, we make it worse"

He also took our millions donated for freedom
fighting away for his family, but not our own
as dying innocent victims giving. Pick a side.

Remember: Sadistic authoritarian George Noory
is a very real DEMON of Satan, who again,
openly tells US, he wants to murder our
species as the innocent forsaken, and Alex
Jones doesn't hear a problem with that
either. Love the bushite blindly, and
they'll kill US for a dollar sukka.

Alex Jones is like the retarded brother we
can't help but love because we're human. He
is still retarded. And George Noory is still
seriously evil as a traitor to the cause of
Freedom in America. And Ron Paul is still
slamming Ron Paul.

Ron Paul "Israel can not act without
Washington's approval"

So, it is Ron's fault then by not mentioning
the truce?, or as that, innocent People are being
indiscriminately murdered in a death camp that
he figures is argumentative? that innocent
People are dying as targeted for mass genocide?
Or is it the Ron who states YOU are to blame
instead of himself for being there, not saying
anything? HEY RON! Can you hear me now!


Contribute to our rise for the popular will

Alex Thomson shuts-up Israeli spokesman!

Wow. The demon LIAR will also say Hammas broke
the truce, and Israeli started this by stealing
innocent peoples homes, then imprisoning
ourselves, the victims, in a death camp for
indiscriminate slaughter. While they STEAL OUR
CHARITY. What is it that YOU can't picture?

Hi. My name is King Johnny.



/ / The targeting of civilians, whether
by Hamas or Israel, is a war crime. \ \

They are targeted by Obama who suggests
there is an argument to be made here. There
isn't. Nazi Israeli DEMON LIARS broke the
truce to kill Jews for money. They are godless
enemies of Humanity. So it isn't that we are
pro-Palestinian, it is that we are pro-Human.
Zionists DESERVE to die, before US, the innocent,
they target for murder for stolen cash gain.
Like Obama has promised to do for AIPAC. But
what about the rest of US 6 billion plus Obama?
Who is it of US innocent folks do you wish to
MURDER, or torture next as a Zionist war criminal
for Satan Obama? Torturing kids is popular in
Israel, tell US Obama, which American father will
have his children tortured, or murdered
sadistically by yourself as a whore for Nazi
Israeli? tell us, we're not waiting.

The Chosen Bad Example

Zionists Destroy Our Homes as Satanic

When I see the women and her child, left outside
while they sadistically destroy her meager gains,
I grow weary with ourselves for not speaking right.
Nazi Israeli are committed to deny US our God given
rights as Innocent persons to speak freely for Justice
realized. All because they STEAL our Lives for monetary
gain. It is our reality, give it or take it, YOU LOSE.

Then.. Hammurabi founded Civilization.

I go concerned for any hesitations of condemnation by
Obama. It's like, he's talking some jive about
how now he'll NOT let the words of Hamas reach
his ears. Being against war criminals, doesn't make
you pro-Hamas, necessarily, it means your against
war crimes to defend the lives of ourselves respected.
Remember: He told US earlier during the campaign that
he wouldn't fear speaking to anyone, Hamas especially,
because he was confident he could win the discussion on
Liberty, by principles that unite all free men. Now,
he has promised the FBI's Most Wanted AIPAC, he will
pretend to not hear any calls for fairness as all
parties united by common cause. Johnny Who? Where did
you go Obama? You were here, then.. pooof! you
vanished into the loving shackles of convicted/ing
criminals is a mass, "WE ARE TRAITORS TO JUST CAUSE"
organized war crime outfit, dedicated to deceiving the
Public by lying. I am not Lying. I'm not saying I hold
his associations as a measure of himself, I am concerned
with him stating, he will not hear our cries for Justice,
as then AIPAC cheered. I was as freaked out about it as
you maybe yourself now, believing it as possible. Check it
out for yourself, and wonder, just "who" is this person
they tell us they're are going to take for as dying fools?
I mean look at what happened to what's his name, when he
sided similarly the same in error as hugely criminal? Come
on be honest with us son, "Are you on drugs?". Maybe he's
just been stressed with all of everything he is heaped
to follow on, NOT to know by Blitzer, that Israeli broke
the truce to kill more Jews for money, and, also STEAL
innocent Peoples Homes while saying, "they are God's
Chosen". Yeah, chosen for, "The Bad Example", of how
Jews are left undefended by these grave robbing war
criminal nazi forces. As the King of Jews, I call for
Public War Crimes trials of the entire bushmob as
terrorists, and their supporters for lawless tyranny.

People are Coming to Town. Justice for All Coast
to Coast radio broadcasts all, until we have secured
the neocons in a prison cell awaiting the treason trials.

We are Good to Go. Rise Up for innocent Life,
or don't and see where it'll get you in the end.


Nazi Israeli STEAL Peoples Homes without
apology, as a function of their SATANIC
government, while collectively bombing the
INNOCENT victims who die because of it.

Gaza 2009 - Operation Cast Lead

Again, they are Satanic here because
they THREAT to tell you, yeah, Zionists
are casting the leads for the real mass
murder scenes - Justice denied Humanity.
God doesn't exist to defend yourselves
from war criminals for Satan.

War crimes trials with public executions
will commence against ever GUILTY zionist
living to lie that Hamas broke the truce,
that Georgia was attacked without provocation,
(again, CNN are not 'accidentally' conning
US here). And trials for every last living
bushite bomber, rapist, and torturer -
death to the bushite, the true traitors who
war against freedom for America, traitors who
war Innocent Humanity for the escape of the
neocon zionists.


Both parties cheerlead loudly for Israel's war Against Humanity

Death sentences MUST be willed by Christians for war crimes.
Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of God and Man.


For the Great Truths. We Stand United

/ / This option is also regarded
as a non-runner as the US would certainly veto that
suggestion. \ \

No no no no. What you do is investigate who this
the "US" person is as the GUILTY party my friends.
The facts have spoken for ourselves without contention.
And while we're at it, try to figure who that "Army
says.." person is too, we need to know who these
traitors are who hide their names backing war crimes
to continue. The Enemies of Civility, they are
enemies of US all my innocent friends, enemies of US

white phosphorus shells on Gaza

listen to the inflection of voice near the end of this..
the mind of a delinquent 7 or 8 year old.. This phenomenon
is pervasive, and illustrates some cognizant short coming in
Calcium or Zinc somethings. However, IT IS THERE. Normally, as
an Expert on Psychiatry, I dismiss the whole notion of
Psychiatry as I intimately know it as pure bunk wacky,
however the study of something here is needed if we're
ever going to convince ourselves dying indiscriminately
this way sucks. As the innocent for profit we pay for,
with lies sold without Public defense of mass murdering
demon traitors to the cause of US falling victims. God
says their Satanic, I just say they are criminals. War
criminals easily convicted for murdering our loved families.
They have no remorse for all that have been murdered
already.. Livini should be on her knees begging our
forgiveness, but she's not because she couldn't care
less for any Jews, especially those she don't have
imprisoned under threat in Israeli 'society'.

It's a 'bad' thing. nnNo.

Israel bomb attack Gaza Civils Palestinians 27/12/2008 launches
missile attacks on 27 Dec 08

This was what Israeli did as a legitimate murder
scene, committed after the Nazi Israeli Jew HATERS
broke the truce. More dead Jews, more money to be
rich with. and we'll blame it on that God nonsense.
We must demand war crimes trials from Obama, and
everyone else down there who is appalled at this
indiscriminate mass murder continuing in your name.
We need arrests of Zionist infiltrators within
the American military who have been shipping
weapons to nazi Israeli to murder more defenseless
innocent People as targeted. Obama must demand
death sentences against these ungodly Zionist
vermins for treason, warranting execution for the
war crimes of accessory to mass murder, or genocide.
For the Great Truths. We Stand United.


Here on a Mission

/ / after dropping leaflets warning residents it was
about to "escalate" its offensive against Hamas. \ \

SEE! This is AFTER fire bombing the whole community.
Satanic evil enemies of Life. Who admit to targeting
any one who has ever so much as swept our streets,
warranting bombs dropped on their Block(s). SEE! they

Riddle me Dumb

Hamas Workers and/or Troops? Out hiding in the mountains
of Afghanistan you mean right? Satanic enemies of all
Humanity I tell you. The most evil nazi sons-of-bitches
who openly advocate tyranny and oppression through mass
murder of ourselves as the innocent left targeted
defenseless. Enemies of Jews everywhere, the Zionist
cares not for facts on who's Life it destroys for stolen
gain by lying. That's why they target Jews, for fear the
Light of Truth would expose them as the Nazis they are.
It's a prison death camp, brought about by Israeli STEALING
OUR Homes as ungodly thieves. Thieves who leave a Jew
to starve to death in a garbage dump because, it'll
attract more charitable aid The Zionist can use
elsewhere. It's not a Jewish thing, it's a criminal
matter. They STEAL innocent Peoples Homes in that
country. God's Country? God would will such criminal
offense? Which God? Not the God of Abraham, nor by
the teachings of Hillel, Christ, Mohammad, or
Confusion? So which absent God do you speak where WE
can't speak as ourselves openly for Just Cause?
Cat got your tongue? How come your not saying anything?
The Israeli Zionist ENEMY wants US ALL in slave
labor prison death camps silenced away that's why!

Israeli War Crimes

Well, maybe I'm wronger on Ron Paul than I needed to.
Hey, don't you EVER forget, I am a man also. We need
to meet on common grounds, to demand the start of
formal arrests for the bushmob crimes of 911, Iraq,
Afghanistan, South Osettia, and Palestine, as a group
together united by agreement for this one cause, and
then... we can later argue about how your ideas are
better than mine because I actually know of which
your speaking.. Hey! you could call me Daddio if you
wanted! To the telephones we go.


Israeli are attacking prisoners held criminally
in their own Death Camps!! GET ALEX JONES ON THIS!

Hmm... why wouldn't Alex? to support his fictions
over Our Rights to Live Free perhaps? A Hero adapting
to the deaths scene?, or, a Bush whore committed to
enslaving Humanity, all so he can say, he told US so.
Big hero or big hero. Your NOT powerless to his vision
of complete control over information. He refuses 911
info, Iraq war info, Israeli info. All so he doesn't
have to look the fool, while Humanity dies with his
insults against our wills to make something better
of ourselves. Justice is what I will. Masturbate on
your own time Mr. Alex Jones.

If he states again about how he knows everything,
and is always right, and those that criticize
him on ANYTHING are delusional, it's going about to
make everyone further sick with this obscene take on
what life means as Alex takes it. If I truly state
two nickels make a dime, does that mean therefor
they make a quarter also? If I say so like Alex
would? He is an idiot. Truly. George Noory figures
Hamas broke the truce, and that the Mideast solution
is that Jews should be separated with special rights,
as oppressors over the freedom of every Palestinian
Prisoner, and what's Alex Jones gonna say about
his 'truth telling freedom fighter' George to actual
'lame ass evil nazi traitor' George?, to YOU about
how George is just trying to murder millions of
helpless people as an offer for the final solution?
We can expect Alex now to claim, Zionists should
have special rights over Jews, all to maintain
his FICTIONS on Noory being anything but the
monster to Humanity he is. Just because Noory
doesn't growl when talking about murdering all
children in around the age of 15, or against
soldiers who refuse criminal orders, does still
make him a true fascist nazi enemy laughing at
your murderers escaping to live freedom in
our dying forsaken worlds. The bushmob doctored
the NIE. Conned Congress, and Soldiers. Did 911,
by closing criminal FBI investigations immediately.
Alex and George don't seem to want US to know
these FACTS that demands arrests of the culprits
responsible for high treason against Johnny's
America. Now, who's with yourself. I am! I am!
I am!

Alex Jones doesn't know squat of Social Security, but
pretends he does, like Ron Paul does when speaking
of the Federal Reserve, Health Care, IMF, World Bank
blahblahblah.. I mean even the expert of experts
Alex has on near twice a week, EVERY WEEK, to talk
all about how the Illuminati are doing everything,(give
me your money now for whatever), DOESN'T SAY TO KNOW,
it was Chris Cox who changed Investment Banker rules,
to cover instead one tenth of WORLD INCOME loans,
even a fifth of the TRUE trillions dollar fraud story.!)
Now, granted, I wouldn't expect one tenth of one percent
of America to have even a distant clue of which I am
speaking, but importantly, Alex's expert of experts has
never mentioned it. EVER. Why? He don't give a fuck, but
how much money he can get you to give him for investing
in things that are un-important to our struggles, but
for the fact, he states, you'll get free money for
nothing!! OUR ACTUAL PROBLEM. It reminds me of those
Ron Paul dollars... where Ron'll fix everything, cause
we, as a private company, are going to make YOUR money
instead... holy fuk mon.. Talk about the kettle calling
American racists. Thank God the FBI stepped in. (The
answer unfortunately is not nowhere as easy as Alex
would blindly lead you) - again, so I guess it will be,
Americans were just too far gone as illiterate
chauvinists, who cared too little for your freedom as
themselves degenerating. Why? To battle tyranny they
knew not Justice wins the day, and blamed innocent
groups gathered wherever, instead of following the crime
scene leads at the real murder scenes - like was once
done on TV and at the Movies. But even that was too
far above their doped down heads, to raise their finger
to dial a phone number.

How about stating "A lawless bushite enemy wars America
as a traitor, to escape the neocons from the crimes of 911."

Then Alex states the head of GCN is giving out gold
at less than it's value as a special treat, every
second or third week. Below wholesale. Now, really
think this thru. Do you think Alex is trying to con
you here? you bet. That is the Gold Racket. Diamonds
are another thing - where I've personally seen,
about a decade ago, a huge press that makes Diamonds
out of coal. Swear to God it's true. Costs to make
diamonds are pennies to the thousands paid to Zionists
who live in Israel calling for the murder of all
innocent Peoples. Where is the rich Zionist, grave
robbing Jew hater to demand Justice for our times?
Where? Pressing coal into diamonds, while advocating
the murder of our entire Human species. THEY WANT
last known to Life's enemies as Jesus Christ, the
Zionist's end every time. I'll have brought more
Zionists to their rightful dooms, than any other,
of any time, anywhere. I HATE Zionist bushite LIARS
to death, all because I Love Humanity too much, to
watch US die undefended as the innocent forsaken.
They can change their evil ways, but till now, often
not, benefiting off our suffering as war criminals
who simply lie as demons to steal our Human values.
Let's change this for our betterments. I mean the
Halo is a dead give away..

The head of GCN has a son warring God to rape American
women as lawless enemy in Iraq for the Neocon - again
NEVER mentioned as something worth fighting against for
Freedom in America - soldiers are suppose to REFUSE
criminal orders - but not when Alex is at the mike.
He will never mention the Bushmob doctoring the NIE
to con America for death as exampled, because it
doesn't fit his fictions, where all the bad guys
escape because they are geniuses headed by secrets
so powerful, nobody can ever know'em, except Alex.
He tells us near every day, he knows everything
already, and is never wrong, therefore you can't
criticize him. Bullshit. It's like he wants to be
wise like Johnny Gawd is, without doing anything like
studying for a test where the teacher actually does
know the issues. He told US today, the British came
up with concentration camps, from the Indians - who
spent all their lives murdering themselves. The
British 'invented' false imprisonment? The British
came up with the, Jews Killed Jesus? The British
invented Pope Gregory VII? I suppose Alex has never
heard of Ghettos. SEE? he just pulls shit out of
his ass, and calls it like it's truly pure gold you'd
wanna buy. Those, like your typical American have
no clues, so they figure, Life must be sorta so that
History is all one big Alex Jones NWO cartoon. What?
that the NWO did 911, and everything else that use
to instead, require criminal investigations to nab
the actual evil doers? Alex Jones IS the NWO he tells
US all we should be concerned about never stopping,
like it was in the DARK AGES. Justice Alex, why is
that hard for you as a "Conservative" to figure? Is
it because you are cowardly in the face of true
Liberty? Afraid that some People, on some Issues,
ACTUALLY know a great deal better than you could
even imagine presently? Don't like that do you?, where
you don't rule this Universe as a lawless tyrant
desperate to live in an illusion at the expense of
everyone else dying victims to censorship? Does he try
to find wise men or women? rarely. "Ron Paul [MUST]
leads our truth movement" - like, fuck off already
with the Ron Paul, The Truther, Bullshit Alex Jones.
1% is what YOU get on Social Security deposits - 1%.
And.. Bush stole 700 billion. 700. Billion. That's 700
BILLION. It's a "Trust" account. A "Trust" Account. It's
being held in "Trust" Alex. Ron Paul is asleep at the
wheel. As, so are the rest of all you other fools..
I want Justice, and I want it now for all the victims
of 911. Americans be damned, we want Justice, and We
want it Now.

In Texas, child rapists are given the right to
freely move about without fear that Texans will stand
as armed Men in defense of their very own offspring.
And Alex wants this for the rest of America. That some
how to own a gun, means an American would kill a cop
who beat a women near to death for pleasures that
he could never be Publicly arrested for, as a
sadistically evil nazi bushite fuck. Look, if YOU DID
kill that particular DEMON COP after the Chief
refused to arrest him, you couldn't possibly go to
jail in Johnny's America, because the truth would win
out in a fair verdict. And REAL cops would honor you
with great big, thank you. Nothing worse than a
cop (or bushite grunter) who believes the Law doesn't
apply to him while he drives drunk, tazers someone for
nothing, abuses Women, or kids, to sell drugs, or
kills good cops, who are good men. (Like mercs do in
Iraq officially for Rumsfeld's P2OG. Coming to an
American city near you!)

Again, the two Laws of Johnny:

1. No evidence, person innocent.

2. Torture? fuk you and die then

"Rice says it is 'hard' for Israel to spare civilians in Gaza"

We KNOW they are ONLY targeting innocent People,
the ungodly zionist Satanic enemies say so..

"Israel Rejected Hamas Cease-Fire Offer in December"

Livni has declared her country "is not going to show restraint"

"Her" country?

It's like she's admitting here, that they DO NOT
target the IDF's Hamas, but only our innocent lives
as a threat to LIFE and GOD. Remember: the Zionist
LIARS broke the truce.


/ / So, Hamas decides it's time to end the
cease fire and has begun shelling Israel again. \ \

This guy even sounds like the Satanic false
accusing enemy of God he is. Let US, as Humanity,
hunt these real devils down, try them, and have
them executed publicly for the benefit of God and
Man. Understand: this REAL DEMON knows he's lying,
no living man on Earth could spew the vile lies he
does to excuse indiscriminate mass murder, or starvation,
as this Zionist enemy of life sells to STEAL Your
HOME, your Family, YOUR LIFE. An open enemy of God
trying to STEAL the Title of Jew from Christ. EVIL
ENEMY OF LIFE. See, when a bushite dies, you served
Life well in defending their next INNOCENT target.
Zionist FOR THIS TREASONOUS LIE. Why God asks? Because
there isn't any evidence to support that Satanic lie.
According to the FBI. And according to God, Zionists
are not Jews, but of Satan as enemies of every life
form in this Galaxy, Hunt him down, and bill him
today for the love of God. You can 'hear' it in his
voice.. how he lies TO YOU as a DEMON of a Hatred
for Truth and Humanity. Facts, that are easily
available, are not what he works to mislead others,
others he hates, and wishes to murder for as ungodly
sadistic pleasures as YOUR enemy. Bill him under
American law for being pro-torture too while we're
at it. Death to bushite, death to the murdering
enemies of God's Love for Mankind, and enemies of
TRUE Justice for Americans. The fuking demon enemy
lies to you, as a con to STEAL your life, or just
as soon, the life of another innocent other. Now,
what are you going to do about it? Except his lies
as exceptable, as he tries his hardest blatantly
LYING to kill God and Justice in our Worlds? Not
in mine, but perhaps Yours.

' In Civil-Contempt Cases, Jail Time Can
Stretch On for Years for Americans, without Ever
seeing a day in Court. '

Where are the arrests?, then firing squads for
the Judges who 'judged' such criminality against
freedom for US, the Peoples in America?

' Where Did Taxpayer Money Go? Panel Slams Treasury

Where are the arrests?, they stole eight trillion
and counting.. And Congress 'slams' them for
disappearing OUR MONEY. Slams with what?, a,
don't do that again please butt sqeeze? It should
be massive slammer time, with a return of all
STOLEN monies.

' THEREFORE, those pro-Israel politicians in Congress
won their seats in part using stolen money. '

Where are the arrests? Amerikan bushite nazi grunts
are assisting in the mass murder of innocent Christians
in Palestine. War crimes demanding death sentences. It
isn't an argument that can be turned around. Nazi Israeli
STEAL Peoples Homes without apology, as a function of
their SATANIC government, while colectively bombing the
INNOCENT victims who die because of it. It's a prison
camp! they are denied water, food, shelter.. since four
or five truces over that they've broken, every one. These
are Satanic enemies, willing War Crimes against God,
a God NOT loved by zionist American Nazis. And a Son
as powerful as the four winds, ridiculed by Zionists,
and American know nothings, for the continued debasement
of YOUR soul worth here dying.

Israel Attacks Iran News Station

Why does not Iran DEMAND arrests, and death sentences
for these blatant war crimes against Humanity committed
by Amerikan Nazi Israeli Zionists? Along with the
perpetrators of 911? WHYWHYWHYWHY. Russians! Can you
help US out?



Rise up for Justice American Christian, or
die innocent victim the Son of God does say.


Pictures of Alex Jones masturbating
"we were right about it all."

It's the NWO! The Illuminati! Not Bush, Cheney,
Neocons Gone Wild, or any of many other REAL
criminals, for the war criminals are just
puppets to his EVIL fictions. Forget about
Bush escaping.. Socialists who design traffic
lights, and Liberals who will to share fairly are
Alex's enemy, because he's fearful the FACTS
would escape his denouncements against truth
tellers. George Noory, one of the most despicable
individuals on the face of our great Earth
- is exactly the kinda guy he wants returned
to send his wannabe Patriots nowhere but to die.
What about Justice America? The bushmob doctored
the NIE. TREASON. There is video of iron flowing
like water from the towers, seconds prior to
the collapse. Alex ain't there to help US, for
that is where TRUE Patriots fight for real
Justice. When WE phone with indisputable facts,
on Ron Paul the bush whore sell-out for example,
he lies to all (GOD), then hangs up on US. Is
that the kinda freedom you think the Founding
Fathers had in mind to give Your rights to
speak for Alex who blames anyone but the
criminals directly responsible for your
funeral? The private banker never covers our
loans, so why give them trillions without
questions offered without answered as, never
mentioned by the guy who is 'right all along
on everything under the sun', and.. he 'rules
the Ocean of truth' too don't you know YOU have
a steak going all rotten to hell here also?
You'd think Alex would take our call just for
the challenge on where we stand? I'm free!

He is not. And George Noory tells us openly, he's
into killing innocent kids for profit. George's
profit is that apparently, by murdering all
children in around the age of 15, will stop them
from getting a clue at anytime in the future,
to take him out as an ENEMY of EVERYONE for
censoring our cries for Justice. Why is it that
Alex would invite obstructionist, Steve Quail,
or Alan Watt, on to lead you nowhere while they
jerk off, but where we gotta go to actually defend
ourselves? Steve has been on with Noory more
than a hundred times, and, we'd figure, Alex will
soon be delving into the Alien questions also.
Answerable by me in seconds, but ahhh.. like Noory,
doesn't want the truth of such a subject uttered,
just endless streams of illiterate bushite dumfuk
losers sucking on each other. While they wrest
from US the wonder; just why we can't stop
criminals from robbing ourselves, while murdering
our families? Alex wants to blame the unstoppable
NWO, while I, want to blame those actually
responsible, like Bush and the proven treasonous,
Neocon terorist liars who are pro-torture.
With arrest warrants. All of them. I'll do it for
Reagan's, War Crimes Act, as an act of respect
for my Great America, that's isn't always been
dying dead wrong under the leaderships of

Israel hits Gaza after UN truce resolution

/ / AP Israel and Hamas responded to a UN peace
demand by hammering away at each other with bombs \ \

The IDF's Hamas is hammering away with what at who?
Is the AP referring to the tin can rockets that
travel usually several miles, but in one case,
22 miles? To kill a Jew standing outside in his
yard, thinking on how he would defeat true evil in
his time? Tin can rockets that contain no explosive
charge? Have no mistake, if it hits you in the head,
your dead, but really, what do you think the odds
are on that? E=mc². Or is this another, amerikan
past time, of, who cares for the facts, we are at
war with God and Christ now? Joe is an American Zionist
"Plumber", who has amassed a multi-million dollar
fortune in the competitive industry by shit eating.
Every bushite death is a mercy given to God in defense
of all that is right and Just in this Universe. A
lawless bushite enemy wars America as a traitor to
escape the neocons from the crimes of 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Now or Never - One Peoples Rise to Power

J. Wizard "The fact that Bush gave you zero evidence can not be



Traitors to the Cause

Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression.

UN: Israel Admits Claims About Attacked School Baseless

US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

House and Senate Compete To See Who Can be Most Pro-Israel

This warrants the Death Sentence to Republicans
who have committed America to these war crimes
- DEATH SENTENCES. Christ DEMANDS these trials
to start tonight on America's Coast to Coast
radio program. It's called first degree mass

Israel broke the truce on Nov. 4th, yet state they
will continue to murder Humanity indiscriminately
until a truce can be found that they will break,
as always, Being the Satanic enemies of God and Man
according to the Bible:

The Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

/ / UN Call for investigation into shelling of
Civilian shelter \ \

Investigate that evil does exist in the thieving
LIAR name of godless Zionism? The enemies of God
and Jews everywhere?


Freedom Granted by Americans for Neocon Liberators

"Americans are having their heads velcroed to chairs
and forced to take in nutritional supplements by a
tube forcibly inserted through their noses by US guards."

These are People not charged with any criminal
offense don't forget. Die bushite die you know is
what I recommend, as does Reagan. A dead bushite
means you've saved the life of their next victim,
an Innocent Human Being guilty of no crimes. The
war criminal enemy is the bushite, the Zionist,
the LIAR neocon traitor to Life as this Universe,
along with every dumfuk grunt who serves tyranny
for the bushmob at Guantanamo, Iraq, or Afghanistan.
It is a soldier's oath to obey lawful orders only,
but Cheney they don't take out with American Law -
how come? cowardly fascist nazi whores for Zionism's
evil as the ungodly that's why. Cowards dying for
the escape of the Neocons from the 911 scene as
reported publicly. - Vs. US. That's we whoever
you are.

Widespread Suffering and Death

Notice no one shoots at the blimp fire bombing the
entire neighborhoods. And if it's phosphorous, that
smoke is already deadly toxic. That is why it warrants
the Death Sentence under International Law when used
against OUR Humanity, as the most evil of Nazi War
Crimes ever. The neoCON LIARS are the LIARS conning
you here on our TVs and Radio dramas, in where, they
don't want to openly take our public calls for real
Justice. Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression. So,
them being "puppets" is even all the reason more to
insist in their capture for trial by Jury. A Public
Jury of our Peers. Now, who's in with You? You can
count me in. and I bet willed to action, we will find
others to be something of ourselves too.. Justice
and Liberty for All. Equal rights given is what true
freedom is as measured. Translated from the 'Alien'
dialectic to Amereeze jank vibe; where is the fucking
evidence here Neocon traitors who false accuse to lead
us off the straight and narrow? It leads to Bush,
Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Condi that's why I figure, you
figure, they figure, we figure, so... what are WE
going to do about this sacrificing for godless tyranny
further then as unrepresented?

Gaza Mosque Struck as Targeted by Israel Air Force 1 Jan. 2009
(Why so you may wonder they've had this string going
now where a secondary something, then there! that proves
something absolutely apparently, without the intellect
to fairly judge anything, particularly themselves honestly
as dishonorable thieves and murderers, targeting prisoners
held hostage to their own camps. Death camps. Nazis are

Humans for Coast to Coast Radio Hosts as Frequent
contributers to the mention of Justice by name. Your
Rights, Your Word, Your Future, Your Life, This World.
Join me in proclaiming victory over the enslavement
of Humanity, through Justice realized as practiced.

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!

Views: 1,212,890

Israel Facts the Media Isn't Telling You

Views: 358,960

Maybe we know it, but we just don't know it yet?


Israel Attacks Jews,
Silence from Mainstream about Violation of Law

They kill Jews for money. They bombed Jews in Lebanon
for money. They want to bomb the HUGE sacred Jewish
communities in Iran.. wonder why? Zionists are not
Jews, for Jews don't steal in God's good name. Nor
target innocent beings for stolen gains. A zionist is
a thief to life, and as such, needs to be formally
charged for their criminal offenses, given lawyers,
and upon a successful prosecution, rot in a prison
cell and/or pay restitutions. YES. why? so not another
innocent person must fall in their place as next
victim to a zionist's public commitment to lawless
tyranny for evil intentions.

Johnny for Coast to Coast Radio Host


Israel Phones 'Terrorists' Before they Bomb Homes

Didn't the Nazis say something like, they weren't
there to take out Hamas directly? Well, after all,
it was founded by the Zionist IDF, so I guess that
must be why they target our children instead..

UN: "Israel knew they were bombing a school"

/ / The hospital, and other smaller hospitals and
clinics were previously shelled by the Israeli
warplanes and tanks, stressed Hassanein. He
also denied Israeli claims that medicine and
medical supplies had arrived to Gaza hospitals. \ \

The Zionist is a thief of Life as our enemy.

IDF VLOG UPDATE: IDF Hits Dozens of Hamas Terrorists
- Capt. Benjamin Rutland - 4 Jan. 2009

This Zionist enemy of God speaks like a six year old.
"Hamas Terrorists", "4. Jan.", come on now, how evil
do you have to be to believe this ungodly demon sells
you righteousness. They STEAL our food. They are OUR
criminal enemies who torture innocent Peoples. A
godless criminal enemy who also steals Peoples Homes.
And drops millions of land mines to murder Jews
indiscriminately for decades. Commits war crime after
war crime against Humanity. Vile bile.

They killed our innocents, and unless we kill
theirs, they will go on killing ours.”

It is the crime of which they demand WE are outraged
against. Welcome to Humanity's suffering world due to
lacking communications skill. The term "they" are
referring to is YOU. Your innocent life Israeli
intend TO STEAL, TO MURDER, TO ROB YOU Your rights
here granted by God. These are ungodly acts of mass
murder, perpetrated by enemies of Life. They targeted
a UN Girl School for Christ's sakes. please fight back
by supporting my calls for open international dialog.
Justice must win our Freedoms back, for there is no
other lazy TV'ed ass, pop a pill to make it all go
away, plan 'b'. Look at me! I'm not crazhey! We can
handle this no prob.. I'm a perfect King for these
times of wonder and horror. equal rights are found
through open communications for a measured Justice
we do contain. Evil is the deceived disguised. And
i am a god... on a mission.. Ladies?


The Appropriate Response To Islamic Terror

/ / an Orthodox Jewish Russian immigrant \ \

Let US never forget, the Zionists also would bomb
some locations, then later, drop the warnings
for the Jews to run for their lives. Didn't warn
them though if they get into a car or truck they would
be destroyed instantly by the Zionist flying the
America paid for Apache. I did a big show of shows
through that continued as, more 'un-resolved' crime
scenes perpetrated by the treasonous, neocon Zionist
terror merchants. It's like they think some dying
fools are going to keep going to save'em in the end
from ourselves as still suffering in Justice denied
as enslaving into ungodly tyranny eh? These Zionists
are not only the bad guys, but they're bad guys to
even the bad guys as there is no found honor among
murderous thieves. A Zionist will kill a Zionist for
a stolen nickel, as do bushites today. Hey! it's only
Your Life in the balance. Or are you one of those
who goes in America, it's okay, we're only murdering
innocent folks who don't live in Israel.

Doing what's right and just, or evil as dumb is
Your riddle. Get back to US on that.

We need People are Equals Power!

President and CEO of Shareware Earth Co.
King Johnny Wizard at your service me Lord.


/ / It is just unacceptable to apply two standards of
morality, one for Jews and another for non-Jews.
For if what Israel is doing in Gaza is right, as
Israel and her supporters maintain, then what the
Nazis did in Europe several decades ago must have
been right as well. And vice versa. \ \

The ungodly zionist enemies, are enemies of
God and Man. Don't think the NAZI Zionist like
Bolton doesn't know this, with his friends at
FoxNews.They WANT to rape, murder, and pillage
America all her freedoms for the bounties of
private banker frauds. The banker does not
ever cover our loans, we do. So, why give them
trillions of American worker waged dollars for
nothing?. THEY DON'T COVER LOANS. See? that is
what this war against God is all about. People
of Humanity just seem to truly hate a guy like
US as wise and Just. See, people hate US, because
they can't for their lives disagree with Facts.
Why won't YOU support these same rights and
champion our demands for open communications.
Johnny for Coast to Coast radio host.

US Again Stops UN Call for Gaza Truce

Who is this the "US" person?, and let's
put him to death with Bolton and Kalilazad
for the most serious of war crimes against
OUR Humanity. Remember, Bolton was NEVER
confirmed because, the Zionist could find
no man or woman to say a single kind thing
about him. FACT.

CNN: The Nazis Broke The Ceasefire!

Protest pictures from around the world (not on CNN)

Remember Israeli nazis to this day, insist as
DEMONIC LIARS, Hamas broke the truce - as Hamas
is responsible when they target school girls for
slaughter. They said the UN were secretly attacking
Jews, clearly a LIE as impossible to prove because
it didn't happen. But facts are the furthest thing
away from the godless false accuser Zionist con man
or demon witch LIAR like Livini. FoxNews calls the
demon witch a Jew! ANTISEMITES.

We can witness, Americans do not have the intellect
to understand what this means. See, LIAR Nazi Israeli
broke the truce to get killed Jews for money. A
regular fair for Nazi Israeli. Now, they state they
will continue to indiscriminately murder humanity
until the tin can rockets that travel miles stop
killing Jews who hate Zionists. But importantly,
it is Israel that wants Jews to die, so they can
make off as Satanic with our stolen values. Just
like the Bush family did with Hitler, that the
Nazi Nation has no probs working gun in hand to
wipe out Jews everywhere still to this day. Again,
Nazi Israeli MURDERED JEWS in Lebanon as targeted.
And leave Jews to starve to Death in Israel for
more charitable aid they can use elsewhere. Public
knowledge not disputed by any living soul on this
planet because, the Zionist government admits freely
to this. Israeli think being Satanic is worth it,
for all the money and lives they can steal as enemies
to Christ, Hillel, Mohammad, YOU, blahblahblah.

And, as demonic thieves, they steal homes from
innocent god loving folks. US. But see the McCainiac
HATES you as being a virtuous man or women, so they
call for more indiscriminate carnage against Humanity,
on failed hopes, that we as God are not going to come
down to hunt them to the ends of this earth, try them,
and have them executed for the war crimes of Torture,
Rape, and mass murders committed for the neocons
escape of 911.

Joe the Plumber to cover Gaza op

/ / Wurzelbacher says he'll spend 10 days covering
the fighting and explaining why Israeli forces
are mounting attacks against Hamas. \ \

Don't want an intellectual who might have a clue
of what is transpiring with the forces of Satan,
fuk, CNN'll likely hire him also. Don't you just
hate this treasonous lying nazi demon? He has no
journey man's license, never did, isn't a plumber,
and doesn't have the millions of dollars he claimed
he did to purchase a company that would have rolled
over 250,000.00 a year for himself alone plumbing.
Plumbers, as good as the job is, never generate that
kind of money. Who cares though, right? A Nazi liar
is what Zionist's want, and that is what America gets.
TV'ed Americans couldn't care much less. Evil nazi
McCainiac who's sworn existence, is to con teen soldiers
for death to raise the fortunes on the un-elected
Neocon bushmobsters now fancies himself a teacher
on the struggles against evil. It's like that faggot
at anotheruntoldstory.com, who's into murdering innocent
Gays, while fucking his own brothers up the ass, who
runs ads everyday at GCN, tells US now, all about how
evil we all are for demanding Justice. How long do you
think that'll run with the Alex Jones towners still
raising no concerns? It's for the money as Ron Paul
would say.. Again, it is to divide ourselves from
true liberty, by demonizing the innocent on our radio
and tv channels. Instead of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,
and Condi.


Loading Image...

Read of the bushite in my America who call this work
of Satanic enemies, a good thing they support to
war terrorism for the sadistically evil liars of the
neocon. Then KNOW my friends, a bushite is the enemy
of every living soul on this planet. Have no love for
those in the Air Force, the enemies of Man who bomb
our families without excuse, but to know, they hate
US as Christ to speak free for Humanity. That DEMON
George Noory was so happy last night about all the
good the bankers AND CHENEY are doing for their hatred
they spoke of for all Russians. SEE? not to protect
America, but to kill you with their true commitment
to the demonization of innocent people, all to escape
the neocon terrorists. I HATE George Noory more than
anyone alive in America. He is so openly evil to ourselves,
that only those who wished to lie to you, (like Alex
Jones does about Ron Paul), would say otherwise as
bushite dumfuk enemies. Cowards committed to escaping
Bush and Cheney for treason against Freedom. They
doctored the NIE on Iraq, highest of war criminality.
Alex Jones has never mentioned it, but for MAYBE in
passing. Hey because all the bad guys are just puppets
to ignore over the elites, globalists, socialists,
liberals, gays maybe, Blacks, Mexicans, and anybody
else smarter than NWOer Alex. Ron Paul is a coward as
rarely if never has a clue of which he is speaking on.

Israeli PM says to end offensive if Gaza ends rocket attacks

Sarkozy urges Syria to press Hamas for Gaza truce

How does the ungodly get away with this obscenity?
Nobody can deny Nazi Israeli broke the truce, as
they always have done as Satanic for the last 60
years. Killing Jews for money is popular with the
Zionist Nazis don't you know us by now? FoxNews CONNED
Americans for DEATH with the unmentioned, TREASONOUS
doctoring of the NIE. To kill Americans for more
neocon gains, which Alex Jones never mentions either.
Do Americans even care enough to raise Humanity's
call? Do they demand public executions of sadistic
godless Zionist torturers? as the Standing Law of
America - The War Crimes Act - brought to be
by Reagan - DEMANDS by the Law of America? It is the
Law after all, yet, CNN, CBC, and FoxNews calls the
perpetrators of the most heinous evil against Mankind,
heroes. America is
a nation of godless cowards willing to die murdering
innocent Christians in Israel, all for the profits
of the 'magical' zionistic private bankers. Bushite
grunts are now supporting the indiscriminate carnage,
serving as police services forbidding any of the
prisoners in Gaza from fleeing the indiscriminate
slaughter. Again, as Satanic, they don't arrest the
"Suspects", for what could they truly charge them
with?, no instead demand we die helpless murder
victims by forbidding escape, as they did in Fallujah
murdering more than three hundred thousand innocent
souls. Die bushite die screams to all men on Earth
from the Son of God. Will you stand for YOUR life
as truly worth something here? Like lawless enemies
Policing your reality will bring you more happiness
and prosperity with the great truth teller HAPPY
George Noory? The demon who openly confesses the
will to want to murder all children in around the
age of 15? Too crazy for you to face such an enemy
of huge demonic origin, so, go the cowardly way
like Alex Jones as sell out slave instead, to cover
the demon with endless praise on his treachery to
not have our fight on everyday with open calls for
understanding Justice is freedom. Instead of a
constant stream of bushite dumfuk enemies of Living.
This isn't complicated. Or it doesn't have to be.

Israeli nazis state they will murder humanity
indiscriminately until rockets stop falling on
their country. Yet, they broke the truce.

Alex Jones told US as a deceiver, he's been
on Coast to Coast a hundred times. Not in these
last eight years he hasn't. I demand Alex prove
this, or be known by all far and wide a treasonous
liar, trying to take US off the tracking of
criminal action of his buddy, the demonic enemy
LIAR George Noory. bin Laden didn't do 911,
despite the facts that WE KNOW George Noory
knows better of but LIES to con the American
teen further for death at the profits of the
un-elected bushmob. See Alex wants you to blame
anyone but those directly involved in the crimes
of 911, or Iraq, or those responsible for it's
cover-up by Zionist propaganda. George Noory will
have as invited guests whos only function there
is to spread dis info as supporting more
indiscriminate warfare for the escape of the
neocon terrorists responsible for starting the
illegal wars to begin US at. Or those whom often
support torture, a war crime that only exists as
irrationally held by those who's minds have only
a blind hate for the indivisible rights of
another innocent other. And often truly hate men
and women for being Just as wise. The McCainiac
Zombie video is a perfect example. When the Zombie
is asked about the rights of Women, the McCainiac
Zombie cried out for raping more Women. The
position of authoritarian power, was only found
with the bushite as oppressor, rapist, torturer,
or Air Force Bomber, not liberation by freedom.
The bushite McCainiac KNOWS it can't compete
openly to defend it's criminal treasonous
actions! Remember, Alex "the Conservative"
thought McCain was the choice if you had to make
one, earlier on, then changed his position,
sort of, later by calling them all puppets not
worth the effort, but .. Obama's idea's matter
not, it's that his Birth Certificate is, no war
too be fawned. Palin? who's she? McCain
firebombed Vietnam as "war hero" for France?
The Banker doesn't cover our loans? Matters

Norwegian doctor: Israel intentionally targeting civilians

"All that is happening in Gaza here now is against
international law, it is against humanity and I
think it is against what it means to be a decent
person. You don't treat other people like this.
Even if you disagree with him… maybe even if you
fight with them, you don't treat civilians, children
and women like this."

Israel deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza

It was almost acknowledged on CBC radio that
nazi Israelis, use the argument that a tin can
rocket traveled miles, to kill some innocent
Jew as a direct hit (likely a person who hated
godless NEOCON), all because that nazi state
has OPENLY, as PUBLIC policy, stolen water and
food including baby formula, along with a huge
list of other atrocities, to punish God and
Humanity since way back before three of four
truces. AGAIN, Nazi Israeli always, as ungodly,
break their truces. Why? Because YOU, or Christ
as any Jew's life means nothing, to all the
'free' billions they'll get from given American
worker wages. Look, Americans refuse to call
for the arrest of Bush on their national,
"truth telling" Coast to Coast radio program.
Why? Because, for one, George Noory, (Alex
Jones' best buds), has told US he's into
killing innocent kids as powerful, and that
'bin Laden did it', Is good enough for US.
You don't get a say here however how you will
live or die. George Noory calls all grunts
heroes, and those who refuse criminal orders,
those he wishes to go ballistic on. Yes, it's
true, George Noory is still alive and happy
as ever.

Rise Up for innocent Life, or don't and see
where it'll get you in the end.

Again, every soldier in the Air Force serving
for the neocon liar is a traitor warranting death,
to save the lives of their next innocent victims.
They have murdered more than two million people
in Iraq. They are pushing heroin into America
from Afghanistan. They are raping AMERICAN
women as officially "LAWLESS" (can't be arrested
but through Rumsfeld - who has not seeked any
prosecutions for the raping of American Peoples.
For all Americans in America - while paying
with American wages, South African death squads
to murder Black men) and TV'ed Americans refuse
to speak for Justice denied themselves. Zionist
amerikans only see US as innocent others, not
themselves to pay, but they do pay, they will pay.
God, nor John will not live in a world where
bushite grunts walk freely down our streets as
first degree mass murdering rapists, torturers,
and thieves. Celebrated by CNN, CBC, and FoxNews.
Especially when they DEMAND they have greater
rights than Human Beings. Mass Murderers deserve
immediate death sentence to defend ourselves
from their demon lies and betrayals to God and
Man. Every CBC and CNN reporter who reported
Russia attacked Georgia unprovoked will warrant
trial, then death sentences for their total
commitment to the Satanic NeoCON enemy war
criminals. Remember: they targeted for murder,
helpless innocent families. YOUR family. CNN
wants you to blindly believe, CNN personalities
like ENEMY George Noory are so happy, why would
we think they willed death against our great
Humanity by conning you for more stolen money
through the sacrifice of YOUR life for zionist
criminals who laugh at your powerlessness to
raise your voice for Justice.


Stealing the Title of Jew from Christ:

Fallujah by the Sea: Aping America, Israel Unleashes Chemical Weapons
in Gaza

Look at this picture of nazis indiscriminately slaughtering
our Humanity, while on MSNBC they reported that the Nazis
will continue to murder Humanity until a truce can be found,
A truce that the Satanic enemies of God will naturally break,
as they ALWAYS do. They are godless enemies of Life who wish
to steal the Title of Jew from Christ. They targeted Jews in
Lebanon with seven million land mines, and let Jews starve to
death in Israel for more charitable aid they can steal from
G-d's Good Will. When asked by Israeli newspapers why, it was
said to kill a Jew is rewarding for the godless Zionist.
Public record. Die bushite die.


/ / In doing so, this makes Israel guilty of using
its own people as ‘victims’ for political purposes. \ \


What Israel Does Not want God or Humanity to See

Look at the comments from bushite grunts glorifing
in this indiscriminate slaughter of Innocent Human
Beings. Evil enemies of God do breath our air.
Die bushite die.

Israeli broke the truce knowing such action woud get
killed Jews in Israel, a cash bonus!

LEAKED: graphic, uncensored video shows carnage in Gaza

Zionist Enemies of The Jew do not Care for The Truth
Zionist Enemies of The Jew do not Care for The Truth

FBI E-Mail Says Bush Authorized Abuse of Iraqi Detainees



Israel or Hamas who broke the truce




This web site is the winner of greatest interest
internet site of the years 2000s.

Israeli plan to topple Hamas, re-instate Abbas

/ / Breaking the truce Nov. 4, then, was Israel's
way of getting the gears rolling for this whole
sick game: the toppling of Hamas, and the
re-instating of the impotent Abbas into Gaza
so the "peace process" can remain forever in
formaldehyde, to quote wiseass, er., Weisglass. \ \

Nov 4th! - perfect!. We are dealing with Nazi war
criminals who refuse US, as a Species, Justice
for everyone. Especially The Jew's Jew, Johnny
America. Hint: they call us Love just to hide our
complete agreement with this Living Universe to
will Justice for God as every last bushite zionist
freely moving. Once all the neocon zionists are
rotting in a prison cell, or formally executed as
godless war criminals, we all will have one joyous
welcome in a heavenly future.. Until then, demand
Justice for US. That's YOU too. Angels included.
Who? I don't see no Johnny Wizard here anywhere,
We are Good to Go. Rise Up for innocent Life,
or don't and see where it'll get you in the end.
The bushmob are traitors for closing official FBI
investigations into 911, immediately after the mass
murder of Americans occurred. Treason, of a, trust
WE don't have it in US to stand for our common
values as the Revolution will not be televised,
Johnny Who. Man, are we or no? Be Somebody, then
get on your phone to call in for Justice willed.
Alive I Say! - this must be where you'd raise the
dead and dying.. if you only could raise your finger
to dial the phone numbers - well guess what? - I Command
You Can! - snapoutofit - Speak for pursuing Justice
on 911, and show serious concern for publicly paying
private banker men trillions in worker wages for
nothing. This is seriously disturbing, yes, but
seriously important to address openly in our spaces
to remedy with a Johnny Wizard World Wide Work of
Wonder, Super CNN Special of Specials, with Your
Host, the One and Only, President and CEO of
Shareware Earth Co. John Himself. Hey everybody!
Wow eh? So a.. when is the good guys showing up?
Now. Justice. I want US to Host Coast to Coast for
open Public communications, where things get
solved because we know whats we're learning about.
We of god, this way comes, then men and women with
calculators to know: giving money to private bankers
on hopes they'll lend a small fraction some back
to ourselves at high interest is dumber than rocks.

Arab American rally in Dearborn for Gaza

Israel Drops White Phosphorus Bombs, Littlest Victims Suffer

My friends, demonic evil forces do exist to STEAL
the living rights from anyone of us, especially
including the Jews. Remember, it is the zionist who
steals God's good name through lies left unchallenged
by private corporate interests tied to the CON of
private banking in total. Christ is a Jew too.
Israeli broke the truce knowing such action woud get
killed Jews in Israel, a cash bonus! Like starving
Jews do attest on a infomercial that ran for near
18 months across Canada. Then covered by the Israeli
press, that the Zionist officials there actually
enjoy the prospect of suffering Jews because it,
OUR SUFFERING, will attract more charitable aid the
ungodly criminal enemy can use elesewheres! Hitler
revisited. I am the Son to God and I wouldn't lie
to you about an issue as hughly Satanic as this.

White Phosphorous: Israel fires artillery shells into Gaza

We can overcome this, and create a better world in
the process. It's back to the simple things: open
communications, and evidence, evidence, evidence
to convince ourselves truly of anything. We are
in a horrible dream right now, that we must arrive
ourselves into for comforts. Arrest the Neocons for
treason. That of course includes anti-gay faggot
Bolton for his and Kalilizad's treasonous lies
brodcasted on FoxNews these last few days. And
Peter Powers for the London bombings while we are
at it, then, we'll really being going places.

/ / My relative's neighbors- 3 young children- were
all killed today \ \


Satanic Enemies of Christ

CNN with Blitzer allowed reported on Larry King
that Hamas broke the truce, without any uttering
of fact. While when the nazi israelis were accused,
just minutes earlier, Mark Regev could say only
silence. The zionist Satanic enemies of Jews speak
only silence, because they know they are satanic
enemies liars of Human will.

Again, these SATANIC enemies break their truces
everytime, then state, it is Humanity's fault
because CNN will never ALLOW the humans to know.
They are murdering innocent People in hospitals
for example, or those in a Church, just as
amerikan bushite nazi grunts do for the escape
of the neocon zionists responsible for 911. To
hunt a lawless bushite nazi grunt, and kll it
instantly is to defend it's next innocent
bombing victims. Bush and Cheney closed 911
investigations on 911, therefore killing a
lawless bushite traitor for our Humanity is
just to get ourselves together to arrest those
responsible for mass murder on 911. The deaths
of bushite zionist liars is a mercy given for
the love of God. Die bushite die.

Israel Nazi State

Israeli nazis state they will murder humanity
indiscriminately until rockets stop falling on
their country. Yet, they broke the truce. They
always break their truces. Understand these
Satanic enemies of God, dropped seven million
land mines on Lebanon when learning the conflict
was over. They will kill Jews for money, THEY are
the Nazis. Nazi Mark Regev is clearly insane.
'It wasn't israel that started this' He could
not stand with any man without instantly being
exposed to All of Humanity as a war criminal in
need of immediate public trial for death sentence.
These are only innocent people being bombed. In
a concentration refugee camp. Look, it's a prison
camp. And if YOU
were a prisoner there, and Texan child rapists are
something you'd wish to defend your community
from, you'd maybe join the Gazan police force, run
by Hamas, a political group democratically elected.
All police officers in Gaza, Nazi israeli claims
warrant 1000 lb bombs, not warrants for arrest for
a criminal offense. Remember, it was Israel that
broke the truce, as so is spoken by Palestinian
government officials speaking internationally -
using the example from November. But understand,
as Satanic fraudsters, they always fuck over Our
Innocent Humanity this way.

What kind of "Human" would commit such crimes
against Life? Cheating Liars for Satan God tells

The Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

Look, these enemies of Life steal INNOCENT PEOPLES
HOMES as thieves of The King of Jew's simple philosophy.

The Reality of Zionist War Crimes in Gaza

The zionists aligned with Bolton are using
radio-active weaponry against all Christians.
What do "Christians" in America on Coast to
Coast have to say? Nothing because that demon
enemy of Life George Noory, the pro child
killer, insists as Truth's closest most
bestest friend, bin Laden did it.

most moral army in the world:

Our reign of terror, by the Israeli army

Glorified by CNN, CBC, and FoxNews:

“do the Gazans know that only Hamas is to
blame for their sufferings?”

Remember those same news groups will KILL
Americans too with poisons in our foods
while smiling as George Norry does Daily


Gray Ghost

/ / Funny thing noone ever shows pictures of
the scumbag Hamas rockets falling on Israeli
civilians, but the nooz is full of Palies
suffering. Fuck you all I hope Israel
exterminates the vermin. \ \ He can advocate
the MURDER of innocent people for the neocon
liars, and Google doesn't destroy his account?

Remember Zionist Nazi Israeli started all their
murder rampages against Innocent Peoples for
'free' welfare money, as broke the truce with,
IDF funded Hamas on Nov. 4th. They have been
indiscriminately bombing People with excuses
that never do add up. Example: Nazi Israeli
stated they were in the right to murder ANYONE
in a car or truck in the entire nation of
Lebanon, (especially in the Jewish communities)
because like enemy "Gray Ghost" would say, all
those innocent Peoples deserve TO DIE AS MURDER
VICTIMS for his sadistic ungodly pleasures.
Remember, Nazi Israeli didn't mention this until
thousands has already been murdered, then even
still, without radio, TV, or newspapers, telephones,
or sky writing how were ONLY THE INNOCENT JEWS
as officially targeted to know? Then the seven
million land mines to kill innocent kids for
generations. To the enemy of Life, Gray Ghost
it matters not that Israeli started the conflict
by sacrificing nazi vermined trashed as Satanic
dumfuk enemy soldiers sent across the border,
to Grey Ghost, all it knows, is Justice must not
be allowed to win this game for our human race,
for he would be truly seen as a sadistic enemy
of Freedom, powerless, or rightly dead for
his proud treasons against life in this universe.


Please John begs all People's of Humanity,
Americans do not have the courage to even speak
concerns for their dying as evil state of godless
private banker ruled blind tyranny. 'Duh, yeah
give billionaires trillions, trillions, TRILLIONS
to help the poor homeless mothers poisoned by
FoxNews CRIMINALLY.' Gawly je, I dunt no y dat
detnt work-ed' - o wel, cary ohn my wayward Son.

Livni: Gaza truce would give Hamas legitimacy

See? this is why NAZI I$raeli thinks they have
an excuse for bombing people indiscriminately
to break a truce they signed on to. This isn't
a one time, maybe two time occurrence, but every
time in the last 60 plus years the zionists
aligned with Hitler have. Satanic enemies
of Humanity.

ANTI-SEMITE is FoxNews every time they assault God
with "Israel, the Jewish State" to torture, steal,
and murder.?. ANTI-SEMITE!

The Ungodly Zionist - a report from the front

/ / The most recent victim of Israeli airstrikes
was 10-year-old Ismail Hamdan \ \

To the Satanic enemies of Man, the Ungodly Zionist,
an innocent murder victim's life can not be allowed
a defense such as the charge of first degree murder
against Netanyaho because, he states no Justice to
any who believe in the Jewish cause, as Hillel, of
freedom as Liberty for all. If Jews ran Israel,
Netanyaho would be chastised publicly by the Humans,
for sanctioning the criminal acts of first degree
murder. The nation of Nazi Israel STEALS Peoples
HOMES. What other nation on this Earth commits
such willful crimes against innocent Human beings
OFFICIALLY? Steals homes from god loving innocent
folks and labels it our 'Justice system'? Who? Neocon
Amerika, the nation that gave trillions to bankers
recently on only prayers that their gods will maybe
lend some of their own money back to them at high
interest. But alas, evil is the deceived disguised,
as in their deep ignorance of money and virtue, they
do not understand, the private banker never covers
the loan. Never does a private banker reach into
it's pocket to borrow US to begin with - so as a
consequence, the bankers have just pocketed all the
'free' loot for nothing, TRILLIONS, and are not
saying why should they help anyone else with charity?
it's the amerikan way. Instead, hate the wise socialist
who designed a working good traffic signal system,
where lives are saved and congestion is eased, or
hate the white man, the black man, different People.
But never Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, or Rumsfeld, the
neocon traitors who closed criminal investigations
immediately after the crimes of 911 occurred, who
doctored the NIE to con America into death, and
never slight the trillioniare private banker gods,
who have stolen/taken our public authority through
war criminals in Congress. Taken from all others
to bring us a much poorer world suffering due to
our speakings of contempt for Justice as christians
in America - who claim in silence only indignation
for real Christian families robbed or murdered
Officially by the zionist state of ungodly Israeli,
paid for by dying America. Americans refuse to raise
their phones for the arrest of the bushmob for capital
mass murder, so, what's private trillioniare bankers
walking away with the entire economy in free fall
going to do for them, when they are already to
death for the glorious Zionist Neocon thieves of
Civilization? Proudly in hatred for Innocent
Humanity. Again, Hamas was founded by Zionists
in the IDF, to kill Jews for money - public record.
Jews starve near death in Garbage dumps of Israel,
all because the Nazi Zionist UNGODLY government
states it is beneficial to starve Jews, for, they
will receive more humanitarian aid THEY can use
elsewhere. Public knowledge. Zionist liars murder
innocent Jews for money, like they did in Lebanon,
and like the zionists did on 911 by forbidding the
pursuit of the terrorists by following the crimes
scene leads at the real murder scene. Unjust
enemies of Man.

To arrest those responsible for 911, we are going
to need to form a public warrant for a person or
persons. Bush and Cheney are guilty of closing
investigations on 911, treason, called obstruction.

UnHoly Nazi Israeli Racists are Greater
than the censored words of Messiah!

IDF's YouTube Gaza channel to Correct Ourselves

/ / it will disseminate footage of precision
bombing operations \ \

Precision? They dropped seven million land
mines in Lebanon, after having seeked out where
the Jews lived, (Northern Lebanon), and murdered
them firstly! JEWS. They, as enemies of God,
like those of FoxNews, will refuse these type
of FACTS on their hatred for Love and Justice.
Their hatred for Jews, real Jews, like me.
Understand: American baby formula has been
contaminated with poisons, and FoxNews doesn't
think it's important to their corporate
responsibilities to kill ourselves further for
profit. The Zionist will murder anyone just to
steal your belief in God as Love. They HATE me
for being wise and Just. Hate. For, why wouldn't
America support my demands for open radio
communications on the Coast to Coast radio
network? Americans would rather murder Humanity
before Justice succeeds beyond their illusions
of grandeur through the mass murdering of
ourselves for stolen gains. The banker does not
cover our loans! Giving them trillions for free
unquestioningly is dumber than rocks. Enough.

Fake Rocket Attack

Remember however, the Zionist has no qualms
about killing Innocent Jews too if it means
Americans will get it more free welfare to
murder ourselves. They openly STEAL Peoples
homes in that nation run as thieves don't
You know? Or as it is just open public
knowledge that the Zionist excepts that
911 was actually a good thing for them as
war criminals reaping the cash rewards for
continuing capital murders?

/ / Ehud Barak promised that the war would
continue “to the bitter end.” \ \

That is you there Barak promises to end
bitterly as the innocent the demon targets
for ungodly murder. How could ANY REAL MAN
steal food from a Christian baby? How do they
do it?, as the inhuman. (Like bushite do in
Iraq, while on CNN in interview tell US, they
are there war criming for neocon traitors to
steal everything as "helping the Iraqi
children". They offer no clean water, no food,
just indiscriminate bombing campaigns of evil
incarnate. True fascist nazi enemies of true
freedom in America who advance censorship to
anyone like myself. Why? They lose. They are
not men but Satanic enemies of the King to
Jews, the Messiah. I Am. Thieves to the
scriptures of Hillel, and of Moses. Thieves
to the intent of every true religious person,
for God is everywhere. God is the Word, and
the Word is Holy. So, fuck you and die bushite
nazi traitors to American Justice, those of
them who refuse US open free words to resolve
their war criminal behaviors as is done in
godless Israel today against INNOCENT
Christians. Done before another innocent other
has our homes stolen, or is murdered by the
lawless grunting bushite dumfuk enemies of
Jesus Christ. I am King already, always have
been, always will be. Live with it. The Koran
is filled with great understandings on this
relationship. Christ is mentioned more than
Mohammad - and Mary can be understood as the
mother of all being before we are. a virgin.)

Look humans, you've
had your fun murdering yourselves, now the wise
people will compete for bettering ourselves by
understanding. Who the fuck are these illiterate
monsters at CTV national television? and how can
they willingly keep our soldiers in the dark dying
that way by simply smiling? Are they experts in
anything? are they respected researchers? writers?,
politicians?, civil rights lawyers? - do they even
respect ourselves enough to be warned of vaccines?
NO, instead they LIE with such contempt for Humanity
I am surprised Canadians, don't speak out more..
perhaps they do, it's just CBC, CJOB, and the
Winnipeg Free Presses of our World make no attempt
to inform ourselves about it. They don't take my
thousands of calls, how about Yours?

Life is real to know, if you seek, and not go
so freaked out as Living is as it always has
been. Knowing God is cool, 'amazing', yeah,
whatever, but we are of too this real world
suffering for our lack of respect for a wise
person speaking. I WANT FREE PUBLIC DEBATE
that too much for US to ask freely? What say
you Googler? Afraid I will truly make your
banker gods look like fools?, the gods we all
give more than half our lives to for nothing?
Don't want to look truly dumb as deathly
ignorant, so censor US all themmers you are
too in command of your Fate. So be it. See?
Stand in. I didn't even really do anything
there, yet it's written, it's done. A Miracle!
Imagine: your Christ! YOU. now what are you
going to do.. time is ending for you remember,
now what are you going to do? Will you pick
up your magic phone and call likewise for
Justice denied, or will you crawl up on your
cross and die in silence for the glorious
Zionist aligned with trillioniare private
bankers and Satan? Christ is of all peoples.
Your on a mountain.. You've raised yourself
from death already, and your here to do
something greater for the love of God..
what's your plan for the common man? Welcome
to the real world my friend.

Morpheus 'Nobody can tell you what the Matrix
is, you have to see it for yourselves. .. all
I am offering is the truth Neo, nothing more'

Lawless Police to Defend Who Again?

They Call it Terrorism

"Israeli nazi enemies call bombing people,
like they do without apology, terrorism.
What can't you figure?"


/ / Stand down 'Christian' nation. It's
not your babies. Ethnic cleansing is not
a 'sin' as long as the 'chosen ones' of
Israel do it. \ \

Israel, the nazi enemies of God nation broke
the ceasefire on November 4th. Now, as demon
liars claim they want to honor a ceasefire
again to further steal ourselves from the
Love of Justice. Why do the godless Zionist do
this always as first degree murderers? Because
they can't win an open debate on their treasons
against God and Man. The private bankers DO
NOT cover our loans. Again, these SATANIC
ENEMIES OF GOD dropped seven million land
mines on Lebanon while target killing JEWS.
INNOCENT JEWS. Targeted. Northern Lebanon,
look it up. Israeli MURDERED Jews. Innocent
Jews as targeted for more stolen charity. I
again, beg you to support my call for war
crime trials against the bushmob, including
CNN demons who report a total contempt for
YOUR life dying. Your call loser.

ISRAEL: No civilian casualties in Gaza!

Satanic enemies of God as anyone included.
Think: who buys these demon lies to steal
further from our innocent Humanity? Zionists
do at CBC and CNN, who will murder America
by openly lying to destroy freedom. Example:
CNN reports Georgian nazis who targeted
children schools, churches and threw grenades
into our homes to murder as minions for Satan
are called freedom fighters. Just like the
Third Infantry, the new lawless police officers
of California, who can't be charged with rape
for example, because ONLY Rumsfeld can okay
such prosecutions. Hey who cares for Iraqi Rights
right?, for TV America's CNN with FoxNews and
George Norry doesn't, for it's only American
women and children now right nazi enemies? And
WE ALL KNOW, cowardly America refuses to even raise
their phones for these dying concerns. How can
George Norry continue to live happily dying
America for the neocons? How? they let them.
Alex Jones thinks George Norry is just
fantastic, so no, don't encourage the NWOers
to demand free communications, because if we
did, Alex Jones and the like, would factually
look like the idiots he is. (better to die
America than face this foolishness?) The
banker doesn't cover our loans, we do Alex.
So giving them trillions in American worker
wages is a bank robbery in progress. Simple.
NOT a diabolical ingenious plan, we, the simple
folk can't figure without the Alex Jonesers
geniuses of thought control developed by the
CFR, builderberg, the Boners and NASA.

Obama stated all lawless soldiers who war for
godless Zionism are heroes, which includes South
African death squad goons who murder my nigger
friends. AEGIS. I call them lawless enemies of
God, deserving death sentences to save the lives
of their next innocent victims, Obama calls them
heroes warring for the escape of the neocon
traitors responsible for 911. Who are you going
to believe?
Guillaume Ier de Normandie
2009-02-20 17:36:14 UTC
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I wouldn't pay attention to anything this troll posts. He's a known

He's caught in another lie. We all know "enos ***@ymail.com"
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I wouldn't pay attention
Well, we WISH we didn't have to pay attention to your vile posts, such
as this one:

"New pix here http://tinyurl.com/kate-g For those who don't know me I
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hard cock to fuck me for hours"

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On Feb 20, 10:45 am, "Give Free to Banker Man, Loan Back Maybe? -
I wouldn't pay attention
Well, we WISH we didn't have to pay attention to your vile posts, such
"New pix herehttp://tinyurl.com/kate-g For those who don't know me I
am a divorcee with a clit that twiches uncuntrollably I need some big
hard cock to fuck me for hours"
Proof that you posted it:http://groups.google.com/group/alt.politics.homosexuality/msg/f210166...
Nobody believes you gay boy.

Scott's caught in another lie. We all know "enos ***@ymail.com"
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Post by Guillaume Ier de Normandie
On Feb 20, 10:45 am, "Give Free to Banker Man, Loan Back Maybe? -
I wouldn't pay attention
Well, we WISH we didn't have to pay attention to your vile posts, such
"New pix herehttp://tinyurl.com/kate-g For those who don't know me I
am a divorcee with a clit that twiches uncuntrollably I need some big
hard cock to fuck me for hours"
Proof that you posted it:http://groups.google.com/group/alt.politics.homosexuality/msg/f210166...
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They can check for themselves:

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Post by Guillaume Ier de Normandie
On Feb 20, 10:45 am, "Give Free to Banker Man, Loan Back Maybe? -
I wouldn't pay attention
Well, we WISH we didn't have to pay attention to your vile posts, such
"New pix herehttp://tinyurl.com/kate-g For those who don't know me I
am a divorcee with a clit that twiches uncuntrollably I need some big
hard cock to fuck me for hours"
Proof that you posted it:http://groups.google.com/group/alt.politics.homosexuality/msg/f210166...
Nobody believes you
Your troll account should be banned very soon.
Just like this one:

Scott Salberg is caught in another lie. We all know
"enos ***@ymail.com" was his dirty sock. And
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Post by Guillaume Ier de Normandie
On Feb 20, 10:45 am, "Give Free to Banker Man, Loan Back Maybe? -
I wouldn't pay attention
Well, we WISH we didn't have to pay attention to your vile posts, such
"New pix herehttp://tinyurl.com/kate-g For those who don't know me I
am a divorcee with a clit that twiches uncuntrollably I need some big
hard cock to fuck me for hours"
Proof that you posted it:http://groups.google.com/group/alt.politics.homosexuality/msg/f210166...
Nobody believes you
That's not what it says here:

King Johnny for President
2012-02-23 23:08:55 UTC
King Johnny for President

Bush closed 9/11 police investigations,
and Rightard America is a place of ungodly
cowards for the bedeviling, who sell anything
they can as tv excuses to remain numb on the
subject of Justice denied for You, or anyone
else. This is what it means as true to your
word. I make this stand as any man. When we
win, we all win as a matter of facts.

"Panetta Believes Israel
Will Attack Iran this Spring"

As war criminals warranting immediate death by
American Patriot firing squads. American men,
women, and children, you'll know what we must
do about the pro first degree mass murderers
lying in our tv faces about how they are going
to get away with this in Christ's stolen name
as tv Demonrat Republican, the most serious of
criminal offenses to sacrifice a forsaken for
godless America further. Death to these lawless
Satanic tyrants of evil, death to the enemies
of God and Freedom everywhere who war from our
skies only the innocent of Creation with cowardly
demon lies, with torture and dope pushing as
enslavement for Bush and Cheney's final escape
for high treason against my America, with the
trillionaire Banksters who do not a thing but
try our growing interest to get this done


Wow eh?? Let me say right
off, we bring good news.


/ / Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy told a
hearing that the bomber was let on the plane because he was being
tracked by intelligence agencies who ordered the State Department “not
to deny a visa”. \ \

They actually tried to blow up
that plane I believe for several
reasons. Explosives failed to
detonate as planned. A serious
offense that every GI should
be legitimately concerned about
not escaping themselves any
further for in cowardice.
Justice is a must if we
truly want freedom for
this world. John 2012


US Senate introduces bill backing
military response against Iran


Again, the Rightards are attempting
to steal America's soul. These Congress
peoples HAVE TO BE arrested under the
new democratically elected, King Johnny
Presidency for high treason. Why? THERE
ACCUSATIONS to commit first degree mass
murder - to sacrifice American teens
needlessly for ungodly SATANIC war
crime gains. DBD.


U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

Again, just what is the crime of the Taliban
to ask for evidence to form a conclusion as
reaching to Publicly nab those truly guilty
of 9/11 in New York City? I ask anyone?


/ / The Quran mentions Jesus twenty-five
times, more often, by name, than Muhammad. \ \

'Nato sets fire to the Koran, then brags about it'

NATO's Bushite Nazi grunters in Afghanistan
tell of proudly burning the words of Christ,
in hopes more Peoples of Humanity will recognize
the grunter's Satanic hatred for God's Will
of Freedom for Any is Justice for All on
this Day.

Obama Calls Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Comments Hateful

What? huh? Who's he trying to con here?
America? but he's the President.. HuhHh,
trying to con himself with all US watching
soldiers dying for 'hidden' war criminals
more looks like..

FBI Tries To Coax Muslim
Into Bombing US Capitol

King Johnny for President of
an America that wills to not
allow a single war criminal
traitor escape our purviews.


No, the choice of Troops is Justice.
But, hey! this many almost men showing
up has taken me near shock. We knew the
Ron Paul whores for Bush and Cheney's
escapes on 9/11 are universally cowards
to the core, who would rather rob their
very own grandmothers, or get needlessly
killed their brothers and sisters while
pushing heroin, before taking a man's
stand to defend America as our women from
the Republican KBR gang rapists left
in their lawless as godless Nazi Zionist
rank for only some examples of plenty,
but yet... this many showing up to air
any words against the further criminal
stealing of America's will for freedom
values of evidence being a requirement
for US to believe anything here, is a
sign that maybe all of America isn't
completely done in for just yet.
Now, it's true, America's criminal
suffering due to blatant naked law
breakers is near completely ignored
by earmark thief Ron Paul's entire
Rightard career as against America's
elderly and poor, sound banking and
constitutional Justice, as yes, the
same Ron Paul who does support bombing
only defenseless innocent peoples
indiscriminately in Afghanistan to
sacrifice teen soldiers as a mass
murderer to escape the Satanic
Zionist neocons for sure guilty of
9/11, and did also lend support for
war crimes in Iraq by still running
cover for the criminals hiding behind
the UN as Alex Jones does sell too
today, by demonizing as a blind bigot
degenerate, instead of reporting the
fact that Saddam isn't in violation,
as was not Gadaffy - AJ and RP serve
the enemy hidden "globalist" for sure
here as the pro lawless blinding false
accuser one way only monopolizers..
That want US to blame big government,
(yeah like, it's all God's fault..)
as not any criminals found easily to
be so by knowing. Like of course Ron
Paul's willing position to escape the
trillioniare banksters for extortion
with Bush and Cheney, or war criminals
Obama and Hitlery for al-Qeada's
Libya too, should be considered easily
treasonous also along with enemy to
all NATO.. But, anyway this showing
has to be worth something for itself
in a nation of near complete evil TV
dumfukery. Good work boys.

$16,000,000,000,000 Goes To Who?



Alex Jones and Ron Paul today
'we have to audit the fed.'

/ / There was no debate about whether
$16,000,000,000,000 would be given to
failing banks and failing corporations
around the world. \ \ RIPPED OFF.
LOOTED over massive securites fraud.


/ / Israel has launched a week
long ’celebration of hate’ \ \

/ / When Specialist Corey E. Jones struck
the knees of the Dilawar, he cried out
painfully to God. Jones said, "Everybody
heard him cry out and thought it was
funny." Hundreds of blows later, Dilawar
died in custody. \ \ Corey E. Jones and
his partners are still torturing
innocent Peoples to death as FOXSNEWS
Heroes to escape the Neocon. Why? Because
the enemy Bushite claim there is no such
thing as manhood in American TV politics.

The US military led by Zionist Israel is
comprised of the KKK, and the worst of
L.A. street gangs.. and, that just wont
do if we want freedom as owned.

[they pay NO royalties toooooooooooooo]

Tea Bagger 'Yeahs but, they's harder to
pick on than helpless welfare mothers.'


They are doing this because we
all know, a Libertarian will not defend
the rights of any another, but rather,
would like to just masterbate all on how
much better than everone else they are,
without caring squat for US. Name a
Libertarian (excluding Libertarians for
Justice) that even mumbles quietly that
Justice is freedom? No, instead, election
rigger TRAITOR Ron Paul has stated a
complete disregard for innocent human
life mass murdered, that he claims, no one
should ever defend from Nazi Israeli, or
at any place else. Cause, he will actually
tell you Anarchistly, Policing is bad
always, without questions allowed given
or taken. Alex Jones is the worst true
COMMIE PINKO ever known of, he just is.
Why? Because we know he knows better,
but cheats all for furthering godless
tyranny to aid in the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11. He as commie
censor for rigging elections with McCain
can't have open debates as our public
with the documented facts, while we
can freely. OR at least I can anyway..

Stealing Maine State Primaries

WHERE'S RON PAUL????????????????????????
Like, where was he here in 2008 too, when
he and Jones ran this near very same con?

Ron Paul "Arrest Of American Citizens By The
US Military & Held Indefinitely Without Trial!"

And remember American, when we are talking
"US military", we are talking Aegis' South
African death squad goons that the Pentagon
OPENLY pays to indiscriminately slaughter
our innocent friends and families while
desecrating Elvis. Gang rapist torturers,
the worst of the KKK and L.A. Street
gangs. Republicans. All in a treason
to escape guilty Bush and Cheney for
9/11, and Peter Powers for 7/7.

[PETER POWERS'] British government considers
using nerve agents on their own people

How can I tell everyone
how serious these bushite
enemies of God are to
believe we will all just
sit back and die more innocent
victims for their lifeless zombie
war crimes continously. Death to
the Bushite, death to the enemies
of God and America. Die Bushite
die Bushite die Bushite die.

SEAL Team Six Commander:
Israel Responsible for Global Terror


Iceland Flips The Bird At IMF


DJ Green Lantern Feat. Eminem - Shade 45 (Sirius Bizness)

/ / this [tv] shit is run by fake Christians,
fake Politicians, look at their mansions,
and look at the conditions we live in. \ \

Obama's DHS outreach to FAKE Jews. "Jews",
who openly will to deny Human Rights from
everyone as thieves of anyone's property,
(Yours included..) ..is just plain evil.
First strike targets in Lebanon were innocent
Jews for example, and Nazi Israel's garbage
dumps are frequented by starving Jews who
the "Jews" in charge over there, have stated
Publicly, they'd rather see as the innocent
suffer, as to then, attract more charitable
aid they can use elsewhere. It makes their
major newspapers when the stories break. The
tin can rockets could have been stopped
decades ago. But the Rightard claims,
reading like facts, is for the stupid
people. Sarah Palin openly tried to con
America for world war as the bad guy mass
murderer. Social Security is a 2% 'Trust',
and Medicare has an overhead of less than
2%, compared to giving 70 percent of your
health investment to a billionaire insurance
breaker, who would rather see you die before
eating into his thoughtless takes. (War
criminals deserve to die how about?).
Banksters do not cover our loans, we do. The
Bail-Out is massive frauds by extortion. A
27+ TRILLION dollar scam, they say we still
owe them now even more then ever before.
The trillioniare Banksters along with the
poor wise folk hurtin', know this to be so,
that they on TV would have us rather not
succeed. stuck where unjust bigots thrive
in selfishness. The light of God is a natural
here. This is the truest thing I tale. As
Creator, I'm here to tell you, You're not
suppose to be this stupid.

Justice on 9/11 is a must if
we want freedom for this world.

Congress set to hand our highways and
freeways over to foreign corporations:
New toll roads planned for all 50 states!

It's like the politicians in Greece,
taking billions in bribes to sell off
the entire country to the thieves at
the IMF. Private Banksters do not cover
our loans. As such, Greece is being
criminally fleeced. The credit is
their own I King John proclaim, and
apparently, from info heard by the
great Kiezer, the fraudulent debt
isn't theirs as Greek to begin
with either!! See? What kind of, out
of the loop politicians, kings or
queens do we have over there, to not
understand any of these working
people thoughts heard? Forward this
slave. Listen: Private banksters
do not cover the initiation of a
loan, but to only steal faith
blindly, that they are the only
credited of such high privileges
privately hijacking the public
interest. I know the malfeasance
of the Goldmann credit default swaps
is a little more complicated than this,
but I believe that is it in a nutshell.
What do you think? Call up the Johnny
2012 international radio super special
to enlighten us all further, where I
as you, could do us all even much
greater, if we had what you know.
Irrespective of spin doctoring,
a nickel is still a nickel.
Ooops.. no... that's right.. I don't
have a billionaire backer to help out
with the two thousand dollars or so
to start up productions. Just yet.

Judgment Day - A New World Order Defined

Good news!! Looks like you peoples
are going to have no choice but to
beg for a King Johnny Presidency
to bring back some truth to these
matters of survival, these hearings
of grievance, as the particulars to
these serious cons costing America
everything as still falling victims.

Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu
Condemns Humanity Unity Plan

Remember, it is Nazi Israel's position that,
yes in deed they broke a truce with a slave
labor prison camp, to then fire bomb only
women and children along with 239 Police
officers, as targeted, to get more charity
from giving to die thoughtlessly American
teens in lawlessness.

Ehud Barak,"We will know early enough
whether the Iranians are ready to give
up their nuclear weapons," Zero evidence.

Why Is It?

Why is it that the Alex Jones NWOer Cult (a
cult that WHORES not only for Bush, but for
the "U.N." by demonizing, instead of being
truthful about the needless war crimes of
Iraq with 1441 for example, or Libya's 1976)
can't speak the truth regarding the TRULY
Satanic Zionist godless enemy, TV LYING in
Public all about how important it is to
indiscriminately mass murder the INNOCENT
Jews of Iran with American radio active
toxic waste? on fictions involving Iran's
NPT Treaty with Canada and the U.S. to
freely built their nuclear power stations?
Why? Alex Jones ain't all bad though...

Don't get me wrong, nuclear power is dumb
as dangerous - considering we have these
huge pollution free power stations called
Oceans and a Moon. But, TV America is
programmed to blindly hate the wise man
or women using tricky intelligent thought
structures. Why? Makes the Rightard look
as truly dumb as they are factually. As
is why math and science are forbidden on
television. Example: Social Security, a
Trust Fund, receives less than 2% interest
on a multi trillion dollar deposit. And,
of course, private banksters do not cover
our loans we 'pay them back' for as the
grotesquely wealthy, doing nothing for
nobody to "earn" such huge losses. Imagine,
right here, all the Rightards with Alex
Jones the gold merchant, crying out for evil
to not allow US to mention such facts like
on freedom's rule to 'follow probable cause'
that they will no one truly understand about,
before they continue their attacks with Ron
Paul against governing fairly with Justice,
progressive tax policies, a Public Option
Health Care offering, free education, basic
welfare for the homeless, and so on.. Instead
to waste as a bigot divider to tell us all
without question, (for Pope AJ claims to be
infallible), what all non-conservative
"liberals" wrongly think, or non-conservative
effeminate males, or the pilfered "Mexicans"
think, and so on.. instead of finding ourselves
on common ground with all to fairly demand
public trials with the public evidence against
ungodly false accuser war criminals and the
thieving banksters? Or of the fools who sell
gold as the wrong answer to everything falling
devalued. Yeah yeah, the Rightard's sell,
you too can make off like a bandit at the
further destruction of stolen credits in
America. They sell that too in Canada
with the rigged vlt slots, and near
every capital city of Canada is now near
a glitzy Casino wasteland, stolen of hundreds
of millions off the streets yearly. True,
the lottery government officials, with the
Newspaper editors are paid more than our
IMPEACHED treasonous prime minister,
(who is still TV standing as a pirate due
to the dictates of a know nothing Queen)
but the Public, year after year, has
less and less money to rip out of the
hands of the desperate nieve poorer as
further disabled crime victims, while
Harper's Conservative Reform Alliance
Party, the C. R. A. - Party, call for
the destruction of Life support here
in Canada regarding our public
Health policies, while too, war
mongering around the globe against
only innocent folks and God. Like AJ,
never fighting for a Just governing
body held accountable to the will
of US fairly accounted as spoken
for freely. Too wordy?

Johnny 2012 or Bust

Can you possibly care for anyone truly,
to forward this concern for others
as your own left forsaken too?

Don't except anything else
but a free to be we society.

The Bushite Nazi Grunters of Evil

They obeyed thoughtlessly to commit the
most henious of war crimes against God
for traitor Bush and Cheney's final
escape from Justice.

Dozens of Women Describe Hell Of Being
Raped by The Nazi grunts in the US Military

Nations of Humanity, these Nazi American
war crime vermin war our Innocent Peoples
for ungodly lawlessness with radio-active
toxic waste to torture for godless tyranny
as the sworn enemies of every single last
one of US, which naturally, includes
themselves of which they care not in.
Let all men demand the execution of these
bushite nazi grunts, who rape American
women while claiming, no laws of God nor
man can put it into it's grave rightly,
for the Antichrist of Creation has deemed
it "Lawless". I HATE Bushite, as any real
man would. Americans are not men to remain
neutral on this, as they do regarding the
naked war treasons of Obama, Cheney and
Bush. Under the Johnny Administration,
we will support big cash rewards all
around for everyone that helps achieve
the 'impossible', of disallowing war
criminals to walk these streets alive
as heroes.



/ / It's amazing to see, no matter how
much truth you show people, they
still fall for this war propaganda. \ \

What about the fact that the Satanic Zionist
enemy of God, is lying in our tv faces about
their goodness of willing to mass murder our
loved families?, including Nazi Israeli's
first strike targets being the innocent Jews
of Iran?, as it was in Lebanon? Why does
this evil exist, where the Rightard bigot
can't find our Humanity within itself, to
say these ungodly demon liars are not
telling facts with what is truly understood?
American soldiers are needlessly sent to
their deaths as indiscriminate mass
murderers, and tv Americans instead report
by the word of a "Military Intelligence"
disfunctioning illiterate TRAITOR, that Iran
funds al-Qeada in Iraq and Afghanistan?
(but not in Libya or Syria?) Yet, the third
infantry as led by a Saudi, left all weapons
depots in Iraq un-defended to purposefully
get killed American GIs for more stolen
gains, (see Qaqaa) just as they die proudly
for KBR rapists and pushing heroin for Bush
and Cheney today. Cheney and Bush closed
9/11 Police Investigations immediately after
the crime occurred. Banksters do not cover
our loans. Alex Jones sucks. Understand,
Alex Jones sells that the governed is
"always" bad, and it would be only better to
give everything privatized to the superior
genius minded Globalist blindly, so that
way, wiser men and women will not achieve
free communications about following probable
cause - as Justice equaling freedom is the
liberated mind of free souls. This is a
truth thing, as is why, Alex Jones can't let
a real man like me to speak openly here and
now for Justice as this day. We make him
look dumb and or evil as he honestly is.

Alex Jones "People lie and say all my calls
are fake." Can you hear this? as stupid and
evil as it truly sounds? Alex Jones seems
to really dream he is going to be our Pope.
To not speak of how we are lied to with tv
cons to trick American teens for death is
honorable? To suggest that no one on Earth
can disagree with a single syllable of AJs,
otherwise we are underminding "our" pursuit
of.... of.... of.. what?

Don't be a TeaBag from JonesTown, be
a man or woman thang, bringing it Home.

Why everyone should Occupy US
1% corporate media: they lie

victim impact statement today
at Underwear Bomber sentencing


Where is the "Judge" and "Prosecuter"
to demand arrests of these for sure
terrorists? We, US, this, Will to let
"probable cause" decide who is ultimately
responsible for the criminal terrorist act.
Man, it seems like we are seriously brain
damaged as our national tv media claims
by staying "neutral" over these Satanic
Zionists PUBLICLY [that's us together]
calling for war crimes against innocent
Jews of Iran, by naked evil falsehoods;
left un-challenged by these traitors
to Freedom in Justice as fair play.
Including Alex Jones. We need real
leadership, where the rights of all
others are respected, as that way,
we actually win freedom as measured.

To me, this is more naturally simple than
a Rightard bigot can handle with bullshit

'Female Witnesses Barred'

Cop killing Issa, the traitor hiding those
in Congress who willingly funded the first
degree murder of American cops by giving
Mexican drug cartels grenades and landmines,
to push their dope onto Texas teens, as
they did then, released the dope pushing
ATF agent to go free! Responsible the ATF
agent is, for shipping the American tax
payer paid for military grade weapons. Now
Issa is selling how women world wide do not
have rights to be spoken freely for. Issa
KNOWS as a Rightard, he is an evil good
for nothing being anti-Human, as is why
he is trying to cause great tv divisions
unfairly in tv America with Sanatorium
currently, as just what every bigot
rightard thinks unthinkingly is
it's tv team. Without question.

responsible by nature

'mercury lightbulbs for 1 dollar!'

Mercury is a deadly neural toxin.
Wake up. King Johnny for President.

Ehud Barak,"We will know early enough
whether the Iranians are ready to give
up their nuclear weapons,"

Think of how truly ungodly Satanic
this is Peoples of Earth John cries.

TV America is just fucking US evil man.
BP removed the safety fluid which CAUSED
the well to blow. They cowardly refuse
to forward my REAL calls for Justice,
not because they disagree, but because
they can't, as knowing then, what a
real man is. They hide from our humanity
their inhumanity towards Mankind, as
against God being silent in the face
of those truly Satanic. America's
Zionist enemy only wills to mass murder
innocent Jews lawlessly along with all
of what was once good as America, for
more stolen charity with their false
tv accusations against the innocent
of all Creation forsaken.

A Real Man Speaks to America

By closing Police investigations, how do
we ever expect to nab the actual bad guys
someone ask Ron Paul, or those like him
that would rather leave You out as anyone.

It's a Mad House

/ / Unbelievable. What is it with
conservative men trying to drag women
back into the middle ages? \ \

Evil is real. Everyone realize: the
American Rightard, like too a delusional
Ron Paul fan who is anti-everything
governed, can't find the humanity to
tell of the godless Zionist liars in our
tv media war mongering to mass murder
millions of innocent souls. Escaping
trillionaire banksters still extorting.

U.S. officials: [Pentagon's] Al Qaida
behind Syria bombings | McClatchy

This must be the evilest TV America
has ever been. While al-Qeada forces
are openly paid for by the traitors
at the Pentagon through Obama and Hitlery,
American teen soldiers are going to be
asked to sacrifice their evil lives, so
to enrich even further, these godless
Satanic enemies of Freedom by bombing
indiscriminately toxic waste, torturing,
and thieving for Bush and Cheney's final
escapes. I as King Johnny say Justice is
a plus. Elect this Your spokesperson,
and we'll together, bring back a
freer world. Example: How Is It?

How is it that Alex Jones and his Cult of
'truth tellers' knock the knowledge that
these SATANIC LIARS of Israel, are lying
in our Public to mass murder defenseless
innocent Jewish families of Iran with nieve
American teens? How is it that he and his
Rightard gang of Bush whores refuse to yet
tell clearly, there is no evidence whatsoever,
none anywhere, to substantiate Nazi Israeli's
false demonic accusations for further WAR
CRIMES? Instead, he will sell something like,
'some people as the minority Rightard, say it
would be a good thing to mass murder innocent
Jews with false accusations to enrich the
godless Zionist enemies of Creation further,
some say it wouldn't.. regardless.. we
don't need to speak the facts here to form
a warrant for the arrest of war criminals
like Bush, because Obama is just a puppet
not to be held accountable for his actions
anyway either... blah blah blah..' On
Friday, AJ dared to suggest AGAIN it was
his UN that gave Obama and Hitlerly the
"cover" to indiscriminately slaughter
civilians in Lybia for al-Qeada, when
Gadaffy was not found in violation of
1976. As neither was Saddam with 1441.
Banksters do not cover our loans. Mexico
was robbed their elections by TV America.
BP removed the "safety fluid", which
directly was the CAUSE WHY the rig blew up.
Alex Jones the blind bigot is his "Globalist
puppet" he warns all to stay clear of. He
is stuck on his infallibility complex: he
claims infallibility, so as so, these
things must not be spoken about freely,
otherwise, he'll look as he truly is.
All good no, but not half bad sometimes.

Alex Jones "They wish to hide
themselves in this battle" Who
is he kidding now?

The Rightard American Male Is No Man

That much we all know is certain.

Tea Party Founder on Current Version
of the Tea Party: “Tea Party My Ass.”

“Tea Party my ass. This was nothing
other than the Republican Party stealing
the anger of a population that was fed
up with the Republican Party’s own
theft of their tax money at gunpoint
to bail out the robbers of Wall Street
and fraudulently redirecting it back
toward electing the very people who
stole all the ****ing money!”

Yet Ron Paul has never, ever, in his
entire political TV life, said anything
remotely similar to save ourselves from
such Rightard criminals he calls his
Party, of demonic con artists as EVIL.

Johnny for President - In Your Dreams

America needs sound critics against
further foolish lawlessness by pirates
of our air-waves, and I'm the guy to do
just that for victory.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt
for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by
those who demonically claim we don't need
evidence to form their guilty verdicts. On
the matters of Good and Evil. And some people
call ME crazy..


Lemonade is Good

The Rachel Maddow Show contacted the
Maine republican party to question
why these votes weren't counted,
and they did not respond as caring.

The Rightards are a godless cult of
evil, who are fully committed to rob
and kill innocent Americans for stolen
gains,. AS IS WHY!! WHY!!! they speak
near nothing for the GOP Head to be
tried for execution as a NAkED rigger
of an American "democratic" election.
Why they hide with the Satanic to lie
about Jews in Iran.

We need to go back to paper ballots
policed by 24/7 live video feed,
along with armed guards. Why paper?
So then that way you have a record.
They war monger the innocent poor
and innocent elderly to deprive life
from for pity sakes, while insisting
trillionaire hedge fund brokers
shouldn't pay taxes, having not
"earned" anything of the trillions
"lost" into their personal private
accounts as it was. thinkaboutit!!!
Wakey wakey my friends, wakey wakey.

Whistleblower Colonel Releases Report
Saying Pentagon Lying About Afghan War

Rightards want to see all true Patriots
silenced - they know they can't compete

FOXSNEWS Liz Trotta Believes Women in
the Military Should Expect to be Raped

No doubt, when your talking ungodly
demonic enemies of America, warring
Innocent Humanity with torture for
the final escape of traitors Bush
and Cheney on 9/11, and Peter
Powers for 7/7 - we are not talking
honorable men here. Enemies of God,
enemies of America, are truly, the
bushite nazi dumfuk grunting pro-
Republicans. What male of Earth could
proudly vote Republican but the very
worst of godless enemy cheats and
thieves, rapists and or torturers?

Pentagon Tortures Untold American Soldiers
(any out there have a copy of this still?)
(just Americans being tortured to death so
CIA/Blackwater dopers can steal Your money)

You'd better wake up sooner than later my
silent American friends, sooner than later.

Bush claims "we" needed not evidence to form
an innocent or guilty verdict. ! regarding
who it was then to set the explosives in
building 7., and my friend of this living
universe must think that that is the dumbest
evilest disturbingly true shit even to be
pronounced by a being anywhere. Ask around..
It's just the most evil thing a TV celebrity
president of pro war crimes fare could utter.
Escaping the bad guys left unchallenged.
Obstructor of Justice George Walker Bush is
a blinding stealer of good will as clearly
ungodly from any realm of believability. We
must secure our freedoms by demanding Justice
denied by Bush and Cheney here. Freedom is a
Just world where our rights are the same to
defend from ungodly criminals who will we
know not of such simplicity as our Natural
Will of Justice for all as anywho to truly
believe in such things. It works out on so
many levels. God is Greater.

Banker Exec. 'with these prices, these
pissing on poor Americans can easily
afford it - Romney 2012!'

Active Duty Troops to March on White House

Again, Ron Paul, the COMMIE traitor speaks
nothing of facts regarding how he and Alex
Jones conned American soldiers to die for
their UN lies. Ron Paul states nothing
about the lies around un-restricted access
that were TV censored on the onset of the
war, or the admitted war crimes committed
by un-elected George Walker Bush who closed
9/11 police investigations immediately after
the crimes occurred. Saddam wasn't found in
violation, and Ron Paul with Alex Jones has
"always" forbidden America from UNDERSTANDING
what real Freedom is truly, especially about
the banksters not covering our loans, and
not following probable cause. Just
as they refuse today, to acknowledge the
DEMONIC as truly (in God's Words) SATANIC
liars on our TV, lying to all of us
here for the mass murder of millions more
of our innocent souls forsaken by Ron Paul
and bigot Alex Jones. Life will lead ourselves
Naturally to these rotted American traitor
grunters, to have them arrested for death
themselves, as guilty of bombing our
populated cities indiscriminately. Example:
Nazi grunters dropped 5000 lb. bombs on the
telephone exchange buildings of Iraq,
(warning no one of the irrational action
for Saddam wasn't in violation doing
everything that was asked of himself PLUS
MORE), as mass murdering thousands of
defenseless innocent women for no legitimate
reason, but their hatred of US freely
communicating. The NATO grunters in attack
helicopters mow down our children openly
to state blindly in silence, there is no
possible way King Johnny will succeed to
have them hunted to the ends of Earth, to
insure they are properly buried for their
war crimes against this suffering world.
The grunters dropped nine two thousand bombs
needlessly on Fallujah. Every last FOXSNEWS
grunter in sadist America who takes public
pride is such war crimes as demonic enemies
of Christ, being Rightard Alex Jones fans or
otherwise, as a nazi Veteran enemy still
breathing, of States that have the "Castle
Laws" or Texas' "Law of Parties", will be
formally tried and executed rightly under
American war crime law - by our Brothers,
our Sisters, our distant friends and complete
strangers. Be we Crackers or Niggers or Jews
who they are openly murdering today in Libya,
side by side with the very worst of military
dictatorships on this planet, arm in arm
with the Pentagon tax funded AL-QEADA.
Just get yourself to a Veteran whatever,
look for the grunt traitor to tell nothing
of 9/11's Bush and Cheney escaping, and see
to it he is tried and executed in the name
of all that is Just as Right in America.
Refuse to do what any God loving Christian
Muslim Jew would, will leave today, these
same godless bushite grunters lying to our
faces in broad day light about needing to
mass murder the INNOCENT Jews in Iran, for
Iran's Treaty with Canada and the US to
freely build their nuclear power systems
means nothing to a godless nazi grunt who
tortures and thieves from the innocent
excusing for Bush and Cheney's final
escapes. Cofer Black, aka CNN's "CIA",
or as 9/11's Blackwater, tortures
children to get false confessions
to steal more trillions from US
dying. Let US all Rightly end the
bushite grunters to save the lives
of their next targeted as innocent
victims of godless terrorism.

King Johnny for President.

Alex Jones "Patriots never target civilians."

Alex today spoke of Washington having
executed American soldiers who would dare
attempt escape for raping American women
wearing an American uniform like everyone
at KBR does. Even if it's family begged
for a life term prison sentence, President
Washington insisted it was far more
important for everyone to see the Bushite
grunter rightly dead and buried for it's
crimes, so that way, when the KKK or the
worst of L.A. street gang members even
dared to dream to do such crimes in
AMERICA'S UNIFORM, it would know: there
are not many in positions of honorable
leadership, but real men exist fighting
for real freedom from godless tyranny here,
with their lives on the line. Alex Jones,
all good no, but not half bad sometimes.
Actually, this last show he did, was
truly one of his finest. Still severely
lacking as a Rightard belligerent bigot,
but none the less, closer to fantastic.
Don't let him have US all forget about
the treasons of never elected Bush

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

These Bushites be, the true
enemies of both You and me.

Bush and Cheney's Escape

"US Army sending hardcore
neo-Nazi troops to Afghanistan"
[now, 'policing' American
streets for terror]

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
Bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

'active-duty Marine.. Norteno gang.. shoots two
random police officers killing one, FOXNEWS Hero'

Nazi Gangs in the U.S. Military

"Moral Waiver" Morality not required when raping
and mass murdering Afghans to push dope with Enron
escaping Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Die bushite die.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.

Congress Approves Insider Threat Detection
Program to Combat Leakers of Criminal Malfeasance



U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?

John McCain calls JFK's
murder an "intervention"

This Is True!

Mr. McCain is definately a
supporter al-Qeada. He lies
today for al-Qeada in Libya.
The Pentagon is OPENLY funding
al-Qeada with American taxes
to push their heroin and rape
our families. Let US not let
these enemies of Christ escape
ourselves for proper convictions.

I think we have been somehow
asleep for a spell. Tell you
what, this time, let's dream
of something greater. Support
our rise to popular acclaim,
by taking this stand for our
fellow man. I have a plan.

We need to go back to paper ballots
policed by 24/7 live video feed.

"Every day in the United States,
we are losing 15 factories."

Since 2001, the U.S. has lost a total
of more than 56,000 factories -
Ron Paul Rightards cheering for

Obama’s Liberty Problem - Indefinite Detention

It's called kidnapping. Serious criminal
offense. What?

Ron Paul On The Failures Of Obama In Libya

Gadaffy was NOT found in violation of 1976.
Russia claimed FACTUALLY that Obama and
Hitlerly were lying. Gadaffy called the
cease-fire 1976 WAS ALL ABOUT of which NATO
said, so? while continuing on strafing
defenseless innocent souls at airports,
hospitals, and schools. (They shoot high
caliber weaponry near straight up into the
sky continuously on TV 24/7 as "Freedom" for
example, a crime that should warrant
IMMEDIATE death as I order to all troops
everywhere being our true good King Johnny)
Gadaffy called for the cease-fire MANDATED
again several times, of which [NOT ELECTED]
NATO Stated with CNN no good still. Gadaffy
called for elections (lamely as likely brain
damaged from maybe vaccines or just being
blind pro-American all these years?), not
good enough for enemy to all lawless pro
al-Qeada NATO, for NATO does not want free
elections warring our worlds for the escape
of Bush and Cheney on 9/11. Why? because,
who on this dying Earth, would actually vote
for an al-Qeada leader from Langley in Libya
to STEAL their oil and banking for Evil as
Ungodly TV America? Bush whore ALEX JONES
SUCKS with Ron Paul here, and demands you
too, as HIS, left to lawless Americans must
also pay likewise for Ron Paul to advance
their naked sabotage to God's true Will of
Justice by falsely Demonizing Ourselves for
further ill. Get real. Ron Paul really truly
sucks, he just does on everything, like a
parasite might claiming money would magically
buy Rights not spoken now for without the
green, in a Rightarded evil world where Ron
Paul the COMMIE still gets a "Public Option"
(FEHBP) for himself and multi-million dollar
family of charity collectors, but not you
suckered further for to pay for his true
contempt of all Human Life left marginalized.
He is not a Constitutionalist, nor a 'Founding
Father Patriot' escaping Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11 nakedly in broad daylight
either. Facts are facts, despite AJ's Cult
of Rightards to air the voice we truly
proclaim our own.

When Tyranny is Law
Revolution is Order

'No Public Option! No Public Option!'

They don't fight for our rights to
be measured fairly in defense - is
what it is, to deny the evidence of
war crimes to speak as ourselves falling
further plundered. by these smiling TV
sadists of corporate whoredum, who
sellout all, as just too uncaring to
what The People have a Right to claim
as our true own fight. Good thing we're
already there then as here too in the
future with some great concepts of
Civilized Life. Johnny 2012.

We need to be going back to
following the 'probable cause' of
something, to figure out, nearer
for sure, just what the hell has
happened here. Bigots, such as the
American Rightard, don't like
this fair plan, because they form
their faulted character judgment
falsely as others, blindly hanging
on as talentless rejects. A
Rightard's major trap, is it
will aline itself, to public
badgering of a labeled group of
people, it sees as incapable to
escape it's bigot class confinement.
I'm not Left, I'm not Right, I'm
John. A guy who tries to make a
decision he firstly understands
something about. Minimally..
instead of, 'regulations are
impeding', 'governing is bad' or
the TV classic 'No Public Option!'

AJ still tells his Globalist Cult
they need to support an audit of the
fed as naked evil enemies of Justice
in God - for it has already been done.
Banksters DO NOT cover our loans.

Newt Gingrich: I'll Help Israel Attack Iran

But for what does the American Satanic
Zionist enemy of Christ and God argue is
it's fair reason? No reason. No reason but
to indiscriminately mass murder millions
of innocent souls on our planet - without
a single expressed care for the banksters
that have stolen trillions from America..
Please, war with everything you have, to
demand Justice for this day.

"We hold reliable information that no data
exist on the military components of Iran's
nuclear program. There's no proof for
existence of such components in the
nuclear program," Russia's Ryabkov said.

They, as demons, have no real evidence,
but TV lies to mass murder our innocent
families for stolen gain, until we
together, do something right for a
change, and put the guilty parties
in chains awaiting the Public trials
for blatant ungodly treasons. Bush
and Cheney closed outstanding police
investigations regarding the mass
murder of Americans in New York
City. Someone set explosives into
Building 7, that is yet, to be
arrested. We all start with,
Larry Silverstein.

Justice Is a Must Have

Justice will be a, must have for me as
your new sworn to duty, fairly elected
President in 2012. Be there.

Be an honorable Cop, and as such,
you will be serving to defend US.

Grunt guilty of killing
24 reaches plea deal

Marine Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich
gets three months in jail for massacring
two dozen civilians - mostly children,
on purpose, without remorse, or regret.
His website had but only one statement
regarding his and Tatum's completely
admitted guilt in killing toddlers at
point bank range. 'innocent until
proven otherwise' Admitting his
toddler victims WERE INNOCENT. Likely
"tried" in front of war crimer "Judge"
(never been to law school) Mattis, who
too, mass murdered countless children
on enemy Satanic purposes, while
Publicly stating, 'Don't be naive,
nobody from the middle east lives
in the middle of a desert'. Again,
Wuterich, war criminal, ADMITS FULLY,
he mass murdered little kids playing
American GI, knowing he'd get away
with it in TV America - the land of
godless Rightard Nazi Zionist cowards,
who will openly to watch Bush and
Cheney walk too for obstruction on
9/11, mass murdering still my America.
When a Bushite grunter dies, we all
win freedom. Do not let Wuterich Police
American streets with KBR gang rapists
of American women. Death to the Bushite,
death to the enemy of God and America.

A Real Man Speaks to America

By closing Police investigations, how do
we ever expect to nab the actual bad guys
someone ask Ron Paul, or those like him
that would rather leave You out as anyone.

/ / A former CIA official who publicly
confirmed the waterboarding of top Al-Qaeda
operative Abu Zubaydah was charged Monday
with leaking classified information to
journalists \ \ Torture warrants death.
Kill a Bushite for President Reagan.

Ron Paul Defends The 99 Percent:
‘It’s A Very Healthy Movement’

We want our stolen money back from
the traitors`who claim in Congress,
America is not being undone by
trillionaire thieves, with the
Obama Administration's
criminals. Near 60,000
FACTORIES have left America
for 'free market' cash profit,
while TV republicans tell 99%
of America to further take the
bath, to Watch them blame the
poor, elderly, and disabled.

To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11
and so on...


Ron Paul never tells that bombing innocent
millions NEEDLESSLY is ungodly mass murder.

The Governing Body

".. by the Goldmann banksters." Who today,
as reported by 60 Minutes, are as supremely
evil, destroying tens of thousands of
completely paid for luxury homes, that the
public has paid for at least twice over..
and that the banksters sold as "securities"
at least twice over to the suckers also.
All so no one will ever catch on, that the
property certainly doesn't belong to the
bankster lastly, who sold the title back in
the early 2000's, as, NEVER COVERED THE LOAN
TO BEGIN WITH. Then you say, "no deal". The
private bankster replies, "No you have no free
choice on the matter. Now go get another job
besides the two you already have, because,
the way US trillionaires see's it, you're
going to be paying US back again for being
smarter than a King Johnny Subject. thefool.
Now, by the way, I wouldn't ask this of you
but, for knowing your voting TV Republican
again this evolution. So... How are your
children at scrubbing toilets of the well
to do for free off-shore? Considering your
family time sharing has been pretty much
eaten up for the rest of your existence
here paying foreign entities too and oil
companies half your life to maintain such
a good credit score.. such is the toil of
us slaves in America huh? Romney 2012!
anyways... don't you have a job to do?
Thanks for coming. Now go." Otherwise
banksters might be apt to call on your
servers of tax payer paid Officers, the
bushite grunter teen task enforcers, to
have you and yours poisoned with a
neural-toxic, U.S. "military grade"
anti-speaking sense device, called the
'puppies and kittens peppermint mister'.
and yet a further un-called for 'fair'
beating for complaining about Republican
debtor's prisons.. They are destroying
perfectly fine completely paid for multi
million dollar, taxpayer paid for homes
in the tens of tens of thousands that
cost still Americans trillions!!! now
it's like nothing 60 Minutes is REPORTING!!!
Meanwhile, back at the trillionaires's
Estate.. who truly has done nothing for
no one here by NOT covering Our loans to
begin with, "Maurice! get me my private
public funded jet on the runway. we are
going back on vacation! with these prices,
these pissing on poor Americans can easily
afford it." then.. slap, the door shuts,
and your out in the cold, without you home,
swearing alone about just how damn good
foxsnews is about those not smart
Republicans, all being so stupid
Liberals like that always.
Or, maybe not.

Ron Paul Gets Schooled


/ / Who’s the government? The government created nothing,” said Rep.
Paul. “The only thing they can do is steal, and rob people with a gun,
and forceable transfer wealth from one person to another. ” \ \

This is so twisted evil. I may decide to
write a paragraph or two later, but for
now.. Question: do traffic lights save
peoples lives by helping us get to where
we want to go quicker? Second: did you
know, Elizabeth hired an independent
auditor and found Goldman was fleecing
the AMERICAN SUCKER! Ron Paul sucks!!

Krauthammer: Israel Will Not
Tolerate Threats of Annihilation


/ / Israel will be left with no other
choice but to take action. \ \

As running President I will campaign
Publicly, allowing any facts to be aired,
following with the American Patriot's
demand, to rightly put literate Krauthammer
to death by fair public trial, or to serve
a lifetime prison sentence for his Rightard
TV war crime threats against civilization.
Again, Cult members of AJ, understand, the
bigot Rightard enemy refuses to allow You
as anyone to know these Zionist falsehoods
pushed openly in Public by the Satanic TV
Rightard celebs, as ignored too by evil
Libertarians, are falsehoods that would
sooner see millions of more innocent
victims die with dumfuk American teens,
that the simple truth be spoken by me or
anyone else on the deliberate FALSE
accusations for Nazi warfare; with radio
active toxic waste, targeting specifically
innocent Jews, then Americans, as their
first strike targets, as it was in Lebanon
under treasonous bushite grunter "Marine"
command. The Rightard knows it can't compete
when free speech rules for our benefits.
According to bigot self censor Rightard AJ,
Liberation from tyranny is not possible,
governing is "always" bad as secretly ruled
by his always elusive "Globalist" [not God
seeking Justice fairly wagered apparently..]
but for to give him and Ron Paul more money
to escape the words true regarding the
banksters folly, along with Bush and Cheney
on 9/11, and Reagan on torture. Or, Obama
and Hitlery funding OPENLY al-Qeada ops for
NATO through the traitors hidden at the
"CIA" and the Pentagon to rob Libya further.
[Blackwater's Cofer Black is wanted for 9/11
too as traitor to every innocent man woman
and child still breathing, and he knows it]
As is why TV America is an ungodly death
cult of evil designing to further deny US
Justice fairly stated. Bush closed 9/11
police investigations. Probable cause
is where it is at to begin with suckers.

I've had it all since day one,

Johnny 2012.

Leading Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Media

"Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By
Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney"

/ / Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to
die, but I believe they did have to die. The
danger was inaction could have resulted in the
death of a great many more Americans than 4,000.
And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we
did what we did." \ \ Saddam was doing whatever
was asked plus more - whatdidtheywantbutnotaskfor

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Law. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for God. Contempt for our wise
leaders of civility, contempt for Freedom. Once
nearer a civilized Humanity we were living for
freedom, and now, all suffering with God for
more than a thousand years, due these Zionist
Nazi illiterate savages, pirating our fire power.
Innoculating THEMSELVES blindly with posions that
make US all even dumber. George Walker Bush is
evil personified as the war criminal of the worst
order, ever. As Humanity it must all be our
fault, for I felt I could easily help everyone to
be more Human than all we've been left as on TV
since 911 happened on our watch. One thing is
for sure: Lawless wars for ungodly tyranny by
slavery sucks for everybody. Justice is a must
if we are to ever claim Victory here again.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.


Betting Against the American Dream

/ / ...then Magnetar took that knowledge and
bet against the very same investments they
had recommended to buyers. Selling short
and making a fortune. \ \

You Peoples realize this
is criminal fraud right?

And, if you go to an insurance
company claiming on a one window
shack you personally tore down in
Frisco, claiming it was then worth
near 7 million dollars to the now
nameless broke American sucker that
actually paid for it on credit to
give the 'magical' bankster the
closing right to immediately reap
the winfall (who doesn't cover the
loan), don't you think the peoples
here paying again and again and
again and again to 'un-seen ninjas'
would start to ask questions?
Eventually? The Bigot Rightard
dividers on our radio and tvs
are just evil good for nothings,
stealing our voices for a just
cause in victory. Real Victory.
I am apt to not talk about anything
else but Justice for our stays. For
I am what is known as a man. I
don't know what a Rightard is as so
sure of everything everyone thinks
privately without questioning... A
Puppet class? of lifeless drones
feeding into their new world order
claiming powerlessness to stop
themselves from marching lock-step
to their dooms? Regardless, they are
for sure dumb "always" as shitheads,
and yet, as such, they go on and on
about how non-conservatives are "all"
so stupid.. to claim a right to fairly
speak against bigotry?

Free Speech Rules.

Maine GOP chair on 16% of vote: "We're not
going to even accept the ballots. No one's
going to keep track of them."

The Rightard's democracy is a godless
tyranny where they can be bothered to
truly defend anyone's rights, most
especially themselves. For, why
shouldn't this crime warrant the
GOP Chair's immediate arrest for
rigging a Public election nakedly?
Excuses excuses excuses.

Caught on video: America's Freedom
Fighters are torturers for al-Qeada

Where's TV America's "humanitarian
rescue mission" that Obama and Hitlery
claim to be so proud of with al-Qeada
still there raping and pillaging?

Every American TV Channel

Every American TV Channel suggests
Gadaffy was a brutal dictator, as
the justification for why they
refuse still a care for the
indiscriminate mass murder victims,
or for those who had free heath
care, education, and public banking.
1976 was the last year that Gadaffy
made a formal decision on where
Libya was leading, and as such,
there was no federal government
buildings for NATO to bomb with
radio-active toxic waste that will
kill Life for thousands of years.
So as is why, they as war criminals
who DESERVE TO DIE blew up everything
needed by the civilians to survive,
but for the oil they are instead
stealing. Now, Nazi TV America has
promised to give the UN-ELECTED Jew
killing nigger hating al-Qeada forces
a very small cut of all Libya's
stolen money, to further terrorize
innocent women and children, to
torture, as enslave all so the
1% Neocon Satanists can "win" stealing
everyone's lives further for more
Antichrist evil. Remember, Bush
closed 9/11 police investigations,
and Rightard America is a place
of ungodly cowards for the devil,
who sell anything they can as an
excuse to remain numb on the subject
of Justice denied for You, or
anyone else. Instead they pirate
our air waves refusing all calls
to deny open free communications.
Everyday, innocent Peoples of Earth
are tortured in Afghanistan and Iraq
for the pleasures of the Satanic
amerikcan. When the treasonous Bushite
Nazi grunter who holds God and America
like his Oath in contempt rightly
dies, we are all better served for
the loss. King Johnny for President.

American Bigots Tell of Grunts Being Who?

A Bushite grunt does not serve any country.
A traitor to the flag, a traitor to You.
They bomb populated cities to mass murder
indiscriminately. Look at what they did
for al-Qeada in Libya, and on 9/11. DBD.

This is mighty fine.

Maddow reported yesterday on the rank hypocrisy
of Republicans attacking their own proposals,
with foxsnews climaxing on, that they should
'never have ever been born'!, was a true to
Life, God exists moment. Where we can joy in
knowing, God isn't the only one laughing..
imean, through the horror of fluoridation
of course, but still laughing none the same.

Sam Seder has a cool thing too on
Olbermann, where Obama claims no Justice
will be meted against the trillionaire
bankster thieves, all because Obama
personally brokered a settlement with
his private business partners, to wipe
the slate completely clean. Where, if
all goes according to his plan, those
who have had their homes out right stolen
in broad daylight, and can prove it,
will "fairly" receive, the grand total
of, $2000. Now, this is only according
to the bankster's numbers of a little
less than a million families being
thrown out of their stolen homes to
be made crime victims. Plus, remember,
American payers "willingly" bailed the
banksters out for these same frauds in
what were then called Securities. Then,
the banksters were bailed again, with
what was sold criminally as insurance
through AIG that these "AAA"'s (yes,
another fraud) couldn't possibly
go belly up. Then, through proxies
in Europe, they were blindly bailed
again for the same offenses in what
was disclosed through an audit of the
federal reserve. They are literally
robbing America of trillions, as the
now richest persons by far on this planet
who truly haven't earned a nickel here.
Now, Obama wants You, as American payers,
to buy his "compensation" plan maxing
out at $2000 per family victimized?
Did you know: Republicans and Democrats
spent billions and billions and billions
of American taxes to help Katrina victims
that as the victims, received near $0.00
of FEMA's entire good fortune for their
continuing to this day forseen losses?

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

King Johnny for President


Seafood 10,000 Times Over Safe
Limit FDA Says to Eat it Anyway

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is ordering all
members of U.S. Military eat gulf seafood.

"Pentagon [al-qeada] gets the
go-ahead for offensive cyberwars"

This is called criminal, if
not outright high treason.

$52bn of American aid and
Afghans are dying of starvation

War Criminals are shifty. But we are up for the
challenge. Justice for All means America wins.

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate
victims faster than the 9/11 victims"

Emptied his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl

/ / An Israeli army officer who fired the
entire magazine of his automatic rifle into
a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then
said he would have done the same even if
she had been three years old was acquitted
on all charges by a military court yesterday. \ \

She was thought 10. Understand, American tax
payers pay this Satanic demon enemy of Life a
salary to mass murder defenseless innocent
Christian, Muslim, and Jewish kids. How much
would you pay to see himself and personally
responsible Repugnant Demons with the "Judge"
on this matter, formally executed as for sure
war criminals against God and Humanity? Would
you pay enough of a concern to leastly
complain rightly? The Satanic demon enemy
has no remorse over first degree murdering
a helpless 12 year old child, and is named
a Hero to those Satanically committed in hatred
for God and all things beautiful in the Nazi
State of Unholy Israel. George Noory with AJ
told anyone who says anything about it, is
a bad person without questions. Alex Jones
truly sucks man, he just does.

Did you hear AJ the divider tell how
bad M. Moore was, for suggesting America
wasn't broke? What the hell was that eh?
So, all Revolutions campaigning for
fairness are auto bad because,
your still just paying into his
'mastermind' Globalist trap, as,
to simply just demand YOUR stolen
money back with the Law of the Land,
is a big genius Liberal conspiracy
also that no one can fathom. The truth
is he knows he can't fairly compete being
a cheat. We need to host an international
radio program ourselves, with an anti-AJ
segment. Bug Charlie about it if you can

George Walker Bush

and Cheney were directly complicit in the
mass murder of Americans in NYC on 9/11, a
crime that was financed through General
Ahmad, then 7/7 is Peter Powers, while the
banksters have stolen trillions, and no
amount of censorship from the Rightarded
'blame the Unions', 'blame the poor', 'blame
Al-Qaeda' will ever success in fully denying
US these truths well documented. Alex Jones
does not own our cut off switches, to cheat
all Peoples the right to speak factually on
this contempt we have. ..as the Public, for
not following 'probable cause', at an event
in question, to arrive at how something or
another has gone down with understanding.
As the, 'who ever guy', that knows just as
so, is as what we need to do for freedom to
achieve, at defending our dying liberties
here. Nazi Israeli steal innocent Peoples
Homes on a routine basis for example.

US admits Israel is arming and
training terrorist groups in Iran

These are Satanic war criminals needing
immediate death sentences imposed on
them from our militaries. All militaries
of every nation, must target for death,
these CRIMINALS who commit to terrorist
acts for mass murdering innocent folks
with false accusations in our public
arena of influences. Evil is real,
but it is also extremely stupid.

Israel admits it doctored
Gaza aid flotilla audio tapes

Very evil as ungodly Satanic
actually. Have you ever heard
or seen such demon liars in
the public arena OPENLY warring
all of Creation for slavery
like this in History? I still
am so amazed that they have,
so far, miraculously escaped
rightful war crime death
sentence convictions for stealing
our faiths in God like this. To
see these Zionist Jew killers
dead and buried for their
offenses would be a great day
for Freedom - as our time
living here is for Justice.
Remember, we are talking slave
labor prison camps they
randomly shoot at for more
money to steal from
the INNOCENT victims.
Evil is dumb.

LAPD Pioneers High-Tech
Crime-Fighting ‘War Room’

Did You Know: Ron Paul sucks?

Ron Paul, knowing he would likely
win the Rightard's CPAC convention,
has decided not to attend. Again,
Ron Paul is a traitor warring
America for the escape of war
criminals such as 9/11's Bush
and Cheney, and those tied with
Obama's banksters guilty of extorting
trillions still stealing pensions.
Rightards are true cowards who
hide their cowardice by suggesting
Ron Paul is Patriotic, or foolishly
a Constitutionalist, instead of
demanding Fredom as Justice for
all here and now. Down with
ungodly American war criminals.

Alex Jones "If these people
aren't traitors, nobody is."

Paul Introduced a bill today to remove
the section regarding detention of
American Citizens from the NDAA bill

But, misplace Our blame against an innocent
man woman and child all because, we are not
all bona fide American Commies? like Ron
Paul's cult sells out True American
principles routinely as the cowardly evil
Libertarian blood suckers. See, this
position states, America Will mistreat
another as 'not' American to de-serve
Justice, so to naturally falsely
blame one of the six and a half billion plus
'foreigners' out here for a serious criminal
offense., !of which 'probable cause' will
not be the true measure of some one "else's"
innocent or guilt. Escaping the bad guys
every time. Example One: Libertarians are
evil ungodlies because they refuse the
public knowledge that the Iraq war is a
needless, "NEEDLESS", needless TV war crime
costing American lives and treasures 'freely
given' in the stolen trillions.. and guess
what? They for the near entire most,
couldn't care lesser for the real teen
soldiers sacrificed irrationally in their
silent names there, or that banksters do not
cover our loans they pay them half of our
lives "back" for. They do not argue that
these wars are anything but legitimate for,
they do not argue against the merits of the
consequences of raping and pillaging - no,
instead, they state things like, 'the
forefathers warned us about foreign
entanglement' - like, as if to suggest all
of everything is bad every time without
questioning.. just as a Rightard
belligerent cacophonies as loud mouth know
nothing, noitalls.. Like, when did Bush and
the magic TV argue, that American soldiers
must be sent to their deaths, because a
foreign entanglement is what the Republican
thieves will? They didn't.. No they LIE,
they cheat, they steal, without fair public
challenge of which they would naturally lose
to as measured in literally seconds. I am
King for good reasons. Let US together not
forget the millions of innocent Iraqis
indiscriminately mass murdered and or
tortured by these 'lawless' war criminals
who intent to walk our American streets as
pro dope pushing gang rapists, warring still
against freedom in my America, for the final
escape of Bush and Cheney as Obstructing US
Justice here on 9/11.

I Won The Big One Chums

I'm not going to take it anymore
as unworthy a fair consideration.
My America does not intent to going
further as silented victims to
lawless KBR plunderings. Justice
is a Plus. what would anyone think?
What would they think if we had
company over with this place left
in such a shambles? Forward concern
to anyone as your own here please
Mr. and Miss. you'll do it later.
We want our stolen money back from
the traitors`who claim in Congress,
America is not being undone by
trillionaire thieves, with the
Obama Admininistration's
criminals. Near 60,000
FACTORIES have left America
for 'free market' cash profit,
while TV republicans tell 99%
of America to further take the
bath, to Watch them blame the
poor, elderly, and disabled.


/ / With just 33,000 voters showing up to
the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, Republicans
may be quietly concerned about a lack of
enthusiasm for their candidates \ \

This is a failure to communicate. The tv
sells these 22,000ish degenerates are what
American Democracy is all about, in a State
of MILLIONS disenfranchised as crime victims..
Where godless Satanic evil "Americans" will
be exercising all of US to further lawlessly
indiscriminately slaughter innocent Peoples
of Earth for generations with radio-active
toxic waste to steal a nation's wealth for
private banksters and Britain's Queen's BP,
while the bushite grunters from the KKK and
the worst of L.A. street gangs continue to
rape and pillage for enemy al-Qeada. Tyranny
is Slavery. Remember too, the citizens of
Nevada, who voted, were of some, (as nieve
Ron Paul voters complaining to this day),
asked once they got back home, that they
would ever so kindly need to travel once
again, across the State maybe by thumbing,
presumably to vote again, cause something
went wrong with the 'no paper record' for
US Ron Paul voters. Why? More voters, less
likely Rightard Romney the Republican Reject
"wins". Understand, there is near never real
criminal investigations!, or inquisitive tv
reporters anywhere in censored TV America,
when it comes to rigging an election with
sworn to be losers for bankster extortions,
gang raping American women, or flying planes
into buildings for godless tyranny., for
"CIA" dope pushing, torturing, KBR's triple
billings, or as a liquid natural gas pipe
line in Afghanistan for pension thievers
Enron, Bush's biggest financial contributers.
Take your pick for why teen soldiers are sent
lawlessly for terror to their poisoned deaths
in the easily tens of thousands so far...
Don't believe all they teach you teens to
ignore as a, 'we know everything already' on
tv corporate's sleeze programings. For example:
"Caging voters" should earn the perp, like a
Karl Rove, something near a life term prison
sentence, not a twenty something dollar fine
or better yet, multi-million dollar tv celeb
contract for being so "successfully" devious
in broad daylight. After all, we are talking
rigging elections in America.. AMERICA! Do
you care for what's right here? If you do,
throw in your two cents for King Johnny to
participate freely with the facts in
this up and coming "Presidential" debate
for Liberty in our new Century of untold
possibilities, with true one of a kind
greatness. Or further fall to your
cowardly doom in silence as chump.
Whatever you decide.

King Johnny for President.

Judgment Day - A New World Order Defined


58% Landslide!
Ron Paul Wins! oops.. no Romney won...

/ / Ever notice that when the votes are counted publicly Ron Paul
wins, and everywhere the votes are counted in private Romney wins! \ \

Ever notice how wealthy Ron Paul is
while refusing to defend America
from further criminal plunders...
including rigging elections?

‘Damn right’ I personally
ordered waterboarding: Bush

This warrants death under standing
War Crimes Law ushered by Reagan.

Top Department of Justice
Connected To Bankster Thieves


/ / Covington lists 22 from
the Justice Department \ \

This explains why America has not
received Justice yet on this issue
of trillions plundered on mortgage
securities fraud by those financing
near entirely these rigged for TV
elections, with only whores of evil
participating to rob US all further
as the innocent forsaken. All for
the escape of those who attacked
America on 9/11. Like You or me
have no rights here to speak of
fairly as real leadership on
universal liberation.


My Lastest Trick

Remember, INNOCENT Jews are the first strike
targets by the Satanic Zionist. The late
Lenny Bruce spoke that he couldn't find it
in him to be proudly Jewish, for as so,
meant you would have to be a masochist.
A man well before his time. While the
Religion itself through G-D, teaches the
devote Jew to be overtly generous to those
in need, to the point of near Christ like
sacrifice - not grudging for pennies on a
loaf of bread, or giving credit that simply
is not theirs to give as banksters do in
ignorance. For example: every fifty years
a Jewish family is suppose to consider
giving away all their worldly possessions
in what is referred to as a Jubilee, a
celebration of God's greatness, of which,
they as godless Atheist Zionists (truly
Satanic) laugh over at the foolish proposal,
and instead celebrate usually the day being
a godless demonic unjust borderless nation
ruled OPENLY by thieves, by mass murdering
some innocent Christian families at random,
stealing some good Peoples homes, all the
while openly funding Hamas to blame "Jews"
for the continuing taxed American cash
winfalls. (While homeless elderly Jews in
Israel are left to eat at the garbage dumps
- for real. For "charity" it is sold for..
No really, get this; they starve homeless
Jews in Israel to attract charitable tv
donations that they use elsewhere as
Robbers. As reported in their newspapers
even! It would be funny, if not for all the
mass murder, false imprisonments and torture
included) That of some, as Demonrat
Republican, roar for giving even more into
before allowing a wise man or woman they
can't miss, such as my glorious self, to
speak freely to one and all in this chaos...
Then, according to the Religious Jew, this
Messianic Muslim Christian Jewish fellow is
suppose to show up right about now two years
or so ago, to demand justice as fair play
for all, as understood simply by any. "The
Golden Rule". Apparently, we are failing,
for you is sadly, near the only individual
of humanity, just yet, that can actually
understand, what all of something is truly
near as themselves apparently. Anyway...


Video: IOF Shoot Live
Ammunition on Peaceful Protest


No, criminals did 9/11. Of which many
might 'hide' behind the banner of being
Satanically Ungodly 'Israeli', but never
the less, it is all nations having been
found responsible for failing to nab the
escaping true perps so far! for lack
of true leadership on the Justice is
Freedom for All platform. Without using
the evidence to form our conclusions,
on someone or 'something' being guilty
of clandestinely stealing rights of
others victimized, the bad guys will for
sure, still escape as they plan. Bush
and Cheney are guilty of Obstruction, and
how does anyone ignore "embarrassed"
General Ahmad or Condi, Rumsfeld, Tenant,
BUSH and CHENEY!?! Isn't "Jewish" maybe?
(Hamas IS funded by Nazi Israeli for example))
Still, very excellent coverage usable
in the creation of the Public Warrants and
everything, once King Johnny becomes America's
Stand In from Nowhere, Holy Jesus Man God
Exists not present President. You guys will
do almost all the work, and I'll relax as
if on vacation for most of the time...
ahhhaaa. That's if we win...
losing? well that wouldn't be much
better than what many are dying here
as innocent victims for continuing
in lawlessness. As President, we will
get rid of taxed regressions, such
as taxes on quality booze and cleaner
cigs, and boost the economy by leaps
and bounds, by arresting the banksters
guilty of extorting trillions. Then,
give back the homes to those who were
illegally foreclosed on in the last ten
years or so, and fix the Lotteries. Or,
you can go back to less and less of the
same rigged game for losers to cheat
you more out of your house and
country once believed home
to freedom not yet

Johnny 2012 or Bust

P.S. Bankers Do Not Cover Our Loans.

Mitt "Goldman Sachs" Romney

On Meet the Press this week, they told
of how much they all religiously loved
the football, over caring about the
indiscriminate mass murderings of US,
The Peoples by the Pentagon's al-Qeada,
or Zionist Nazi Israeli speaking in
Public as the clearly Satanic with
demon LIES on their criminal wills
to send American teens into Iran to
mass murder millions. Then they went
on happily to tell, that Romney
captured "every demographic" of Nevada
with the exception of 'lawyers that
fight in our Courts for victims',
and maybe the homeless as being so well
off already. (Still, without a care whatsoever
for the banksters walking with trillions,
or GE's mercury lightbulbs.) But realize:
the State of Nevada is unmercifully
criminally plundered by Republican
billionaires who rip off our grannies
with their rigged slot machines, and
Nevada yet! states nothing of arresting
the culprits and rightly seizing back
our stolen winnings. As such, the
election in Nevada was measured by
a fixed total of 20,000ish Republican
voters. A State of millions and millions
impoverished by criminals, that has no
more than 20,000ish Republican good for
nothings, cheats and thieves, LIARS,
dictating stupidly our stolen results
over their further godless plunders.

Remember: Jews will be Nazi Israeli's
first strike war crime targets in Iran,
as it was in Lebanon, and Republican
teens die before anyone else does here
by Satanic con being so easily suckered.

I am truly the Rightard's most glorious
King, but they are too weak to know it.

Justice is Victory in Freedom for Everyone

The Lightbulb Conspiracy (Full Length)

And to think today, in the modern
TV world, the Rightard garners our
stolen respect of brighter folks.
Remember, Republicans with the
Demonrats are insuring American
lightbulb factories, like everything
else are being shut down, and replaced
with a product that actually contains
mercury vapour to kill you with.
While I have a much better idea.
Argon with sulfur.

/ / Russia would regard any military intervention
linked to Iran's nuclear program as a threat to
its own security. \ \

Precisely. We have in Canada, the traitor
to God and Countries everywhere Harper, that
our ELECTED government VOTED to rightly
throw out for his stupidity, (of which an
un-elected Queen from London England, where
they blow themselves up on buses for the
further stolen riches of Terrorist Peter
Powers, Stated, 'What, you in Canada think
you live in a Democracy where you voice
counts in Parliament here on CBC and CNN?')
stating, Harper did, that there is no room
for polite debate, that Iran is building
54,000,000 nuclear warheads. The demon is
NOT challenged by the factless enemy Snooze
media to substantiate his war monger
falsehoods against the completely innocent!
And vaccinated brain dead teen grunters are
trained to only want another excuse to
indiscriminately mass murder millions by
dropping bombs to steal more from everyone
being Satanic Zionists, while dying for
godless lawlessness, all to enrich those
who sacrifice their cowardly evil lives for
war crimes gain, hidden behind what curtain.
It's a ugly world here in TV land, where
men practically do not exist to raise a
honorable voice in concern, never mind their
fat asses, but for to blame bigotedly
blindly, any other but the for sure guilty

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected
demon enemy of God he means? Alex Jones

Bush "There's no need to discuss
evidence of innocence or guilt."

What kind of inhuman monster could commit such a
willful crime against innocent others for money?

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes for Fun
(all the while STEALING billions from America)


/ / The 68-ton tanks are propelled by a jet
engine and equipped with a 120mm main gun that
can destroy a house more than a mile away \ \

The Anatomy of a Still-Open Hot Case

/ / Again, we
are not talking about experienced detectives
and savvy and independent prosecutors. No;
just a handful of masterful and deceitful
politicians and their puppet administrative
staff. \ \

Happy Daze

Bush team 'agreed plan for WAR the day before Sept. 11'

Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

/ / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
[..] and was planning “large scale operations in
New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
provided this information to the US in August
2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in July -
60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly goes on
vacation - to warn who? - all the while. Condi
conniving her genius plot for overthrow.)

Condi said there was no plan, then Armitage said
there was, then she said, golly gee, there was
indeed a "top secret" plan after all, written
from her very own pen. Designed not to catch
the bad guys by finding those responsible by
documented fact, but, so they can blindly make
off as war crime thieves who immediately closed
criminal investigations regarding the tv matter.
Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of
innocence or guilt." Did you know, some
times people or the Antichrist commit
criminal acts to cheat ourselves
a better life?

And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 47
million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban.
Who the Nazi enemy grunts tortured for being
so, pro-America., as funded directly by the
Bush Administration weeks before. I mean,
come on..

Free Johnny!

Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush

Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)


/ / Online voting for Human Rights Hero
2011 closed one month early, and result
censored, after Libyan Leader Muammar
Gaddafi took clear lead \ \

While CNN still tells, what a terrible
person Gadaffy was for free education and
health care, compared to NATO and the
Pentagon's al-Qeada running the show
Satanically for BP and private banksters
now, to mass murder the innocent crackers
and the innocent niggers, and most especially
the innocent Jews for NATO. (MADDOW with
Engel) Did you not hear? The new al-Qeada
leader in Libya claims he and his
Pentagon partners are going to steal
as many or more than 200 wives each,
for taxed American males paying for it
all still, do not exist as men to defend
their own wives and daughters either
from the still breathing our air, KBR.

The Rightard American Male Is No Man

That much we all know is certain.


John Kellermann - The New Pearl Harbor.mp3

DJ Green Lantern Feat. Eminem - Shade 45 (Sirius Bizness)

/ / this [tv] shit is run by fake Christians,
fake Politicians, look at their mansions,
and look at the conditions we live in. \ \

As minions of the Antichrist, they not
believe in God's Judgment against their
inhuman tyrannies, of bombing our innocent
Humanity without causes. The Bushite grunter
is warring the Peoples of Afghanistan to
rape children, to murder innocent Christians,
to torture and to push heroin all for the final
escape of Bush with Cheney here on 9/11. And
real men of American virtue don't even barely
exist to mumble their cowardly disproval in
US blindly allowing the Bushite grunting war
criminal from the KKK and the worst of L.A
street gangs, to walk these streets alive
as foxsnews heroes, in their dying for
evil, godless America. The banksters do
not cover our loans. Bush and Cheney.

A Bushite grunt does not serve any country.
A traitor to the flag, a traitor to You.
They bomb populated cities to mass murder
indiscriminately. Look at what they did
for al-Qeada in Libya. Die bushite die.

Colorado Republicans Declared Lawless -
'Given' Immunity from Prosecution by Who Again?

Then when they gang rape your American
wife with KBR's McCain and Cornyn, you'll
state, 'hey! someone help me here'..
and all you'll hear from your neighbour
is the silence you give America today,
to not speak the outrage every human
being here has for the continuing
contempt of Freedom the Republican
enemy of God has. The banksters have
stolen trillions. Bush and Cheney
closed 911 police investigations -
live with it as a Nazi Bush bitch
enemy, a coward, or as a man true
to his word.

Mossad doesn't believe...

Mossad doesn't believe Iran would
use nuclear weapons, but will grunts
mass murder for Satan anyway?, as the
same cowardly evil liars warring
to lawlessly enslave America?

King Johnny for President

The Bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

Americans just don't care enough of
Humanity to simply forward these words
in their stolen evil names dying.

'Gasland' Journalists Arrested At
Hearing By Order Of House Republicans

We know the American Rightard is all
into needlessly polluting America for
cash bribes from "clean" "natural" gas
and family coal, and really wants
mindlessly that gas line to poison
millions of Americans too, if it means
dying American teens for more stolen
profits to BP and Dutch Shell (really
British), but the truth of this matter
where Congress arrests good journalists
for reporting facts at a "Public Hearing",
has got to be challenged by every last
dying deaf dumb and blind American
Rightard Bush bitch degenerate, or,
continue to suffer forsaken victims
by the demonically happy all the time
tv liars and thieves. Mercury poisoning
will do that to you. In fact, why
don't you go watch the movie Gasland
if you haven't yet, then ask yourself
just who the hell do these Rightards
think they is talking down to us here
about our quiet spoken robbed grannies,
and desperately in need of loving care,
illiterate children playing with
mercury light bulbs that will toxify
tens of thousands of gallons of
water with a single break? We, as
a Species, must WAR the Rightard
censors with the science of this.
These "improved" GE light bulbs
are serious bad news my friends,
serious bad news. Besides, we
have so many greater inventions,
and, energy should be made as
free as we anyway. But.. alas,
look at this:



Every instance, a criminal fraud
perpetrated against America by Ron
Paul et al., all because the Rightard
doesn't have the mind to intelligently
defend US, while refusing by censorship
to acknowledge much wiser men or women
from our communities being actual true
liberators, so sides as enemy nazi
fascist commie pinkos, to cowardly
advance attacks against the further
left as undefended American victims.
Cowardly and evil is what the American
Rightard is factually, who can't freely
compete, because it knows, it's a loser
in all truthfulness. Honest John I am.
The Rightard American male is no man,
this much we all know is certain.

How is this so complicated, that it
requires further explanation on American
cowardice to be real men and women of our
dying communities? When the anti-Justice
Bushite pro-torturing dope pushing mass
murderer dies rightly, we all win a
better future by saving real Peoples
innocent lives. President Reagan
rightly warrants death against these
Bushite enemies who torture as enslave
all as innocent, with his as true American,
War Crimes Act.

Holy Fuck Man

When the lawless Bushite dies, all of
Creation sings praise. It is an enemy
of Life the bushite is, who bombs our
innocent families, who tortures, who
steals, who destroys all that is good
and Holy of Mankind. They gang rape
American women as KBR, and the males
do nothing but blame the powerlessly
weak as disabled. They read my great
words for mercy to all, and only forbid
this call to continue for what is
truly Nobel as Just. They lie as
cheaters of Good will to steal my
Rights to be free here. It is in this
eternal calling, I will as King run for
President as a near penniless hungry
man, of the greatest morals as courage
and true strength this world has never
yet seen. Yet still, the Rightard as
they fall, will name me as 'Liberal'
or 'gay', or 'nigger cracker', 'ankle
biter', whatever to hide the second
coming of Christ, who simple words can
split a Rightard in half. In the ungodly
evil nation of pirates by war crime,
known as our America, I grant all
persons a right for Salvation, of
which America in contempt today for me
on their TVs and radios, will in
lesser chances refuse still, the honest
to God truth to be spoken freely, as
being unholy demonic censors. Let him who
hath understanding, reckon the number
of one. Johnny will end the godless
existence of America's Repuglicon
Demonrat 'lawless' enemies of my
even greater father. As minions of
the Antichrist, they not believe in
God's Judgment against their inhuman
tyrannies, of bombing our innocent
Humanity without causes, but for to
rob and pillage for the Peenacker
Neocons final escapes. No longer will
I sit here begging for males to become
men in cowardly evil unjust America,
I am demanding it.

Iran Is NOT Building a Nuclear Bomb

Ehud Barak,"We will know early enough
whether the Iranians are ready to give
up their nuclear weapons," Zero evidence.

Think of how truly ungodly Satanic this is
Peoples of Earth. It, the Zionist enemy,
wills to mass murder tens of millions of
US innocent folks for it's ungodly demon
lies, all to escape the wrath of Humanity's
censored cry for Justice against this
specific ENEMY of good will named Ehud
Barak. We are expected to all be lost
in tv made un-certainty, while Satanic
Ehud Barak 'escapes' a rightful death
sentence for his war crimes against

/ / To date, every inspection of Iranian
nuclear facilities has documented that no
nuclear materials have gone missing, and
that there is no evidence of an Iranian
nuclear weapons program the inspectors
have been able to find at all. \ \

/ / The US ambassador to Israel on Friday
said the United States would not remain idle
and be complicit in a second Holocaust. \ \

High treason warranting death. Iran has
not been found in violation with anything
to do as secretly building a nuclear bomb,
falsely alleged blindly by those who
intent to mass murder millions of
innocent Peoples as truly Satanic.
According to what?
The Bible for one.

Besides, Iran has a treaty. Die
bushite die instead how about.?


/ / Have you noticed that the Scholars for
9/11 Truth, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Webster
Tarpley, and virtually everybody else in his
truth movement never demands that the
military or the police arrest Larry
Silverstein \ \

Larry Silverstein, easily, for sure. And
Mr. Bush too, they near all sell uniformly
as good Nazis, trumpeting, 'he's just a
puppet' for his wilful high treasons to con
teen soldiers dead needlessly to escape
those directly responsible, as found guilty
to be so on any side of the fence - found as
so by following probable cause as a free
market society truly wills. General Ahmad
is not anything Zionist or other sided, but
Wanted by Johnny and the FBI for financing
the first degree mass murder of Americans on
9/11, working with other traitor Generals of
the Joint Chiefs, such as Sattler, Mattis,
Russell, and Saudi Wahabbist Blount, (NONE
claimed "Jewish") to kill off more American
brain damaged cowardly evil teens, as the
results of warring for torture further for
UNGODLY false Public accuations blindly
against US, "US" as established only as
innocent others left un-defended by
corporate tv impartiality. But yeah,
Alex Jones severely sucks as an unfair
arbitrator bigoting for his universal
anti-God stink-outs. For Example: BP
removed the "safety fluid" which CAUSED
the blow up - without a shadow of doubt
available, for the rig workers have
testified as much to Americans through
an absent of Humans, Congress hall of
duplicitous sinister Satanic traitors
to good will pirated as US left further
dying forsaken victims. Ron Paul won
the Republican National Convention of
2008 with more votes than all the other
candidates combined, and the Rightard
didn't speak against his naked hatred
for REAL Freedom, with the new multi
millionaires of "Campaign for Liberty"
claiming, 'America lost criminally fair
and square'. Working directly with AJ
without handshaking, not allowing the
truth be spoken freely. (Listen to
"the Peggy incident" if you can find
it.) Can you imagine how let down God
must be here in the dying land of the
Rightard degenerates? Bush and Cheney
ordered the closing of outstanding
criminal investigations into 9/11
immediately after the crime occurred,
and Alex Jones don't want to let no
one be truly empowered to fight back
against the Antichrist lawlessness -
but blindly for His "Globalist"
routine, 'all the same', bigots are
it, single absolute motive that only
He possesses as infallible. Not KBR
gang rapists, bankster Extortionists, or
newspapers that advise we continue to be
fluoridated for fear of their private
uncertainties as a small few examples.
Frankly, as the Son to God, I personally
know it's all to do with the Rightard's
weakness of character to defend itself truly
when free speech rules - but that is neither
here nor there, with We critically not
needing to know any more, why pirate Alex
Jones is openly a foolish Rightard bigot in
Public, but for his true contempt for our
American flag censoring that our governing
can never do any good with US fairly, being
true freedom as honorable. The Golden rule.
Just think: Alex Jones has not uttered a
word against Nazi Israeli as/or the evil
Republicans having no legitimate reason for
mass murdering millions of Iranians - of
which our Jewish communities will, of
course, be their first un-televised targets,
then the innocent American families too as
it was factually in Lebanon. Unless Justice
succeeds now. I want to Host Coast to Coast.

Ron Paul Sucks


/ / But pay attention to what Paul is
actually saying above. He's not saying it's
bad, he's saying it's bad *when the
GOVERNMENT does it*. \ \

Also, this Rightard sell, that Ron Paul is
against traitor war criminals is bullshit.
He never argues indiscriminately mass
murdering humanity to rob from US all is
wrong, but instead, that any action taken by
a government to defend the innocent is
"always" wrong. He demands like traitor
Rand Paul no Justice for America on 9/11
therefor. He never tells, that tv America
on purposes demonic, conned American
soldiers for death to escape Bush and
Cheney. Saddam wasn't in violation either,
doing every thing that was asked of himself
plus more. Millions of Iraqis have been
first degree murdered, with more than 50,000
grunts rightfully dead and many more still
dying poisoned deliberately for nothing but
the Rightard's contempt for Freedom as Justice,
for Humanity, as they have openly robbed our
nations of near everything, while still
gang raping American women and pushing
their heroin onto America for al-Qeada.


The Bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

Americans just don't care enough of
Humanity to simply forward these words
in their stolen evil names dying. They
hide from our humanity their inhumanity
towards Mankind, as against God. Americans
openly fund the very worst of military
dictatorships on this globe to rob
Humanity of Justice, with the nazi
grunting dope pushing rapists
chanting 'whore yeah' for Satan.

Golden Rule Booed at Demonic SC Debate
(these be not Human, but rightard nazi)

Again, the Rightard bigot is not of God,
or human to be so dead set on dying for
the most henious of evils. DBD. When a
bushite grunter dies, we all with Christ
win freedom in God. DBD.

/ / torture and sexual brutalization are
regular practice and called Camp Justice \ \
Obama is making the 3rd Infantry into "cops"
headed by SAUDI WAHABBIST, Buford Blount.

Americans, know who your enemy is. Ungodly
evil tyranny against our Humanity for the
benefits of who in high places again?

The Second Coming of Christ
will go something like this.

Israel Accuses Humanity of Hatred

Israeli prisons are filled with REAL
JEWS, who have refused to commit a
crime against God as humanity. So,
as a consequence they hold them
indefinitely without trial. What
could the offense to God be?

Soldiers, My Friends

Soldiers, my friends. Understand, the
magic TV and every Republican has not
expressed a concern that al-Qeada is,
and has been openly financed by the
Pentagon. Nobody there truly cares to
be honest with you. Well, I do. I care
for the victims of these needless wars,
for the gang rape and torture victims.
I care for the millions of American
families that have had their homes
stolen, and their foods tainted.. I
care for the guys and gals who get
ripped off by our bad economics criminal
run lotteries, or government sanctioned
'health services' that do nothing to
treat deadly causes. I care for the
ignorant intolerant unclean masses who
for the life of themselves as bigots,
can't yet figure, the banksters do not
cover our loans, and that the bail-outs
are the crimes of extortion. True, I
am what some might call, occasionally,
intelligent beyond comprehension, BUT I,
unlike any other, will wide open
communications for real public debates
on where FACTUALLY we all could go from
here, with science as reason to measure
our achievements. Yes, it's true, once
in a while, I will make a Rightard out
to be truthfully dumber than shit, but
that's just our way, and in it self,
doesn't cost innocent lives. Support my
nomination, and I'll promise you here
and now, teen Soldier lives will not be
needlessly sacrificed by TV Con for
further ungodly tyranny. Or..

Grunts Assault Peaceful Peoples
Demanding Our Stolen Rights Back

These are not Cops dedicated to defend
Americans as being Bushite servants
of Evil - as is most certain when they
war side by side freely with the most
oppressive military dictatorships
on this planet. Ask anyone, when
the Bushite traitor to God and
Country dies, we all win a
better future saved from
indiscriminate mass

America: Let's Save Manning

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

/ / Manning was ordered "to round up and
hand over Iraqi civilians to America’s new
Iraqi allies, who he could see were then
torturing them with electrical drills and
other implements." \ \ know what what still
is called enemy al-qeada

Death to the Worst of War Criminals

Let every last American man, war the
Rightards to free innocent Manning.

Dennis Kucinich - "AL Qaeda flying
it's Flag over Libyan Courthouse"

President Obama signed an executive order
Monday that will create a formal system
of indefinite detention..

War crime kidnapping, and torture
warrants death under standing American law.
They are already torturing American soldiers
for money.. not enough still for the
American to raise it's lifeless dying

Bankers Do Not Cover Our Loans

The Muslim Jewish Christ is Awareness
Ourselves. 'Yeah yeah' you say? No, I
can explain it in about 60'ish seconds.
Disagree? Perfectly fine, for the
definition is naturally dynamic, with
defenses that are incredibly simple
if you had the mind to read any Bible
as a timeless work of wonder. Arguing
the certainty of uncertainty is
pointless with a grunter too, who
doesn't want US to freely communicate
our common cause against first degree
mass murderers of our innocent friends
and family robbed of everything. Justice
is Freedom to Be Whatever Man. Go your
own way not to deny that same privilege
to innocent others, and you'll be walking
a clear path free of our Nature's wrath.
Only is simply fair as wagered. Don't
believe in the Golden Rule? Or Quuantum
effects as physicists who aren't crazy
(yet!) call "Spooky"? Oh you will.
Life is Amazing! .Forward this.

'Banker Gangs' Are Still On the Loose
the Justice Department Won't Come Clean

1952 corporate tax as a % of GDP = 32.1%
2012 corporate tax as a % of GDP = 1.3%

Libyan detainees die after torture by Obama and
Hitlery's al-Qeada, says Amnesty International

And the TV couldn't care less if their
own 'innocent' lives with America's
criminal Congress hung in the balance
for being blatant naked accesories to
war crimes earning rightful death
sentences as LYING sacks of shit,
trying to make the big break for
Bush and Cheney here on 9/11, by
calling the cowardly evil grunts
heroic for whoring as Satanic.

Afghan president rejects US apology over killings

/ / nine Afghan boys [under 12] were
gunned down by two attack helicopters \ \

/ / Disturbing footage of Apache attack
helicopters killing people in Afghanistan
is being shown to frontline British soldiers
in "Kill TV nights" designed to boost morale \ \

This is why the American Patriot takes
great pleasure as a true love for Christ
in God, to kill the Bushite without a
second thought to save it's next innocent
victim., that could be anyone. The grunt
takes an Oath to defend, that it, as like
a TeaBag "Constitutionalist" holds in
total contempt, while mass murdering only
those they know to be completely innocent
to escape Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on 9/11. As heroin pushing enemies of the
Republic, the Bushite Nazi grunters
deserve to die, to defend their next
innocent victims. They do not support
Justice for themselves even, while knowing
the Pentagon has tortured thousands of
American GIs to sign over their savings
to Rumsfeld, (notice no complaints from
the brain dead zombie mutes either) and
I'm like the only real man as True American
here to complain about it this directly.
What does that tell You?

Look, a good percent of the cops are
from Afghanistan, where they would
blow up girl schools to blame the
Taliban, while making rape legal and
the killing of men women and children
just because they were true Christian.
Warring side by side with the most
despotic military dictatorships on
this planet. In Iraq we have thousands
of vids of them slaughtering defenseless
innocent children from our sky while
flying in attack helicopters. Chanting
'whore yeah' for Satan. The Bushite
was caught dead to rights in killing
38 young children between the ages
of 5 and 12 with explosives, then
trying to FALSELY blame Zarqawi for
it under Sattler, 'Hero' Sgt Shamar
Thomas' ass fucking buddy. The Bushite
seriously deserve to die by American
firing squads. The Patriotic Taliban were
formed specifically to war a bushite
grunt to defend a female's rights.
The Taliban had a girl school program,
and women had the choice of wearing
a Burka or not. That is why the
Bushite deserves rightly to die
today for it's Rightard DEMON LIES,
before it steals another innocent
life with lies as they have done in
Libya for al-Qeada, too as they have
done raping AMERICAN WOMEN for
Republicans in KBR, all to escape
TRAITORS, the Rightard's Bush
and Cheney with the Peenackers
for 9/11 in a dying nation of
cowardly godless males. So cowardly,
they can't even be bothered to
raise a phone, or forward a
post as wonderfully true as this.
Who cares? A Bushite certainly
doesn't for anything or anyone.

Kill a Bushite grunt for Freedom.


Bushite forces around Kandahar are blowing
up or bulldozing houses, assassinating
sympathizers and using mass reprisals
against the civilian population.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing
six of them and wounding one other. \ \

A Good Word for Nazis

Nazis were no where near as evil
when the dope pushing Bushite grunters
arrest all military aged males (10-55)
to be taken away to be tortured to
death as American "freedom". Bombing
indiscriminately with radio-active
toxic waste that will kill precious
Life for thousands of years, and still,
the Rightard censor for furthering
tyranny commands OUR national media
discussion firing against the weak,
elderly, and poor. All to escape 9/11's
Bush and Cheney with al-Qeada, and the
banksters who never cover our loans.
Bush and Cheney need to be rightly
brought into cause-study awaiting
their war crimes trial for 9/11. Bushite
deserve rightly to die under the Laws
for murder in Texas, and war crimes
law excepted by every last civilized
Peoples. They torture, they rape, and
they push dope for the 9/11 perps final
escape, as true traitors to Johnny
and Life. God's Will is Just.

Republicans for Rape

were you aware that 30 Republicans
have made it legal in America, to
gang rape our wives, daughters, and
mothers as lawless enemies of Christ
and God here in Republican TV America?
Can you possibly care for anyone truly,
to forward this concern for others
as your own left forsaken too?

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

Johnny's America

AJ spent Sunday demonizing all of every
governing body, suggesting any two
honorable men shaking hands on a deal,
or any arrest of a criminal for a crime,
is top secretly, His Globalist conspiracy.
(insisting to everyone, traffic lights
do nothing ever to decrease congestion,
or save Peoples lives. Or that GOD isn't
a Globalist?) Anything AJ will say to
whore America as pirated for Ron Paul's
continuing attack against minimum wages,
Public health care, education, ect.,
while escaping those guilty of high treason
against America, such as for 9/11 and Iraq.
Bad mouthing !FOR! WAR CRIMINALS at the U.N.
ALEX JONES DOES!!!!, as the rightard bigoted
degenerate he sadly is. Very wealthy though,
so I guess for him, it's all worth while.
The further America is left for dead, the
more his fool's gold is worth. Success for US,
means failure for him, so it is no wonder
he with George Noory is committed to not
allow free speech to reign factually. Ex.
BP removed the "safety fluid" which CAUSED
the blow up, Bush closed 9/11 police
investigations, and banksters do not
cover our loans, and as such, the
trillions in bail-outs are extortions.
Teen Soldiers are ONLY sacrificed in Iraq
for nothing but stolen money in lawlessness,
for Saddam did everything that was asked of
himself, plus more.. Now, we have McCain
going in for the kill, to allow 'lawless'
private mercenaries from the very worst
of military dictatorships, to run 'Freedom'
as the, who cares for You American way with
these words absent to say? Forward this
concern to anyone as your own, please.
Thanks. so,.. reckon.. the number of one
as a son, or as maybe an ever mysterious
woman of a science in wonder here still
unfolding. Welcome to a Paradise found
through Civilized Life my friends. First
things first: we must follow 'probable cause'
to assertain truly a formal Public
allegation of wrong doing - a skill we've
temporarily lost through bad leadership
skills, and a corrupt TV politic of
(un-challenged through censorship)
de-humanizing for criminal greed. We
need a guy like Johnny, a human being,
a good guy at parties, to run for
President to clear this whole mess
up in a jiffy..

Johnny 2012 - because we know better


Bob Dudley said that BP had in fact had the
best year in three decades with taking tons
more exploration acreage from the dying
Americans freely, as most especially. A new
video with maybe 312 hits on youtube, from
the Louisiana Environmental Action Network,
features first-hand accounts from mothers
and grandmothers about the chronic health
problems and deaths afflicting an alarming
number of children who live in the Gulf.
Who cares here? TV America is just fucking
US evil man. BP removed the safety fluid
which CAUSED the well to blow. They refuse
to forward my REAL calls for Justice, not
because they disagree, but because they
can't, as knowing then, what a real man is.
They hide from our humanity their inhumanity
towards Mankind, as against God. Americans
are left to rather die Everyone as innocent
victims for the blindly celebrated as Holy
banksters., instead of demanding true as
wise men and women be allowed to speak
freely in public challenge against these
bigot enemy cheaters, who have all our
radio and tv spots to create division away
from indisputable conclusions. Example:
Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 police
investigations, and Nazi Israeli steal
peoples homes on a routine basis without
argument - of which Moses would state what
of the godless affront against Creation? I
can tell you, Christ, or Johnny from the
Christian Jew Muslim Crew, is not pleased
one bit. And Americans just don't care
enough of Humanity to simply forward
these words in their stolen evil
names dying.

Ron Paul "I do not believe it is our place
to dictate how Israel runs her affairs."
Breaking truces to get murdered Jews for
money is a terrorist's crime under American
Law though... Right, Ron Paul is a Rightard.
That's a Rightard for You being Anyone
as just another innocent victim led
blindly to your doom.

'Socialist' Obama to attack the poor?

When Ron Paul OPENLY refuses to defend
the rights of innocent others targeted with
the bankster crimes, (let alone the mass
murders of 9/11, 7/7, and so on) all the
while 'elected' Senate members personally
profit off irrationally bailing out the worst
of naked frauds into the trillions, for cash
backs from war mongering for Satan through
ungodly evil AIPAC, as by breaking truces to
indiscriminately slaughter INNOCENT defenseless
God loving Christians in Palestine, [TARGETED
You, as the silent American, are left refusing
to defend freedom in a Republic as or so
Democracy. To witness such Rightarded
treachery in our presence that election
rigger Ron Paul is anything but the worst
of tyranny, is un-questioningly un-patriotic.
To not call obstructers Bush and Cheney un-
Constitutional terrorists for 9/11, while
the war crimes of the worst of barbaric Nazi
savagery in Iraq now Libya, are called a,
trying to do good 'police action' as in
violation with U.N. 1441 and U.N 1973 for
example, doing to rob, to torture, to gang
rape, to push dope, while for no good reasons,
routinely bomb our loving innocent families
from our stolen sky is evil evil evil evil.
Understand, Bushite nazi grunts are warring
God and Humanity in Afghanistan to officially
RAPE children. If there was ever a good reason
to kill a Rightard's dope pushing grunt soldier
that bombs our communities indiscriminately
while shouting, 'whore ya, whore ya' that would
be it. Their godless nation refuses to defend
such children, for then we would all clearly
know who the enemy here is walking our
American streets.

There Was No Reason To Bomb

Understand, Alex Jones with George
Noory forbid this truth to be spoken
with every last Libertarian good for
nothing. "Fiat" is just another word
for credit, and isn't the issue, the
issue is trillionaires walking out of
OUR banks with OUR money, over loans
they never even cover to begin with.
With Glass Steagall gone, we have
investment Banksters not required to
put forward a REAL single red cent! Not
a fucking penny do they need to give
themselves, bad loans in the tens of
billions as it was so in Ireland,
then, the TV people made as lost to
blindly cover the loss. Instead of
getting our EXTORTED money returned.
See? This is why they give out a,
let's say, a billion dollar bad
loan to themselves, for they HOPE
To think, there are people on this
planet who have defrauded America
for more than a trillion dollars
personally, as reported by FRONTLINE,
and all they do, is war US further
to get a Republican "elected" to
make for their final escape with
Bush and Cheney.

Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked!
Banksters don't cover our loans.

We Don't Know Where 2.3 TRILLION Dollars Went!


These be ENEMIES of America's Defense, who
ROB America of trillions, clearly. Look, if
you were legitimately protecting America as
innocent victim, you would want to know
where every trillions is going.. Instead,
they war America as pro-torture grunters to
not have the sacrificing People ACTUALLY KNOW
what happens to near around 80%, EIGHTY
PERCENT!. 80% that the TAXED American pays
the Pentagon to Claim; they as most in
Congress have no interest in knowing about
9/11 either. So, so must with 'Socialist'
Obama, attack the elderly and poor. It's too
tricky apparently to the PAYING TV American,
but everyone else needs to get calculating
quick on this. We need Public FBI Warrants
for arrest to stop further lawless plundering
by those who steal our lives through NATO.
Done all above board with the lights on.


Bush "There’s no need to discuss
evidence of innocence or guilt."


Your paying a private insurance company, when
in truth, you need not pay them a pretty Penny.

Leaked UN report reveals Qeada/NATO torturing,
lynching, and abuse to Everyone in New Libya

This is very misleading. Why? Well,
when Gadaffy first learned, that now
NATO/OBAMA/QEADA's "partner" in war
crimes was torturing a kidnapped Human
Rights Lawyer in Libya, right under his
tent, he ordered every last political
prisoner under false arrests by that guy,
(a guy tied directly to the Bush regime,)
be immediately released. This was BEFORE
NATO started bombing schools, churches,
hospitals, stores, houses, airports,
cars. See? no government buildings
existed, so they had no sellable
excuses from the get go to bomb
anyone dear as war criminals - for
Gadaffy wasn't found in U.N.
violation either.. but for these
WAR CRIMINALS, none of that TV matters,
the main thing was to indiscriminately
mass murder innocent Humanity with
radio-active toxic bombs as ENEMIES
TO GOD, to steal the oil, and banking
as they are attempting to escape all
ourselves with, armed as al-Qeada.
Let's not leave them do that to US
my friends, let's not let them do that.

Obama "Nothing will be gained
by laying blame for the past."
(yes, he really does say this)

Good or Evil?

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds
for rebuilding Iraq 2007-2009 is
MISSING and 100% from the years
2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

Replace Medicare With Voucher System

/ / Hey, here's a great idea! Let's make
the best government program we have into
an inefficient cash cow for the benefit
of the insurance industry! \ \ that
would prefer you to die before healing.
So, naturally, of course, it is,
"Gaining support in Congress"

Money has been privatised by stealth

Hey! ...this is GREAT! ..and it's
in the popularly influential
Guardian. Excellent. Bravo
on all that jazz. Just remember,
we are 'paying them back' for
money they never privately
lent us. And some, have literally
trillions and trillions of our
dollars that they will, be not
truly understood about.

WTC 7 Explosion That the Magic TV Refuses to Show - Why?

/ / NIST is now cornered: trapped within their web
of lies. Now that the video of the firemen reporting
explosions has been released from NIST archives,
they have NO EXCUSE for failing to investigate

This is high treason. \ \ You got that right buddy.


/ / Honeywell describes an already existing
"secret" disabling FMC code that can allow a
GPS-guided aircraft autopilot system to take
away control of an aircraft from a pilot during
emergencies. Honeywell state-of-the-art Flight
Management Systems (FMS) were used by the four
aircraft reportedly hijacked on Sept 11, 2001. \ \

We must demand Justice.

War by Deception Director's Cut

IDF DENIES disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

You know, when you say you blame the innocent
Jew, you serve the war criminal ungodly Zionist
enemy right?


"Newt Gingrich, in 1997, proposed the
death penalty for marijuana -- for
possession of marijuana.." as our TV
qualified 'statesman', but what for
little Johnny? More gruel.. tomorrow.
Can you believe this? Mr. Grinch
actually campaigns to put five year
olds to work cleaning bathrooms for
Certified chronic bankrupter Mr. Trump
then? ~Suggesting~ the only reason
anyone would be not working in the
pitch black, is because they don't
have the experience as a half decent
way of making a good living in this
world.. NO TALK of the now very near,
60,000 FACTORIES that have already
left AMERICANS for greener pastures
in 'free market' unlawful military
dictator sinking ships. of Ron Paul
wannabes (you victim) instead. covered
in badly drawn 2¢ comic book fictions
of a breed of ignoramuses never seen
before so foolishly depraved in their
own made up filth called Patriotic,
while soldiers are conned for needless
deaths. In their wallowing cowardice as
pimped for sell out whoredum, as, "The dumb
dumbs"; 'Down with Big', 'Laws are bad',
'Ron Paul! the Commies cheat' Never thought
seen before.. but in a lost time speculated
to be of when real men briefly did not walk
these plains of existence in loyalty to
everything. We are the Law. as fairly
spoken to one as all united in victory
over godless slavery of false imprisonments
with torture, taken for trillions while
drugging our children with ritalin, by a
war criminals greeds to attempting final
escape in our truer names. so far...

Translated: Justice is a must
always willed in the Johnny
2012 Presidential Ticket.
Winners we must be.

M. Rivero "I have had my doubts about
"Anonymous" ever since they showed up
supporting Julian Assange and his
extortion racket pretending to be
a whistle blower site." Extortion?$%!?


What?, that the children gunned down
and MURDERED by the grunt on video,
didn't really happen? where the grunter
actually blames the parents for the
crime because they as an innocent loving
couple, brought new life into this world?
Parents the grunter guns down too with
a reporter, while chanting "whore yeah"
for Satan?

Incidentally, did you know, Ron
Paul made more than a million
Rightard dollars on those news
letters? So he would have to
know personally who was cashing
the checks. But, doesn't want to
tell US, who was dishonest in
his name about the blacks, the
poor, the elderly, the innocent.
He doesn't care enough to get
his filthy hands dirty. See also,
the scum that voted to bomb
Afghanistan to escape the
war criminals Bush and
Cheney on 9/11 doesn't
wash ever as Patriotic.

TV Celeb Bill Maher speaking of
Iran "You should leave physics
to countries with Jews."

Any Idea how ungodly demonic this
Nazi statement from a liar, a cheat,
and a thief of God like Maher is?, who
wills openly to mass murder more innocent
Americans for war crime Caucasian 9/11
Zionists?, who the Bible teaches are
TRULY Satanic being not middle eastern,
but unlawful in God's 'stolen' Holy name?
Understand, Iran's Jewish community is
larger than all the world Zionists put
together in a room to devour themselves
as true enemies of Mankind. Did you know,
Nazi Israeli's first strike targets in
Lebanon were the Jewish communities?
Did you know, the Jews of the Bible
hereditably, as like a birth right,
live in Ethiopia, and that Nazi Israeli
are pro-apartheid Nazi scum who break
truces to mass murder Jews for money
while stealing our homes routinely? Do
you care as a TV "American"? Likely
not, but for only what you too as a
Republican Libertarian Conservative
parasite can steal from ourselves
as the innocent left forsaken also.

Lord Jesus Christ “I know thy works, and
tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)
and I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the
synagogue of Satan.” (Rev. 2:9-10)

'The Synagogue of Satan are an
occult power elite which, having
sacrilegiously rejected the
Messiah of Israel to steal in
God's good name.'

Example: to arrest Americans
to be held without trial is
called kidnapping, a CRIMINAL
Offense. Don't tell yourself
I am all alone on this, as
being serious business of
yours American, I mean,
seriously.. just imagine
third world dictatorship
mercenaries working as they
do, like Aegis does, side by
side with the bushite grunts
as the most ungodly evil
tyrants of lawlessness -
being Republican sanctioned,
'government always bad'
imprisonments of the only
found INNOCENT, to defend
who again as TV American?

Example 2: "Pre-emptive war"
is first degree mass murder,
and in Texas, does as would
rightly warrant death.

Chamber of Commerce Offshores Millions of American Jobs
(then "Debtor's Prison" in a THIRD of States.. Holy Fuck)
[you'd better start caring sooner than later my friends]
"people effected by offshoring should stop whining"
(56,000+ FACTORIES gone - Mr. Grinch 'get a job')

I can't believe Americans all as Rightards still
refuse as the enemy to forward my calls for the
truth to be spoken, but apparently, this is the
case that Sherlock would have walked off the set
for. They lie cheat and steal from themselves
willingly, if it means a wise man or woman won't
be allowed to speak freely on TV or their radios.
Pure godless Zionist Nazi filth to remain silent
against their Rightard tyrannizing, aimed now
directly against their forsaken neighbor being
'lawlessly' gang raped by KBR, while illegally
having their jobs and homes stolen in broad
daylight. Better that, than the "sand niggers",
or innocent Christian children from other
countries in the long run I suppose., See, in
other worlds, being Christian ACTUALLY means, you
believe in a God that is a greater love than what
Americans truly care for. As is why the American
Nazi grunts in Afghanistan sanction the first
degree murder of Peoples in Afghanistan for
simply believing in Christianity. So what DO
Rightard Americans care for then? Not much but
what they can get away to steal from others, so..
no wonder..

The Rightard Mule

The Rightard mule knows it can't compete
honestly when real men speak freely,
as is why, they commit the audience
to censorship, denying US the facts
for a Life they would otherwise
naturally lose to as laughed right
out the Hall minimally. Alex Jones
and his Cult of NWOers forbid open talk
with the facts, because they know where
free men speak, intolerant Rightard
bigot Alex Jones is shown honestly to
be what he truly cons for. Remember,
without doubt, Ron Paul is a true
pinko commie - no justice for You
anywhere. Who gives himself and his
extended family a public option
with all the perks, as too, with his
"elite" fellow talentless election
rigging Repuglicons - who's only
serving purpose is to be selfishly
sinister conning teen soldiers WITH
TV LIES for needless deaths to escape
the actual bad guys. Wake up: Tax payer
paid for KBR is gang raping American
women, as sanctioned 'lawless' by 30
Republicans attempting escape from US
as men in America. American teen
soldiers are dying for no better
good or reason understood, but to
enrich the ungodly war mongering
enemies of Justice, the IRRATIONAL
(no reason to bomb Innocent Humanity)
pro Peenacker ungodly Neocons.

Ron Paul Has Gone Batshit Crazy

I think the important thing here is that
Ron Paul directly intends to deprive the
public power to defend ourselves. Especially
from wiser men and women that defeat his
idiocracy in literally seconds. Explaining
why Pope dope Alex Jones forbids US true
talk of Justice on election rigging, 9/11,
Iraq, BP, and so on.. AJ'd Rather have
innocent Americans suckered for death,
than look as truly evil as he is censoring.
THIS IS THE REASON we have fluoride in our
drinking water. The same evil Rightard
minds at our newspapers poison ourselves
scientifically just as Alex Jones does
forbidding the knowledge of the NEEDLESS
Iraq war. Saddam was not in violation,
and did everything plus more that was
asked of hmself, but Alex Jones doesn't
want soldiers to know so - who have died
for no better good, or reason understood.
Example: The WMDs are still not found,
of which they claimed gave the right to
mass murder millions of innocent Iraqis.
Yet, CNN claims the conflict is [BLINDLY]
resolved now that BP gets to steal all
the nation's oil, while they continue to
gang rape and thieve from others..
What about the important enough to
die teen grunts for, WMD's? Don't
care where they went now? that more
than 50,000+ Soldiers are NEEDLESSLY
dead?, and many more still to go for
your continuing contempt of Freedom
and God? While leaving Iraq and
America ROBBED of countless
more treasures to 'lawless'
torturing demonic evil
thieves and KBR gang
rapists? TV steal
Your tongue?

Example: We do know, Mr. George Walker
Bush with Cheney is treasonously criminal
to America here as Obstructors to Justice
without quarrel. For, even if bin Laden
'did 9/11', he couldn't have surely also
planted explosives into building 7 - he
would have had to have an accomplice not
sought, for Bush and Cheney stopped Police
investigating to make the formal arrests
immediately after the crime occurred.
HIGH TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are born (potentially) to be far more
intelligent, as Natural spokespersons for
the timeless Universe - that has but one
simple golden rule to survive. The Golden
Rule. It's like, don't will to treat others
unfairly in governing, and you'll have truly
no quarrel with yourself is how it all
arranges near our ends. In our personal
day to day, and as nations, indeed, the
world of all worlds. God, Life could be
Amazing somewhere in a better future, with
me as duty sworn President elect to protect
one and all for a term or two. With the
power to speak freely on fairness with a
line item veto when things get too far out
of order. Looking always to take Your calls
while mostly on vacation is the goal I'm
aiming for. Nothing is impossible.

Johnny 2012 or Bust

US constantly violates war law

9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by
the CIA - US Consulate Whistleblower


The Greatest Hoax in the History of Money

We need to get back our money while
putting the crooks in jail for starters.
Who's with We? Johnny 2012.


Members Of Congress Get Rich Off Earmarks

/ / VOTE THEM ALL OUT, save Ron
Paul and a few others. \ \ VOTE?

Ron Paul, a huge enemy thief of America
here, was interviewed by Russert and asked,
'why do you rob Americans in the dark like
this, selling at the same time you state
all government is bad always to escape
war criminals as a true degenerate?'
Ron Paul responded with something
like, 'everyone else steals,
so why shouldn't he?' It
IS a criminal theft. IT

PROOF: Rightards are evil bigots,
who whore for money to leave everyone
further undefended from lootings.


Ron.Paul is LYING about voting Against Repeal of Glass-Steagall!!!

AJ told today, that the 99%ers
forbid discussions about Ron Paul.

Mr. 99%

[why is aj so nakedly dumb there? his bigotry]


Execute Drug Users? - Newt Gingrich

US military admits to guarding,
assisting lucrative opium trade

(a buddy of mine brought this up when we
were speaking about everything recently..)
When along the trail does it become
illegal warranting immediate death as
naked treason? With the Bushite? the
DEA? Mexican Heroin kingpins? Or addict
teens trying to ease their growing pains?
Bushites are not defenders of Liberty in
America here on 9/11 either. I am running
for President of these United States

King Johnny

Army of One

"I have my own army in the NYPD,
which is the seventh biggest army
in the world,” Mayor Bloomberg

As dumb as SOME Cops are, I don't
believe near any are here to whore
to anyone in broad daylight. They
most Will to defend the City, their
country, the People. They are more
my Army as a Man, than Bloomberg,
the fugitive of the Law from 9/11.
If the truth was to be TV told..

Gates: Public Opinion Can’t Stop Wars

Soldiers don't care to do right? Ever?
Are they that dumb as evil war criminals
always my friends? I don't think so..

Trillioniares who do not cover our
loans to begin with is what we are
talking about here.

Half of a 99%er's

good work can be paid out to cover mortgage
payments on a loan the Banker never covered.
Then if times are tougher due to massive
fraud and, the 99%er perhaps just falls short
that last cheque, then, the banker must take
the whole thing (waitforit...) 'b-b-b-ba-back'
'back' the private banker takes it all back.
Takes the house and all the money invested,
while not covering the GIVEN credit, that was
hijacked at some places back in lost History.
Early Bank of Canada conceptions just prior
to the kick off of WWII with Bush banking
Adolf, is a interesting place to seek further
enlightenment along with Glass Steagall, on
just why is it today these, do nothing for
nobody trillioniares, clear tens of billions
for each quarter we continue to pay them
blindly in dying slavery, from bad loans
they profit from, losing to the criminal
Nazi family still killing Jews stealing
homes, we all are. Nazi Israeli broke a
truce to threaten innocent Jewish lives by
indiscriminately slaughtering Christians,
along with 239 Police Officers. It was
labeled by the Satanic as, "Cast Lead",
as in, casting the leads for the first
degree mass murder scenes of dead Police
and innocent Christians, while Hamas was
given the wave to blame "Jews, Jews, Jews"
for. And if you think that is too scary
to mention, wait till you still cowardly
refuse to forward my words to any as finding,
these demonic enemies of Justice, God and
Johnny are stealing our homes on a routine
basis now funded by the American Taxed Payer.
Payer. Payer. Payer. Down with criminals I
say. Cowards of Evil for Godless Tyranny is
what lawless America is currently running US
a ground with, as truly against the core values
of Mankind that eternally stand proud as


Libya: War Without End
(1976 did not 'ok' mass murder)

While, Alex Jones wants more money
bombs from his Rightards to attack
without Justice for traitor, do
nothing for no one Ron Paul? While
claiming Obama has the green light
to slaughter more without his
complaining. Justice equals

The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus

They rigged it last time, with Ron
Paul and Alex Jones thanking US
all for the free money, but not
telling, on how it was so clearly
rigged. More Republicans supported
Ron Paul in the 2008 race, than all
the other canditates COMBINED.
Alex Jones, the bigot, seriously
sucks in a free world where the
facts matter for something. I
want to be the rightful new host,
of the Coast to Coast radio
networks because we are all
being robbed here of everything,
denied the rights we all deserve.
censoring wiser voices has got to
go. Ron Paul is a Rightard Pinko
Commie, he just is. He really,
truly is.


The Republican TV debate highlighted that
the Social Security monies were stolen,
and what did every last Rightard enemy
of God and Man pronounce on the TV stage
for remedy? Further lawless attack
against the victims, with only TV smiles.
Not one spoke for Justice of the murder
victims on 9/11 in our beloved Libya

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, throughout the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Rightards lose as COMMIE PINKO liars and
cheats. A FACT is a FACT: Ron Paul is
a True Pinko Commie. Realize: never a
kind request to demand arrests of any
responsible for plunding trillions, and
suckering soldiers for needless deaths,
all to escape Bush and Cheney on 9/11,
he wills to instead deny the knowledge
of just what is a "Public Option", but
not for his elite self as FEHBP decides
not to foolishly grease the pockets of
private insurance breakers. True, Commie
Pinkoes are tricky sometimes, but always
the losers in a world that speaks freely
for the truth to champion our cries for
Liberty. True Liberty. Ron Paul sucks.

"What God is this?"

Nearly 59 million Americans lack health
insurance, of which pay more than double
what Canadians do for universal. Why? So
the intolerant Rightard Alex Jones party
of liars and thieves can rob you further.
As is why Alex Jones wills to not let the
facts be spoken. He's claims himself to
be infallible to his CULT!, and anyone
who critizes him on anything is auto
cointelpro as/or working for his
globalist new world order - oh and the
Antichrist isn't supremely evil beyond
anything ever in History - nuts. Bush
closed 9/11 Police Investigations near
immediately after the mass murder of
Americans occured. Banksters do not
cover our loans. BP removed the
"safety fluid" which CAUSED the
blow up.. Ron Paul sucks,
and so on..

CIA: 'Pro-Obama NATO war partner is al-Qaeda'


Al Qaeda leader writes column for Guardian!

/ / The Western world now enters surreal
territory as men who have certifiably
killed Americans are writing pro-NATO
propaganda for British newspapers. \ \

Bushite 'I don't care to forward this
post to save the life of innocent
Americans. Where's the money in that?'

Obama's Death Squad Is Against America


Panetta Channels Albright: A Million Dead Iraqis Worth It

Saddam was not in violation, as did
everything plus more that was asked
of hmself. The war was causeless, to
do nothing but indiscriminately slaughter
innocent defensless Humans being, to rob
our humanity of near every last cent
of the U.N.'s "Iraq Development Fund",
including more than a trillion from
American Soldiers still mindlessly
dying for blindly continuing with
their godless evil tyrannies of
silence for my honorable demands
of Justice for this forsaken world.

Hillary Clinton 'We came, we saw, he died’


Peoples of Earth, look at what the
bigot evil American has brought US.
They still are mass murdering our
innocent friends and families for
Satan to steal from God, refusing
all Human beings on their TV and
national radios to demand Hitlery
and Obama be formally executed for
these continuing war crimes with
NATO, for Gadaffy WAS NOT in
violation with the U.N.'s 1976..
They could have done anything to
ask, and sided as evil with al-Qeada
to war crime, being proudly Zionist
enemy LIARS of a just merciful God.
Alex Jones tells their soldiers all,
"they just want to do the right
thing", while they rape Americans
and torture Americans, push dope onto
Americans, and grunt while bombing
our cities indiscriminately, to
finally escape Antichrist Bush and
Cheney on 9/11. Happy George Noory
threatens the lives of all American
teens to not refuse a criminal order,
else he claims, he'll go ballistic
against every last one of them who
believes they could one day become
men. He, like Zionist Alex Jones
falsely believes they can control
Your dying world, by simply refusing
the honest truth be spoken, such as
on Iraq, banking, BP, now Iran, and
so on. Let US all change their evil
ways by getting some accountablilty on
these matters of OURS. Americans die
for their cowardice, die for their
hatred of me speaking freely with the
facts they deny our Humanity. Such as
banksters not covering our loans we
blindly are forced against our wills
to pay them 'back' for sacrilegiously.
I demand I Be Heard Here. And not only
in the best of movies and music either.

/ / Iran must respond to the U.N. report suggesting it may have a
clandestine nuclear weapons program, Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton said at a Pacific Rim summit in Hawaii. \ \

See the demon witch of Satan?

A Satanic Zionist Court is Condemned by Christ


Did you hear the one about the Rabbi who
sucks baby pee-pees, while knowingly having
syphilis? It wasn't until who knows how many
infants were murdered in that way, until
finally a small blurb was reported in the Public
sphere of influence. It was reported that
'no powers of accounting in Evil can hamper
him continuing as TRULY Satanic., so please,
don't bring your infants to that syngogue.'.
and that only after even more sacrifices to
Satan, did some Humans finally crawl out of
their cowardly unforgiving TV dungeon to care
for Life unselfishly, by making our presence
known on putting the monster humanely down
for Christ. Why? Because apparently in the
godlessly pirated nation of unjust "Jewish"
Israel, such an offense against Life wasn't
found by anyone leading a prayer to be illegal.
True story. Similarly when a few short years
back, those 'in charge', murdered tens of
thousands of Jewish children with radiation
because the darker skin tone had suggested
they might have actually been, closer to, the
rightly heirs living in the middle-east back
in lost but not forgotten biblical history
here somewhere. Where it's all about respect
for another's right to be free. Not Jews.

Rand on escaping the for sure bad guys
“Terrorists do not deserve the protections
of our Constitution” as OUR Constitution's
True Enemy. Literally. Alex Jones Sucks!

7/7: Crime and Prejudice

Good show my man, but "suspected
cover-up"? Peter Powers and Ian Blair
are the first targets to be arrested
awaiting public trial for their naked

Notice: no one ever for decades,
in Our pirated governments, gets
Publicly arrested for capital mass
murder as the enemy. It's like that
footage of the one cop in a hundred,
randomly spraying a U.S. military
grade "neural-toxin" (causes brain
damage and sometimes outright death)
onto Innocent American children in
NYC, as they did several years ago
in Seattle too with a very deadly
carcinogen. Realize: most near
every last Cop would rather the
traitor war crime grunt be put
rightly into it's grave, if all
things need being said were done.

Pepper Spray Kills

He needs to be arrested yesterday for
assault and battery, to serve a ten
year prison term, for what was a very
serious chemicals weapon attack
NEEDLESSLY done. For a Cop to claim it
is above all Laws as Bushite enemy
grunter gang rapists do in KBR, is as
an enemy to every last free man and women
speaking. Every day Police Lieutenant
John Pike walks our streets on paid
vacation, is another day of injustice
against ourselves left for further

Obama Administration Worked With Republicans To
Kill WAR CRIME Bush Torture Conviction, WikiLeaks

Why can't Interpol be ordered to arrest Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 immediately?
(that's not we about inter polled as who again
then?) Like those 30 Republicans for gang raping
American women?


War Criminals are Evil

Obama and Hitlery's double standard:
Gaddafi bad for free healh care and
education, Karimov good for enslavement
by false arrests, torture, and thefts

John McCain:
My Daughter Went 'To the Dark Side'

What about the important enough to
die teen grunts for, WMD's? Don't
care where they went now? that more
than 50,000+ Soldiers are NEEDLESSLY
dead?, and many more still to go for
your continuing contempt of Freedom
and God? While leaving Iraq and
America ROBBED of countless
more treasures to 'lawless'
torturing demonic evil
thieves and KBR gang
rapists? TV steal
Your tongue?

Johnny 2012

Obama to Aid Uzbek Dictatorship

An Enemy of Justice Ruling Against US


US faces Russian threat to cut access to Afghanistan

Why only a threat? The bushite grunters have
made it "legal" to rape children, OPENLY push
dope, and kill innocent families only because
they believe in Christ or Justice. Ex. what's
the crime of an American or a student Taliban
asking for evidence to form our conclusions?
Russia would be better to do a truth campaign
world wide, to call on every last man on Earth
with Johnny to defend Humanity from these
godless nazi vermin who war America too with
torture, for the final escape of Bush and
Cheney with those trillionaire banksters.

Study: Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed
(evil, ungodly war crime enemies of the State)

Justice is key to securing a better
future for all as freedom standing

Trillions have been STOLEN, and near every
last "Congressional" cheater, is going to
sell TV wide, America has 'NO CHOICES' but
to start cutting at the vast majority to
further needlessly feed the super Banking
Elite, who do nothing for nobody here while
clearing more than ever before, while near
60,000 factories have left for profit since
Bush, a fact that is not scored against the
left further down trodden. The unchallenged
TV and Radio factless enemies are selling
heavy sacrifices my dying friends.. instead
of demanding war crime death sentences by
Public Trial against the Pentagon and Obama
for directly funding al-Qeada with a
completely needless war crime of mass
murders, all for Obstructers of Justice,
Bush and Cheney's final escape for mass
murdering Americans too. Johnny 2012.

Bushite 'I don't care to forward this
post to save the life of innocent
Americans. Where's the money in that?'

'Neo Con Sites and Pro Israel Christians
Trying to Find an Excuse to Attack Iran'

Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan

"We the people need to rise up say
we'll take a stand for Israel,"
Demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the
retard' Palin said.

Yeah, to defeat the Satanic evil
war crime enemy, God Wills Justice
from demons for our stays. Johnny
the Jew's Golden Rule.

Satanic Settlers destroyed 2,600
of our olive trees in October

Settlers Stone Elderly Palestinian Lady

Is this Human? Or as the Good Book says,
Satanic enemies of every single last one
of US innocent still alive?

Gadaffy lawed, that anyone who uses
military hardware against the civilian
population, will as should be immediately
executed by everyone. That was his speech
the magic tv lied to America about..

/ / On February 12, 2003, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told a
Senate panel that he had reviewed a transcript of a message from bin
Laden stating he was in “partnership with Iraq" which was to be
broadcast on al Jazeera.[14] Al Jazeera initially denied having the
tape,[15] but subsequently located it. \ \ This is HUGE! Why?

The Bush Admin had prior knowledge
about the tape, that was later that
same day, hand delivered to the head of
Al Jazeera, well after the fact.

/ / He claims Its of the devil, Islam that is.
“when Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the
Quran” Immortal Technique. \ \

All Words are of God.

Justice is key to securing a better
future for all as freedom standing

Decorated Police Capt Slams NYPD Conduct
– “Disgusting,” “Totally Uncalled For”
– Joins Zuccotti Park OWS Protest

90% of detained minors tortured in Israeli jails

Remember AJ Cult members, your not allowed
to care here, or if you do anyway, Alex
Jones and George Noory will refuse to
acknowledge the right for you to speak
publicly for such needs. Instead, go
pick on the elderly, poor and disabled
with Rand Paul the cheat why don't you?

I think America owes The People an
apology for treating US unfair here.

‘puppy dog’ imagery to sell genocidal attack

That guy is a war criminal who
deserves immediate death. Gadaffy
was not found in violation with
the U.N.. What did it want to
do? Anything.. indiscriminate mass
murder to rob everyone our rights
to life by breaking our Laws? Death
by True Christian Patriot firing
squads is what we will as the godly
campaign the Public most favorably
for. Remember, that nazi grunting
demon fuck mass murdered defenseless
innocent souls that had done no wrong
to any of US. All to steal Libya's
Public banking and oil, education,
money, Our Lives, for the Peenacker
Neocon Betrayers. Death to the
Bushite, death to the sworn
enemies of God and Mankind.

Johnny Law

Sound American?

US Media Hide an American Atrocity

/ / and slaughtered, one by one, nine boys
apparently as young as seven years old \ \

Sound Human?

CENSORED! Truth about Libya CENSORED!

'Operatives Assigned to Kill Gaddafi'

First degree murder. And again, those in
Texas, who support first degree murder,
need to be immediately formally executed
under the Texas Law, "Law of Parties"

FINAL VERDICT: Corporate TV America is a
Ungodly Demonic Force Against Our Species

Rick Perry on OWS: Money Is Overrated

The Banksters have stolen trillions.
and this is our competion? Come on!

911 - Ten Years Later - What Have We Learned

CIA’s Bin Laden Hunter Ordered
to Stand Down 10 Times - for why?
(think think think think think)

True you Fool


/ / OH THE HORROR.... To those who say I lied
about what Tenent FREELY confesses
(60Minutes-Tenet-2.wmv) LISTEN in horror at what
America is truly led blindly into hell with
STILL.. \ \ crooksandliars pulled the recording!
In it Tenant tells of the bushmob knowing in July
2001 bin Laden was going to get blamed for a
strike big in America from a cave in Afghanistan!
Then later, (not mentioned) in AUGUST! Powell
went over there himself personally, and gave the
Taliban the what for, 47 million dollars. Swear
to God true. NOT HIDDEN. Look it up. I mean it
made almost all the major dailies. See? This is
what Alex and the Rightard COMMIES fear, that
wise men, actual wise men, or women, like myself,
can put this stuff together in seconds by freely
communicating for open challenge on error, of
what would take others committed to dying
through censorship for blind fear, never
in a lifetime spared. Who cares right?

The Grunts of General Sattler

The women and children that were mass murdered
were not all between the stipulated ages of 10-55.
The Nazi grunts were asked, 'why did you mow down
who you knew to only be "checked through", as ONLY
unarmed innocent women and children in the "many
thousands", just outside of Fallujah'? It was not
evil war criminal! they falsified as with Sattler,
for, 'that they may have been boys and men pretending
to be women', and all as such, could be first degree
mass murdered. Ahha! But all those defenseless
innocent women and children were not all between
10-55. Most of the children were toddlers and
infants. Bushite grunts deserve to die as the
war crime lying traitors they are, warring America
for the final escape of Bush and Cheney here on 9/11.

SWAT Kills Bushite Grunt In Our Defense

Better it, than absolutely any other
innocent person it willed blindly to
first degree murder for the escape of
those who done did do America wrong on
9/11 truly for starters..

Johnny asked:
"Now, how can the four or five nazi grunts.."

VIDEO PROOF of police in Oakland
covering their name badges last night

This is an order by the Chief to hide
his small cadre of war crime bushite
nazi grunters. Treason, when we are
talking "cops" who's only legitimate
TAX PAID FOR purpose, is to serve the
Public's interest. This CLEARLY doesn't!
to hide the worst of Nazi grunters back
from Iraq and Afghanistan, willing to
beat to death bare footed children for
"fun", or gang rape AMERICAN WOMEN. And
in some cases, not even from America,
but the very worst of totalitarian
dictatorships. So, the Police Chief,
is trying to hide itselves among the honorable
officers that clearly out number the nazi
savages, a million to one. Again, We, The
People, are going to need to call on all
able bodied men, to identify the war
crime perps, to put them rightly into
their graves, before they harm another
innocent soul in our stolen names.
Particularly when We are simply
demanding Justice here.


/ / A new book based on a series of
interviews with the Navy SEALs involved
in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden
claims.. \ \ written by rich and famous
Chuck Pfarrer..

We will Publicly try the traitor for
his foolishly demonic war criming.

NYT/WP: CIA Admits Faking the bin Laden Videos

As President, I would insure, such offenses
would be prosecuted to the fullest extent
of the law, no matter who the perp traitors
thought we were.

Oakland Police Shoot Protester HELPING
Scott Olsen To Safety In Violation Of
Geneva Convention - they SHOT HIM

HEY!! Remember when the bushite
nazi grunters in their attack
helicopters would bomb little
kids, then they would wait for
humans to respond to the surviving
children screaming in pain, and
then, the then bushite nazi grunter,
(now American war criminal "police"
officer) would bomb them again while
chanting 'whore yeah' to Satan. It is
Christ's Will to see every last bushite
nazi grunt tried Publicly, then
gloriously executed for our
love of Justice. When the bushite
grunter dies, we all win a better
future. Under Standing Law in Texas,
every last grunt needs to be put to
death by Public trial immediately
as real Justice in these here parts.
They bomb defensless innocent souls
as the ungodly enemy of Creation,
to maim and rob everyone as hateful
evil Rightards who advance cowardly
their further attacks against the
poor, elderly, and disabled.

Occupy Denver a 2 minute warning as
they then fire rubber bullets into
the peaceful crowds willing JUSTICE..

We are going to need to call on
honorable officers to put the
bushite nazi grunters to death
for their war crime offenses
against God and America. The
Bankers do not cover our loans,
and Bush and Cheney closed 911
Police Investigations.

Obama Calls Murder of Children in Libya A “Success”


SEE!! NWOer Alex Jones, the Rightard,
supports blindly the U.N. he states is Your
enemy of freedom, that he justifies by
escaping themselves with NATO from their
treachery to God and Humanity left
undefended. He won't allow to America's
further death, anyone to State the TRUTH,
Gadaffy wasn't in violation with 1976. He'd
rather all of America die innocent victim
instead, than allow a truly wise man or
woman speak freely about Obama and
Hitlerly's war crimes. After all, he needs
a thoughtless cult of cowardly bigots to
blindly whore for his do truly nothing for
liberty, but give him, George Noory and Ron
Paul all your dwindling Life support. How
much will it cost US Alex Jones, before you
allow it to be known, American tax payer
funded Nazi Israeli STEAL Peoples Homes
routinely? That banksters do not cover our
loans, or that the bail-out is extortion?,
or that BP removed the safety fluid which
CAUSED the blow up in the gulf? That Bush
stopped 911 investigations?

Patriots Worldwide

/ / the Obama regime has decided to
try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for his
[alleged] role in the attacks of
Sept. 11 before a military commission
at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba \ \

Patriots Worldwide, we have to insist
on public trials for rightful executions
of these WAR CRIME nazi grunters at
Guantanamo who war to steal freedom
from the great American. Innocent
until proven otherwise. This just
won't do for you or me as anyone
else too to remain cowardly on this
Liberty issue. Nazi grunts who rightly
deserve to end for their crimes against
Life is what they are, nothing but
treasonous ugly evil nazi grunters,
who war crime God and Humanity for
our right to freely enlist for
victory in Justice not slaved.
That's We.


The Peoples Tax Money Funds A
[MASSIVE CRIMINAL] Goldman Center In
Manhattan to Police Who Again?


Libya Ranks #1 on the Human Development Index


Gaddafi Gone: NTC & NATO murderers?

Gadaffy WAS NOT found in violation with
U.N. 1976. So all this bullshit about
the U.N. (WHO'S THAT?) investigating
whether an innocent man, NOT charged with
a crime who gave near everything he had
to Libya for a better life, who hadn't
made a formal 'dictorial' decision since
the year 1976, being murdered by a pack
of Rightard al-Qeada rats chanting like
Zombies, who Will, like America, to escape
rapist torturers, to enslave 'all' to
enrich the Zionist Peenackers is a crime
maybe. Did you know, NAZI GRUNTERS are
warring to torture countless innocent
souls today for pleasure in Afghanistan
and Iraq? Did you know, that the Nazi
grunter claims he is within his rights
to push heroin, rape children, and
American Women with KBR because the
ANTICHRIST and 30 Republicans claim
it is to be held unaccountable to
all laws God or man made? Any and
all things for the Rightards to escape
Bush and Cheney for the crime of
Obstruction here on 9/11. When the
Bushite al-Qeada pro-lawless enemy
dies, we all win freedom to speak
freely with the facts to judge
fairly. You forward this post.

Qaddafi Was Worth More Than $200 Billion

Correction. Libya is worth more
than 200 billion, and Gadaffy
slept in a tent as the idiot
who thought not governing made
perfect sense since the year
1976. The Peoples of Libya had
formally decided on their own
democratically, that oil sales
money, would go directly into
their pockets as the true
shareholders (now America's
al-Qeada), and we all know how
much a Rightard degenerate like
Alex Jones the bigot Just
blindly hates this, like US
all being allowed health care,
or to follow 'probable cause'.
Bush and Cheney. What's the
crime of the Patriot to ask for
evidence to form a conclusion
Mr Alex Jones?? Can't hear
US yet? Oh you will sooner
than you can cut US all off.

Gaddafi's Stolen Billions:
Max Keiser Explains 'Financial Terrorism'

Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness.
Murder, rape, and the thieving of
America as STILL wrong.

Afghan chief of terror is on US payroll

/ / violence involving burglary, rape
and murder of civilians, desecration of
mosques and mutilation of corpses. \ \

'U.S. Blocks Oversight of Mercenary Army in Iraq'
(the most henious of war crimes imaginable)

Here where magic TV America plays
US all too stupid to compute this
is where we need to start at now.

Cheney admits he gave the order to shoot down Flight 93,

Who would say what about "freedom" when
the Pentagon has openly 'lost' [stolen]
TRILLIONS according to auditors murdered
on 9/11 at the Pentagon where Cheney
refused to allow the plane be shot down.
Unlike, flight 93 which he takes credit
for. Honeywell confirms the flight
had radio remote control, and there
was an FAA report somewhere that talked
of the pilot regaining control..
Cheney and Bush are GUILTY of
Obstruction on 9/11, leastly.


Bushites Warring side by side with
Osama bin Laden's Army now in Lybia

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

We refuse to sacrifice further for
the evil 'no opinion' TV bullshitters
all to make the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11. War criminals
suck. Truth is our way. as we are
freely being to make that stand
in the greatness of all there is.
And right now, there isn't much..
We have alot of work to do here People,
so, let's get started on the charge of
Obstruction by Bush and Cheney on
9/11, and NATO commanders as clearly
traitors to continue bombing anyone
else but guilty parties - namely,

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

'NATO has bombed Libya back to Stone Age' (Video)

William Black, who jailed more
than 1500 bankers! in the 80's over
the S&L scam, has stated Obama is
conning America for death, by not
allowing fraud charges to be levied
against the crooks, as almost every
traitor to God and Freedom in the
Republican Demonrat party is, for
STEALING trillions through the
crime of fraud as extortions.
(you must give blindly to
banksters as a proud Rightard,
or the un-defended nation will
be run into the ground,
Sept. 18, 2008.)

Johnny 2012

Solution to Real Estate Mess: Burn Down Homes

Think about this. They didn't cover
the fraudulent mortgages, then through
their crimes, became in possession of
multi-million dollar properties, of which
they then burn down, so to not allow the
house therefor payed completely for by
the huckstered tax payers, to profit with
our huge losses. Trillions they have stolen,

Speaking Truth as Power

While these trillioniare banksters are making
their escape with American pensions, Pope Alex
Jones tells his cult yesterday, that anyone who
criticizes anything Rand Paul the true enemy of
everyone says, is always automatically
discredited. A blind CULT of stolen faiths,
contempting against the Constitution as all we
hold dear. This is no exaggeration. Just saying
your a "Constitutionalist" means shit if the
TeaBag don't call criminals what they are as why
to defend ourselves rightly from further plunder.
Don't stand as a TeaBag from JonesTown, stand
as a man or woman thang bringing it home.

NATO's 28 members are "sharing the same
goal, which is to see the end of the
Gadhafi regime in Libya," for what? NO
tell falsely, Gadaffy was commiting
"Genocide". While Russia told, there
was no truth to their completely
BASELESS claims, for they were
monitoring everything from satelites.
Obama TV and Republicans said nothing,
hoping it wouldn't matter, for, Bush
and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
Investigations with Alex Jones and
Ron Paul so these bushite grunters
can escape lawlessly torturing and
thieving, dope pushing and child raping
as mass murdering Demonrat Republican
enemies of every last free willed person
here. EVERYONE. They are godless evil
enemies of the True American Patriot who
lives for a better future. Congressmen
who have "earned" millions while in
office doing nothing but sending more
teen soldiers to die in NEEDLESS wars
against God and Civilization.
I Select: none of the above.


Worth much this is.

PBS - NOW - Oil Royalties

No Royalties!

[they pay NO royalties toooooooooooooo]

Tea Bagger 'Yeahs but, they's harder to
pick on than helpless welfare mothers.'

"$12 billion every 30 days in Afghanistan"

Remember, after the first year of
the Iraq war, 2004, the REAL total
cost for both wars was 2.5 billion.
The late Senator Kennedy told US that.

Investigating the Investigation

/ /Russert asked Daschle, "Did the vice president
call you and urge you not to investigate the events
of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly contradicted Cheney: "Yes \ \

ABCNEWS.com : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

/ / Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered
[..] `You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations' \ \

No restrictions against lawless war crimes
occurring (Israeli broke the truce, and
Gadaffy did call the cease fire!) as cash
paid for by Americans, Satanic war criminals
that can freely, without hindrance from the
Pauls, bomb anywho with the "free world" as
un-defended for further lawless lootings.
How can we compete against slave labor
"policed[RP interp.]" by Zionist blackwater?
When Ron Paul refuses to defend the rights of
innocent others, while 'elected' Senate members
personally profit off the kick backs of war
mongering for Satan through AIPAC, you are
refusing to defend freedom in a Republic as
or so Democracy. So, where is the magic TV's
'legitimate' political candidate, in this new
world order of Civilized Man?

Scalia Rules To Execute the Innocent

this isn't funny.

/ / If the Constitution doesn't
protect us from being executed
even if we are innocent, then,
Houston, we have a fundamental
problem of human rights in America. \ \

Scalia needs to go to prison for
intenting to pre-meditate murder.
He KNEW as We, the acccused was
only possible to be innocent. I,
for example, found out who the
true escaped cop killer was
very near for sure in less
than 15 minutes.

Get Real

While NATO OFFICIALLY sanction the rape of
children in Afghanistan, and those thirty
Republicans continue to gang rape American
women, CNN spends all day telling how evil
Gadaffy is for not supporting (of which he
did) the arrest of those personally
responsible for the unsubstantiated blind
allegation of one female. Real PROVABLE
American women still being gang raped, or
murdered by tv celeb John Coryn with KBR?,
'who cares' to mention it the Rightards feign.
Tv'ed Americans truly can't care for fear of
doubt with made as lacking Fact, but especially
the Rightard Libertarian Enemy of Liberty,
who purposefully con for escaping CRIMINAL
banksters, while continuing their Rightard
attacks against America's growing poorer as
near helpless, all to escape Bush and Cheney
for Obstruction on the 9/11 matter, or, for
torture that RIGHTLY warrants death, or for
spying on not suspected for anything, 'other'
innocent Americans being set up by the corruptly
criminal of Mr. Mueller's "fbi". REFUSING TO
FOLLOW probable cause for a terror crime of,
'no questions, no questions'. While the Rightard
"Constitutionalists" like Rand Paul, demon
whore Sarah Palin, or Ron Paul, truly do not
give an ounce of sweat for Liberty. For the
con to needlessly bomb Millions indiscriminately
in Iraq to rob ALL Peoples as minions of
Satanic war criminal, they remain silently
neutral to our cries for Justice against
their furthering of godless tyranny.


Patriotic Obama?

/ / the United States has demanded the UN
Security Council (UNSC) to remove the
provisions of charging mercenaries with war
crimes in the killing of Libyan civilians.
\ \ accessory to murder.

Let US, as Humanity, demand a rightful
death sentence for these war crimes.
Kaddafi, when he rose his green book,
read that those who murder Libyans
as anyone, will be formally executed.
100% of Libyans are with US on this.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

West Point Terror Center Confirms Al Qaeda in Libya

WordPress Suspends ‘Stop NATO’ news site


Alex Jones Sucks


/ / Why would FEMA, an organization
supposedly tasked with helping in a
time of crisis, deliberately cut
police communication lines? \ \

Ron Paul: FEMA - Why We Don't Need It

Ron Paul is a demon con escaping those
who did US wrong with stealing trillions
and mass murdering Americans.

Report: Intelligence Unit Told
Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking Bin Laden

How did OUR government lie US,
The People to Lawless War?


Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

A New World Order

Ask NWO GLobalist AJ, 'what is the Crime of
the Taliban to ask for evidence to form any
conclusion'? Him and the Pakistan General made
no argument there, nor neither on Bush's
complicity as prime false accuser - who then
stopped police investigations from occurring as
following probable cause to nab the actual bad
guys. How is that possible that AJ remains quiet
here in a free to speak world of liberty truly
seeking? HOW!?! Rightards are plain evil for
who knows what all to not do so, pretending we
can't hear them being deviant. The word
“Extortion” for example, ask yourself, honestly,
why can not a Rightard say that 'trillions dollar
stolen by threat of harm' Justice word… why?
Because it’s true? Now they have no excuses to
be lame attacking the lame for furthering
misfortune to escape the ‘no money down’ Zionist
ungodly Banksters. And believe it Conservative
Rightard bigots, this truth is a good thing for
all without argument.

NATO dismisses Gaddafi’s truce offer

They have no right. No wanting for
peace, but to mass murder,
torture and

Working to deny you as ANYONE, the
right to form a made conclusion by
facts. Bush and Cheney closed
outstanding Police Investigations
regarding who did what on 9/11.
Like, who set the explosive into
Building Seven then? If bin Laden
did it all without an accomplice
on the inside as Bush and Cheney
claim without saying a word on
interest, how so then were they
able to prepare so well before
hand, with their "TOP SECRET"
invasion of Afghanistan plan
dotted to Saddam two days prior
by Condi? No wonder they immediately
closed Public investigations that
would have found them hanging.. And
too, torture rightly warrants death
every time under standing American
Law ushered by President Reagan. When
we bill the lawless Bushite Nazi grunter
as the Love of Justice for everyone,
you are truly being human and godly.
where even an Atheist could give
also, a great big thank you for
saving an innocent life. When a
Bushite dies, we all win.


How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning us to Death

There was as is, no reason to bomb Iraq, but
to steal through mass murder, and torture
for false arrests as ungodly war criminal
evil. Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the U.N. plus more that Bush
refused. And we know, they knew they were
lying to TV trick Americans for stolen
profits through mass murder. They knew full
well as we, there were no WMDs, but as even
so, Soldiers could have even simply walked
in without firing a shot. A Bushite Nazi
'lawless' grunter is a cowardly traitor to
his fellow dying teen soldiers, who remains
silent against those 30 Republicans with KBR
gang raping American women. Dope pushing
pro-torture enemies that War innocent
Humanity for the final escape of false
accusers Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on the 9/11 matter.

Justin Bieber On Health Care: U.S. System 'Evil'

/ / "You guys are evil," he told the magazine,
out on February 18th.- "Canada's the best country
in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't
need to worry about paying him," \ \

American incubators = $100,000+ a day
Canadian incubators = $1000ish- a day

[Same machine, but in Canada the medically
qualified oversee, in America, the Rightards.]

God is Divine

I would suggest granting US a free
few minutes to speak to America inter
nationally about Justice equally Freedom,
near nobody there can TV fairly. And
about the Treasury Department, as on
what it's function actually is. Every
last Rightard, and Patriot, or Truther,
gets this nature partly wrong from what
I've heard mostly. We need to discuss
fractional reserve debt as credit,
pirated privately by banksters, who
are for sure, defrauding ourselves of
every thing for not being more clearly
understood here. The bankster does not
cover our loans, we do for example. Or,
if we don't follow probable cause on
9/11, the terrorists will for sure escape
to commit more misdeeds against a dying
forsaken America. Dying for evil doing
cowards positioned to be officially
leaderless, as just another bankster's,
'teen pawn', lost in a checkers game
where the criminal cheat wins for
stealing our better moves on the dance
floor. Blindly willed by TV America to
be criminally sacrificed for lawlessness.
To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11.

Popular TV Republicans have taken an Oath
not to stop tax loopholes. Loopholes we
are told hurt as un-intentional. Unless
you were a Demonrat Republican cheat we
can now freely assess. These loophole
cons, are of the most obscenely wealthy,
paid instead for by every last American
suckered then. True, a Congressionally
de-lawing loophole is not only a gaff, or
an embarrassment, but sometimes criminally
willful to cheat the tax payers a fair
shake with no-money-down trillioniare
bankster lawyers who do not, I repeat do
not pay for our sacrifices. Nor do they
for the earkmarks of billions lost. Do you
realize now, how terribly unqualified all
Rightard (absolutionist pro bigot ideologues)
are as lefties too?, who for the life of
themselves, can not hear, see, or speak for
us truly, you or me being whoever naturally?
Just who the hell are we trying to convince
ourselves here that we should already
have had our very own, Justice for All
multi-media comedy pilot airing now!!!
Where everyone here is invited to
play your wares fair, or beware for
mankind is awakening to all that is our
right here to defend. 9/11 victims. God
is Divine, but shit really happens, so
John the Man was called in. But I'm just
a bit player in all this is as yours to
be far greater for a better future. How
ever, I know things. Example: The IMF admit
their austerity plans, do nothing but
exacerbate the growing worse then problem.
The Problem is: they refuse US to acknowledge
that we've been criminally had, by these same
shysters!, As that the credit is Ours, not
privately theirs hocuspocusy. So, they of
course do not want to truly help anyone here
communicate for Liberty.. Naturally, they
can't compete here in a free market of ideas
where reason is King. God wills fairness for
all parties, so as then, suffers less, and
celebrates more., is really super cool
being nothing thereaway as separate from
who you are here. We are more than
we know. If you seek, you shall find
answers.. God is truly greater than we
give ourselves credit for, or we even.
Justice is Victory in Freedom for Everyone.
Be True Blue American, and it will show
for place as the big win when words are
freely sewn for bettering a still being
injured unjustly world. Johnny is incredible.,
and as a natural consequence, you are
incredible now too. So then so, what's
holding us back, for you can count US in,
for who is what Life again as divided on
justice winning over false imprisonment as
a serious war crime against anyone? Who
supports tyranny without our concerns
present? That we pay for. Who? I have
already turned on the light ages ago.
See? That's what I'm talking about..

Germany to lend €100m to Libyan rebels

"Germany" DOES NOT support funding
al-Qeada, but the Nazi enemy pirates
hidden within.

Obama to Congress : Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Me


/ / Probable-cause warrants would
only get in the government’s way. \ \

Blatant naked treason for tyranny against a
free Peoples everywhere. Not following
probable cause escapes the for real bad
guys, for our freedoms would be therefor not
defending, but wasting away on fictious
assumtions. Cops will be not working for
the Public's interest, like the FBI has been
wasting since 9/11 not doing the job
discription of nabbing General Ahamd who
funded 9/11. This is not the science of

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

/ / motive for Israel to bomb Norway who
routinely gun down our innocent children? \ \

[who's calling the shots here then???]

Liam Fox needs to be executed immediately
for first degree mass murder of civilians.
Gaddafi did call a cease-fire. They did not
warn the janitors at the airports they were
going to indiscriminately slaughter everyone
within the mass murder crime scene. Nobody
nowhere voted here for Liam Fox. Who the
fuck does this bush bitch nazi grunter think
it is dropping American tax paid for bombs
costing billions? The UN did not sanction
such crimes. It must die for capital one
mass murder in war time. Peter Power did
7/7 and Liam Fox, he don't care. SAS troops
are cop killers. They kill cops dressed up
in al-qeada gears. Liam Fox must die.

Jeremy Scahill: Keep US Troops Out of Libya

Just because the Rebels appose Gadaffy,
doesn't auto mean that they do not intent to
mass murder and steal all oil resources by
Declaring who the head of Oil and Finance is
[Blackwater], without ANY ELECTIONS YET on
unsubstantiated claims of lawlessness as
it's public pledge drive, or IMPORTANTLY,
whether Libya would will to now be charged
interest on their loans that the Zionist
bankster will not even cover like it is
rotted in war crime TV happy America, and
forced by gun in Iraq for pro-torture

One Third of Libya Turns Out to Support
Qaddafi in World’s Largest March Ever

/ / “Everyone in southern Lebanon is a
terrorist,” roared the Israeli Justice
Minister \ \

No democracy or religion is going to
vote in rights inferior to the supreme
nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish State"
is a State where all GODLY people are
treated equally with respect and honor.
As according to Hillel. That is not the
practiced tyrannies of the zionist Israeli
liar, therefore Israel is not a Jewish
State. John has spoken in our own
image, while Israel continues to
victimize the innocent unjustly.

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

Terrorist NATO Warning: Bombs
may hit any place at any time!

As MURDERING war criminals that
deserve immediate death sentences
for their blatant illegal carnage
made. When the godless evil enemy
Bushite dies, we all win
freedom from evil tyranny.

Our Power - The True American Patriot

Libya says arrest warrant for Gaddafi
a 'cover' for NATO bombing campaign

It's after the fact absent facts. After
Bushites [al-Qeada] in NATO indiscriminately
slaughtered Your defenseless INNOCENT
Humanity. Gadaffy did call the cease-fire
never the less. Bush and Cheney. Don't
be dumb as evil on this refusal to say
something truthful in your name as
religiously God loving somewhere.

No evidence against the accused
is US being truly abused by NATO.

For no reason did the bushite enemy attack the
innocent Peoples of Iraq, with bombs and torture
to but for the pleasure of escaping those who
will to do America wrong further. The Rightard.
Again I will open talks. I want the debate to
showcase our incredible skills from everywhere at
winning the claim we rightly deserve, self
respect. All because we champion true Freedom to
get Justice won. That way, the Rightard can't
destroy Social Security with their lies escaping
the real bad guys, or attack just about anyone
innocent but those guilty of treason with free
communications ruling for our benefits.

Justice is Freedom.

Private banksters do not earn anything,
but steal from US all our credit.

Justice for God

Remember, the Peoples simply asked for evidence
to form a conclusion. And the American TV
Zionist, as ungodly criminal in the silented
majority, refuse to defend the innocent rights of
all others by not demanding freedom rule for our
benefits as Humanity. Defended for the innocent
crime victims of terror. Instead they preach as
devils for division to side quietly while war
criminals torture, rape, thieve, and mass murder
escaping Antichrist Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 911. For the banksters walking
with trillions. trillions man, trillions. Have
poisonous vaccines, and made so, Mexican Gulf oil
death products instead how about. Naaahhh.
Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

‘Give up now or we’ll kill you,’
never elected Liam Fox warns Gaddafi

That would be murder. Remember, nobody
here ever voted for Liam Fox the war
criminal to steal our rights for
victory. And besides, I thought being
pro-Al-Qaeda meant you were the bad
guys to the 'no opinion' corporate

Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP, Are
Liable For Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Costs

In Contempt for God and Country

Look, it's all about NATO confessing with
many popular TV Republicans, to be funding
al-Qeada to commit terror acts against the
Peoples (of Libya).

NATO Admits Al-Qaeda Linked To Rebels

Osama bin Laden Rebels to get $25m
of AMERICAN weapons from Pentagon

Canadian soldiers were being told 'not
to interfere in incidents in which Bushite
forces were having sex with children.'

Kucinich: Billions Gone Missing!
Bring Our Troops Home! We Are Lying!

'New Government To Be Formed.'

We must make sure an international
effort is made to arrest the banksters
with the seriously ungodly criminal,

The Coinage Act of 1792, prescribes
the death penalty for any official
who fraudulently debased the people's

Mr. Obama is a War Criminal
Gadaffy called a cease-fire

War criminals instead how
about, war criminals instead.

Bushite Nazi Grunters Murder Thirty Five


/ / Thirty five women and children were
killed by an American cruise missile \ \

Video: NATO attacks ordinary Libyans

NATO air strike hits medical factory

NATO air strike kills 12 on Bus in Libya

When the Bushite dies, we all win.

Who is Jewish Christ asks the American Dumfuk?

Judgment Day - A New World Order Defined

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

'The War You Don't See' - Pilger Film Banned

Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan

IDF to track foreign anti-Israel groups

To be pro-Israel, would mean a demand for
death against every last Zionist war
criminal savaged by the region. You know,
these Satanic [God's words] IDF grunters,
that shoot children for sport, and are
called heroes by the godless culture of
thieves. Those that are paid by American
taxes to torture, to steal in God's holy
name pirated. Again, nothing in the History
of Humanity so vile and evil, than a Zionist
of today that claims it's a Jew with nothing
to say. A Jew like Christ?. They broke the
truce with Gaza to kill innocent children
alive with American white phosphorus. Didn't
claim like a Nazi grunt in NATO to have done
it by accident either. So ungodly evil, the
mind of a human can barely comprehend. NOT
JEWS. Not human, spawns of unholy Satan.
They STEAL Peoples Homes on a routine basis
as a matter of fact, never made present on
the magic tvs of America teens for example
again. Their prisons are filled with innocent
Jews too, never given a day in any court of
Law, for a SATANIC Livini FOR REAL claims,

Livni: I was the Minister of Justice. I am
a lawyer… But I am against law - international
law in particular. Law in general.


Because all Law finds her a rightly guilty mass
murdering Nazi war criminal who breaks truces
to kill off innocent Jews for money. Just like
Hitler. No wonder then why she hates GOD as
Jewish Law eh? Remember: First strike targets
in Lebanon were the Jews, then they went after
the Americans. Listen to "Nazi_Israel.mp3" for
the scoops not scooped. Why? Because Rightard
Americans too, hate the wise man, the good man,
the just man. Makes the males all into the true
Nazi Commie cowards they are, and the Womens in
need of real manliness in these here parts.


al-Qeada looted the Central Bank of
Libya, 900 million Libyan dinars and
$500.5 million in U.S. cash.

/ / The first targets of the NATO
warplanes was the office in Tripoli
responsible for conducting an
investigation of fraud of senior
government officials. Many of the
officials under investigation for
fraud and corruption, including senior
Qaddafi ministers, are now top
officials of the Interim National
Transition Council \ \

"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Life. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom, contempt for
God. Once nearer a civilized Humanity we were
living for freedom, and now, all suffering with
God for more than a thousand years, due these
Zionist Nazi illiterate war crime savages,
pirating our fire power.

CODEPINK Abileah was arrested in
Washington D.C. for heckling on Injustice


“I have been to Gaza and the West Bank, I have seen Palestinians homes
bombed and bulldozed, I have talked to mothers whose children have
been killed during the invasion of Gaza, I have seen the Jewish-only
roads leading to ever-expanding settlements in the West Bank.”

“This kind of colonial occupation cannot continue,” she added. “As a
Jew and a U.S. citizen, I feel obligated to rise up and speak out
against these crimes being committed in my name and with my tax


Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi?


Gov't orders lenders to [PARTIALLY] reimburse homeowners


/ / Citibank, Bank of America,
JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, the
nation's four largest banks, were
among the financial firms cited
[for STEALING from America untold
zillions!] \ \ No jail time?

Obama told Bradley Manning's
prison treatment is 'appropriate'

Obama has gone too far on this.


a staggering $5 billion cut to Texas schools

"No Texan can be proud of this."

AJ, Rand Paul, and other Rightards of the
NWO Globalist Commie Elites, can't compete
fairly on a open playing field for Just
cause, where the facts are here for all to
witness of them escaping the worst of
criminals in Your name.


Obama's US Drones Continue to Kill Aimlessly
Officials Don't Know Identities of Any of Slain


5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography!


What kind of lawless world
is that, where they are so
sure, no real Cops can gain
access to defend ourselves?

Until now.

No Evidence, Person Innocent. Who's In?

/ / President Bush was expected to sign detailed
plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two
days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance
before the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC
News. \ \ What would have been the Justification
used then without 911? A lawless war against
'terrorism' world wide without end? Did you know
a spy had inflitrated the FBI and actually was
responsible for providing the explosives that
near brought the WTC down the first go around?
This is a critical communications issue that is
still costing innocent American lives because the
nation is a land of cowards who refuse to demand
the likes of a George Noory and FOX Snooze fans
to take US seriously in these demands for willing
just causes.

Cheney's Daboul Working Group explains much.


GOP Open the State up to a Corporate Asset-grab

Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the
Taliban the day before September 11'

"if it refused to hand over Osama bin Laden"

For what? No evidence for anything was Condi's
"TOP SECRET" war crime plan to escape the Neocons
responsible for mass murder on 911. Understand,
[911 mass murder occured here] Pre-planned.

What's the crime of the taliban to
ask for evidence to form a conclusion?

/ / "There aren't even any Taliban in this
area," Taqwa said. "They were all working on
Mr. Khorasani's campaign." \ \Taliban=Student

This is another why I beg all real men to kill a
Bushite for America. These bushite enemies will
gang rape your American wife, and claim that FOX
still sells they are heroic for doing so without
question. Zionist Lawlessness is the enemy of
every last free man among US, and a Bushite LIAR
wars against a Just cause winning our Liberties,
as the dying loves of our INNOCENT families.

Child RAPE Condoned by Rumsfeld

Where are the Amerikan Rightards
as Silent on all this?

$285 billion defrauded from Americans


/ / The US military paid $285 billion over
three years to hundreds of military contractors
that defrauded the Pentagon \ \


GOP Get Government-Subsidized Health Care Today!
Still None for You.

They are dirty rotten Commies like Glenn Beck,
Alex Jones and traitor ungodly Zionist enemy Rand
Paul. Their will is to con Americans for death
as the Global Elitists, stealing further Justice
from our Humanity by denying the truth be spoken
in their Rightard tyrannies.


We have seen consistent cruel and
unusual punishment of Manning.

Man arrested over blog list of pro-war MPs

Remember: Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the demon Antichrist plus more. As
is why the death of Bushites is a blessing for
all concerned. They war as Rightards for terror
to torture, to thieve, and mass murder the
established innocent, as escaping those who truly
done did do US wrong. Bush and Cheney.

FOXNEWS : Underwear Bomber. US Government Op

What the..


Probe: Army was warned not to deploy WikiLeaks suspect

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

Read these two stories, and then rightly
demand death sentences against these
Republican traitors for the war crimes
of Iraq, and as, It is a war crime to
torture innocent Americans to death
to escape the for real bad guys. And a
soldier takes an Oath to defend God
and country, not commit war crimes for
the escape of Bush and the Neocons,
at the sacrifice of more teen soldiers
NEEDLESSLY. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of God and Man.

Torture Memos Admits Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Judge Rules CIA [Cofer Black] Can Suppress
Information About Torture Tapes and Memos

No he can't, unless he's telling
US he too is a war criminal needing
a fair public death sentence.

Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine


Former Guantánamo Bay prisoner speaks

Office of Special Plans


TV America - Where The People Don't Count

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons and Ron Paul, why
isn't it good enough for blinded as lost in
indifference American dumfuks? Good question.

Why Is The U.S. Mainstream
Media So Afraid Of Ron Paul

Certainly not for being a true Patriot to
demand Bush and Cheney be taken down with the
censored facts. Certainly not in fear he is going
to demand death against 'lawless' KBR gang rapists
of American women. And certainly not for arresting
banksters who have stolen trillions from
America as the AUDIT confirmed - that AJ insists
still must happen.

Ron Paul VS Fox News
IT'S A CON!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul supporters labelled as
"Domestic Terrorists" by Ron Paul
Supporters Repeatedly, like they
have nothing else whatsoever to
complain about... evil freaks

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